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 I Need A SponserShip
I have Been bmxing for the best past of 2 years and have got pretty good , i started off not even being able to bunny hop , now i can 360 spin , 180 pivot , and stall etc . Im willing to jump over the grand canyon if thats what it takes , this is what i want to do with my life and want to be pro, i know you are gonna hear that alot , but im going to follow it through , i have a video and pictures of me bxing , who should i give it to?

Posted by HaroBacktrail a 15 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Haro Backtrail X1 (07 Model) from Otago NZ on 12/04/07

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  •  Re: I Need A SponserShip
    Have you gotten a membership on loopd? www.sponsorhouse.com can really help out with your search for sponsors, and is a great way to market yourself if you have videos and photos of yourself.
    Posted by GG704 a 28 year old Racer riding a Crupi cruiser on 12/23/08

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