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 San Luis Obispo Trail Guide - On-line!
Hello all. I've been putting together a San Luis Obispo County Trail Web Site together. The riding up here (especially in the spring and fall) is KILLER! Drop in on the site and let me know what you think. I hope all that visit it find it helpful and informative. Feel free to leave comments and questions for me. See you on the trails.


Posted by Jgyselbrecht a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Specialized Expert from San Luis Obispo on 10/08/07

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  •  Re: San Luis Obispo Trail Guide - On-line!
    Not bad at all. Good clean usability. Maybe add some more photos for each trail if possible? Also, where's Face Trail? :)

    Posted by OPP riding a 5.5 Karate Bullit from a bunker deep within Colorado on 10/11/07

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    Jbrecht....don't fall fer Opie's feigned sincerity. He threw his towle in on Socal long before it became fashionable. He was the first lemming...

    Btw, I haven't even visited your website and I think it's awesome.
    Posted by GhostRider a 31 year old Downhiller on 10/16/07

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    •  Re: San Luis Obispo Trail Guide - On-line!
      hahahahhah !!! ... pass the mustardz
      Posted by Freaky franky riding a bush load of silk on 10/17/07

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