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 87-88 GT Pro Freestyle Tour
Does anyone have the frame & fork or complete 87-88 GT Pro Freestyle Tour for sale?
Posted by Pydaman on 09/27/06

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  •  Re: 87-88 GT Pro Freestyle Tour
    Got a white '87 that I'd like to sell -

    GT Powerseries 3pc cranks, original white tires, white chain, GT hubs, & all the decals

    email me if you are still interested in the bike.
    Posted by Dwk on 12/04/06

    '87 Pro Freestlyle team

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    •  Re: 87-88 GT Pro Freestyle Tour
      hi dude is she still available?
      Posted by Kalel0101blade a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a gt pro freestyle from uk on 10/07/07

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