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 Lotus Bike
Does anyone know what a Lotus 503 Cromalite fork- special sport series. 28" 21 speed in excel cond is worth???
Posted by PAMBA a 54 year old riding a Lotus from Chicago, Il on 04/07/08

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    I have a Lotus Challenger that is about 25 years old, bought used I think in N.Va. I have it now in HI but will sell it at a garage sale on Sat June 13. It is in pretty good shape and when I searched the web for Lotus bikes, this site came up and had lots of good info about different Lotus bikes, made in Japan, but out of business now, too bad. I don't know what mine is worth, but will post on Craig's list at $200 obo. Some Lotus bikes mentioned when I search went for $300 or more, but parts are very hard to get.
    Posted by Merrymary a 65 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Lotus Challenger from Mililani, HI on 06/11/09

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