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Surfing the web I have not found very much unique, quality casual wear that is good and does not cost and arm and a leg. I love retro wear and unique designs. They are really hard to find and are usually way to expensive.
I have found one website that has really cool stuff with great customer service. I bought a Molteni shirt and loved it. The orange Molteni just looks great. The website is: http://www.thevelostore.com/.
If you want the direct link for molteni and other vintage you can find it at: http://thevelostore.com/index.php?cPath=2_79_82

There is a lot more to check out. They also sell on ebay so I think you can just search for some of their stuff but I think a lot of it is only on the website, especially the molteni, Colnago, Campagnolo, CSC and just load of pro stuff.

Hope to hear of anyone who knows of more sites like this!
Posted by Pinchi a 25 year old Racer riding a Colnago from LA on 06/06/07

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