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 mongoose solution bike??
does anybody know this bike??

Mongoose Solution
Bike Type: Full Suspension Mountain Bike
Bike Frame Material: Oversized Aluminum Frame w/ Steel Swing Arm
Type of Shifter: Shimano EZ Fire Shifting Brakes: Front and Rear Alloy Linear-Pull
Fork Type: Rock Shox Judy TT
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Alivio

i found it brand new for 250..
Posted by Billpal on 11/10/02

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  •  Re: mongoose solution bike??
    If youre single & over 25 and have a job---don't buy it.
    If youre married w/ kids and have bills galore---buy it.
    If you have a great job, married, w/ kids or not---dont buy it.
    If youre in high school or college w/ little or no money---buy it.
    If youre single or a playah and work at a lousy paying job---dont buy it, you need to save money for a new car.
    BILLPAL---that's one of those offshoot COSTCO/Dept Store bikes. Mongoose hasnt made a bike called "Solution" that was ever shipped to a bikeshop, nor has it ever appeared on their website as one of their lineups as of 1998-2002. It sounds like decent parts for the money but I'd follow the guidelines as stated above.

    Posted by Mongoosed riding a chromoly rigid w/ no suspension from hollywood on 11/10/02

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    •  Re: mongoose solution bike??
      you are right about that model not appearing on their website..i was wondering myself..if you wanna take a look at it you can see it on www.thesportsauthority.com, click on cycling then mongoose and you will see it..

      it's just that the price sounded so good..from 500, on sale for 250...
      i guess you can tell i have no clues about bikes..
      i will go for the trek4300 i guess..

      Mongoose, thanks for the response
      Posted by Billpal on 11/10/02

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  •  Re: mongoose solution bike??
    That's a fair assessment.
    I happen to be partly in the second category, married with a mortgage.
    I own the Solution, and I love it! This bike has ridden great for a year, responds well to maintenance, etc. In fact, I only have one complaint about the bike and one complaint about the Sports Authority.
    The bike comes standard with weak rims. I bent them up in a week. Other than that, the parts are quality.
    Sports Authority employees are not bike shop employees, and they do not know how to assemble a bike. Although I couldn't
    afford an LBS bike, it was well worth it to take the Solution to the LBS, have them take it apart and put it back together.
    All told, it's an incredible bike for the money, mine has several hundred miles on it with no serious problems, and if you are not a high-roller who can afford the most expensive bike, go for it.

    Posted by Sleddog a 28 year old riding a Mongoose from Detroit on 11/13/02

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    •  Re: mongoose solution bike??
      I just got a 2002 Mongoose solution for $250. I am going to use this bike this fall riding around campus, but it is full-suspension and I want to go trail riding with it. I dont have much experience in mountain biking. I was wondering what types of riding you did, how agressive you were, what were you doing when you bent the rims, and if i need to baby this bike?
      Posted by Cowboyup a 18 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Mongoose Soltuion 2002 from Alabama on 04/10/03

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  •  Re: mongoose solution bike??
    I have done all the research possible it seems. FOR THE PRICE the solution seems to be the solution. I have very limited funds for a mtb and went to a local bike shop instead of Sports Authority and foun a decent Trek for $350. That is still $100 cheaper before my sports authority employee discount kicks in too. I amactually going to build this bike with the tech straight out of the box. Hopefully with all the advice we can tune out any possible problems. What I think alot of hardcore riders fail to relate to is that people just want to ride, and for the good of the sport, if the financial backing of The Sports Authority can get MASS quantities of a decent mtb and pass the savings on to us, AMEN. True riders RIDE. Some have to get a cheaper bike in the beginning, but we are still riding. That should be the true idea of these posts. We can sum it up by saying the rims are the biggest downfall but the rest of the bike will get you up and down without having to live in your car to afford a true ride.
    Posted by Roby a 28 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Mongoose Solution 2002 from San Diego on 12/03/02

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  •  Re: mongoose solution bike??
    I have a cheap Mongoose mountain bike that I bought last year at a chain store. It is holding up pretty good even though I bent the front rim already. I wanted to get a lighter aluminum bike (mine is steel frame). I saw the Solution on sale and bought it yesturday. I am now having doubts as to keeping it or not. I like some of the features it has, the quick shifters, better derailers, the rockshox, aluminum main frame...a few of my friends who are enthusists say its a good deal for the components you get, but I wonder if a hardtail Giant for $419 wouldn't be a better purchase? I ride twice a week on a technical terrain bike park with some good challeging hills. My steel frame is heavy but does the job. The components are low quality but good. Hopefully this bike will be worth the purchase! By the way I'm 34, married with children, mortgage, bills.... so I don't have $1200 to put into a bike right now. I'll let you know how it goes! By the way is the Solution a '02 or '03 bike?
    Posted by Gator in Fl a 34 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Moongose Solution and Mongoose ? from Florida on 06/09/03

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  •  Re: mongoose solution bike??
    I picked up the blue version at S.A. (Sports Authority) on 6/6/03. I paid ~$190 incl. tax by using the 25% Friends&Family promotion over their $250 sale price ($500 list). They now carry a white version (list $600, sale $300). I use it for riding to/from work (~3-1/4 miles one way) and general riding with the kids. For the price I can't really complain, seems a pretty decent bike. I have noticed an aggravating high-frequency noise from the rear derailleur that I just can't pinpoint, and the front rim has a wiggle that causes brake pulsation. I'm hopeful that S.A. will make good on that when I take the bike in for their 30-day free check-up/tune-up. The S.A. salesman/mechanic seemed fairly knowledgeable; in his words, "Would I buy this bike for $500? No way. For $250? In a heartbeat." He was also careful however to point out that this bike is intended only for street and mild trail (like converted RR bed) riding, which probably explains the bent rims some respondents have experienced. If a child seat or rear rack are considerations, don't know if there's a way to mount them to a rear-sprung bike, so if this is important you should look at hard-tails. Anybody know about mounting stuff to rear-spring bikes? One other thing, if it matters to you, the decal says "24-speed", but the mechanic and the manual cautioned against some combinations like 3/1 & 3/2 from the chain wear perspective, so it's really effectively more like a 21-speed.
    Posted by Dmf a 43 year old riding a Mongoose Solution (blue) from Lutherville on 07/11/03

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    •  Re: mongoose solution bike??
      WOW, They turned it into a moutain bike! I have a mongoose solution from 1992 and it is a 20" bmx. Back then the bike was great and was light as hell! I am 18 now and wish i could get it back it is at my fathers in colorado. I had it for over 6 years and the only problem i had was flat tires (from riding it hard) and the previous owner had tightened the head to much and the frame had a small crack in it. It came with all shimano compnents including A brakes. I am suprised that they now are selling it as a moutain bike. Just goes to show how stupid the company that bought mongoose out is!
      Posted by Logo a 18 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Royce union from NOPE on 07/19/03

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