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 Austro Daimler Ultima
I'm trying to restore my old race bike, an AD Ultima and need some help. Mine is purple-ish which i believe was only offered as a frame set and came with Campy SR. Does anyone out there have any photos or specifications for a bike like this? I need to find out what saddle and bar and stem came standard on this bike. Company history would good too as it seems to be hard to come by on the web.

I'm considering using Cyclart for the paint and chrome work. I'd like to hear from those who have experience with this company.

Posted by Bill M a 33 year old Weekend Rider riding a Austro Daimler, Simoncini,Cannondale,Redline from CA on 04/26/02

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  •  Re: Austro Daimler Ultima
    Good Luck Bill! There isn't a lot of infomation out there
    and most of what you do find is about the cars they
    made. Fact is that now they mostly make military gear
    and vehicles. Check with Sheldon Brown, He probably
    knows the most about them at
    mler. I do know that Bianchi bought out all of their
    equipment when they got out of bikes. I bought mine
    back in 1980 and thanks to chrome the finish lasts
    Posted by Brian Petritsch a 46 year old Weekend Rider riding a Austro Daimler, Ventnoir from Newport News, Va on 05/27/02

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  •  Re: Austro Daimler Ultima
    I just bought an Austro Daimler Ultima. It too is a very light purple and is complete with Campy Record. The seat looks original and is a Cinelli. If you are interested, I can help identify the model etc. It is Hide leather and is stiched up the front.
    Posted by Ed P a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Derosa, Roberts, Austro Daimler, Dawes,etc from NEw Jersey on 06/01/02

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  •  Re: Austro Daimler Ultima

    If you haven't already checked out the Austria,
    Austro-Daimler (Ultima) section on the Classic
    Rendezvous website at:


    You really ought to check it out. Just below the red
    Ultima is a small inset photo of a "Purple" Ultima in its
    original hi-density foam shipping case (with original
    component specs listed).

    FYI - I actually worked on the advertising & brochures
    for Austro-Daimler between 1978-1979. In January of
    '78, we photographed the deep purple A-D Ultima for
    their brand-image poster. The retail price on the '77
    Ultima was a whopping $2,200. We were asked to
    shoot the purple '77 model, because the new '78
    Ultima (a very light metallic-lavander-silver color) was
    not available yet. 1978 was the first year that
    Austro-Daimler launched their "All-European" product
    line (meaning all European components). The '78
    Ultima came equipped with all Super Record

    Also, the people at CyclArt are terrific. I just had them
    restore my "Smoked Chrome" Austro Daimler Vent Noir
    frame earlier this year. When I picked-up my frame, I
    gave Susan Cunningham an original '78 and '79
    Austro-Daimler brochures. If you get down that way, you
    might check them out.

    I hope this helps,

    John L
    Posted by John L a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a A-D Vent Noir / Raleigh Pro from Los Angeles on 06/21/02

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    •  Re: Austro Daimler Ultima

      Yes, i've seen site the mentioned above as well as few others. There just isn't that much out there and it's even harder to find a good photo.

      My Ultima is the lighter purple with full campy SR but not TI components. I bought the bike from the owner of the bike shop i worker for in 87 for $500 to serve as my back-up bike. I raced it on/off for a few years and even broke it out to sow it off in a race in 99 that the original owner was running. The look of joy on his face was worth all the comments from those in doubt on the line. Since then it's been in storage awaiting restoration. I've contacted Cycle Art about a paint job and when it's time that's where it will go. Hopefully this year. Did you have new decales made or pinstripe work done? How did they come out? I had an extra set of decales but after 10 years of moving around they are no where to be found.

      I have few original brochures around but they are all in German. So if anyone wants to tranlate them let me know and I'll scan and send them to you.



      Posted by Bill M on 06/26/02

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      •  Re: Austro Daimler Ultima - 7/16/02
        7/16/02......Bill, I just read your reply message on < MyBikeSite.com >. I happen to have the brochure that features your light purple (Amethyst) Ultima, which was first introduced in '78. It includes a picture of the complete bike as well as the complete list of the components and specs for your bike. If you would like me to e-mail you a scan of the information, please e-mail me directly at < pugsx2@aol.com >. I'll send them to you as soon as I get your e-mail reply. PS: CyclArt did a great job with the pinstriping and decals.Sincerely, John L. Los Angeles, CA
        Posted by John L on 07/16/02

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    •  Re: Austro Daimler Ultima

      I also have a Vent Noir. It has been in storage for several years. I am no longer able to ride it. It is full campy and in good condition. I will sell it if you know anyone looking for that bike.

