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 Visiting Fullerton 1st week of march. wanna ride!
Hey guys. Originally a West Coast dweller. Ggoing to be visiting Fullerton next week. I live in flat old Va. Now and wanna take advantage of the west coast hills. Whilie I'm there.
Problem is Its not worth the cost t send my bike out for a week. So ill need to rent possibly.
Ill be honest I'm a weekend warrior but can usually hold my own. Been riding in Hong Kong, Australia, and a few oother awesome. Places. Plese let me know if you might point me to a bike rental place (decent bikes please) and if you might be willing to catch up with me later one afternoon. Ill be there from Monday the 28 till Friday the 4th.
I'm not exactly sure what day ill get to ride or if ill get the definite chance at all but I want to have a few things lined up if so.
thanks guys.
Posted by 4mulasvaliant a 32 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Schwinn Mesa GSX from Virginia Beach on 02/21/11

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