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 Belgian Ales
Old habits die hard: my favorite of all the Belgian ales I love is still Orval.

In my "screw around on the net for lunch" break, I decided to see if there were an Orval cycling jersey about... no luck.

But, check THIS out for beer access: http://www.belgianshop.com/shop/

Posted by EBasil riding a Manitou HT from San Diego on 06/23/04

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  •  Re: Belgian Ales
    Please transfer this to the appropriate Best Beer V thread. Thank you.
    Posted by El Jefe a 34 year old riding a Santa Cruz V10 and Blur, Kona Stinky, and a SS Kona Cowan from Trabuco Canyon on 06/23/04

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  •  Re: Belgian Ales
    Nothing as good as
    Posted by CrzyRidr3 a 32 year old riding a SantaBansheeCruzScreamBlurr on 06/24/04

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