      I can be found by e-mail arobin@att.net
      Posted by A. Robinson a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Austro Daimler Vent Noir from North Palm Beach, Fl on 08/16/02

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  •  Re: Austro Daimler Ultima
    The light lavender/ amethyst color you folks speak of is called PEARL ROSE. I had 3 ADs in my life, a Vent noir, the smoked chrome one which I wrongly purchased a too big of a bike, an Ultima in this very color you speak of, and an ultima SL, which was an upgraded version of the Ultima in frameset only version, and was the smoke chrome finish. This model was the flagship after they went with the PUCH/Austro Daimler label in about 1984.

    The Ultimas came with the Campy SR titanium stuff and in 1981, they retailed in Wisconsin at about $1600.

    I sure miss my old bikes and if anyone knows where I can get a 55cm or a 57cm size, please let me know.
    Posted by Peter P a 44 year old Racer riding a Merlin Extralight from Wisconsin on 07/23/02

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    •  Re: Austro Daimler
      Have AD-SE for sale. Bought new in mid to late 70's. Stored in attic for many years. Looks like the AD-S model pictured on Classic Rendezvous site. If interested, let me know.
      Posted by Nick Padgett on 08/30/02

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      •  Re: Austro Daimler
        I have a Puch Cavalier by A-D I just picked up. It needs some work. If anyone has some info on it, I'd be happy to get it. I have a couple other bikes, but this ones intrigues me. It doesn't have the typical diamond frame. The top bar is replaced with two smaller bars that attach further down the frame. It has a Shimano rear deraileur. Email me at davis.37@osu.edu if you have any info or help.

        Posted by Dhdavis37 a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Puch Cavalier from Westerville, OH on 09/01/02

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        •  Re: Austro Daimler
          You have a mixte frame. It was I think an attempt by the bike industry to upgrade the design of the woman's bicycle.

          Good luck with it.

          Posted by Peter P a 44 year old Racer riding a Merlin from Madison, WI on 09/02/02

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          •  Re: Austro Daimler
            It looks alot like the Austro Daimler Vent Noir at the following website:
            I don't think its a woman's bike. It also has the shifters at the tip end of the handle bars. Never saw this before. Dan
            Posted by Dhdavis37 a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Puch Cavalier from Westerville on 09/06/02

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            •  Re: Austro Daimler
              The very picture you speak of is the MIXTE style frame. It was produced as a unisex frame in an effort to recruit more women into higher echelon bikes without giving up the traditional women's bike design of parallel down tubes instead of the single top tube that the men rode.

              Bar end shifters were nice and sort of the precursor to the modern brake/shift lever system that is so common today.

              Hope you enjoy the bike as the PUCH/A-D bikes had more variations than the original Austro Daimler label.
              Posted by Peter P a 44 year old Racer riding a Merlin from Wisconsin on 09/10/02

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              •  Re: Austro Daimler Puch
                I'm a beginning again casual weekend rider trying to get some info on a Puch Meteorluxe Series II. If you can help, please email direct at hughtee@attbi.com
                Posted by Hugh a 63 year old Weekend Rider riding a Puch Meteorluxe Series II from Arlington, TX on 05/26/03

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  •  Re: Austro Daimler Ultima
    There is an Austro Daimler TEAM bike with Nuovo record on e-bay right now here: http://cgi.ebay.com/VINTAGE-AUSTRO-DAIMLER-TEAM-NUOVO-RECORD-ORIGINAL-58cm-/260656573460?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cb057ac14. Looks like a lovely bike.
    Posted by Mark Gentry a 53 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Trek from Columbia, SC on 08/27/10

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  •  Re: Austro Daimler Ultima
    Since most people who find their way here are interested in learning more about Austro-Daimler and Puch bicycles, I am posting a link to a website that does an incredible job of summarizing the Daimler/Benz/Porsche/Austro-Daimler/Puch brand story. It also includes a story about an A-D Vent Noir II owner's passion to build the most beautiful bike in the world. You have to check it out:


    He is a man of exquisite taste and is also the owner of a Bösendorfer Imperial Piano:

    Posted by John LeeWong a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Austro Daimler from La Canada on 10/30/15

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