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 hey cfit
yo cfit man, need further info on the skidoo ride. I'm thinking about doiing one. Did you do it solo?
also driving instructions, etc. whens the next time you doing it? ty
Posted by Mongoose on 02/14/07

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  •  Re: hey cfit
    I'll bring the sharp knives, trash bags and gloves...

    You just bring yourself and your bestest bike...well...scratch that...I'd just bury the bike with you anyways....

    Reminder to self: Stop thinking out loud...
    Posted by Crzyridr33 a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a SantaBansheeCruzBlurr on 02/15/07

  •  Re: hey cfit
    After all your drunken childish antics, it amazes me that you think anyone on this site is willing to help you. But I'm feeling a little magnanimous today, so here's a starting point for you, genius -----> www.google.com
    Posted by GRide on 02/15/07

  •  Re: hey cfit
    nobody asked you
    Posted by Diamondback a Cross-Country Rider riding a Hp Quad 8400 from Sunland on 02/16/07

  •  Re: hey cfit
    There are more exciting rides in the park, but if you reallly want to do this one, getting there is easy. Take the 395 to Olancha and head east on 190. As the 190 drops into the valley you will come across Wildrose Rd at Emigrant campground. It is roughly 10 miles up Wildrose Rd to the start of Skidoo Rd. There is a dirt parking lot there. The road is easy to follow. Most other roads that branch from it are closed and marked with habitat rehabilitation signs.

    However you will need to continue along the 190 to Stovepipe Wells to pay your entrance fee, $20 per vehicle. it is maybe another 7-8 miles on the 190 to Stovepipe. Here's a link to the D.V. website--->Death Valley National Park All the current fee and camping info can be found there. Also, this site has some other ideas for rides--->Death Valley Biking. Not on that list are Echo Cyn and the Chloride Cliff rides I've posted about. The Chloride Cliff ride was great and can be shortened if desired by just doing the out and back from Daylight Pass Rd. Tougher climbing but worth it. The road has a small not very visible sign at the start.

    There's endless road biking miles. A lot of the runners that did Titus Cyn brought their road bikes to get around the Furnace Creek area. Which also brings up another excellent option. The Titus Canyon Rd would also be a great ride. This one could be done as a shuttle, driving out to the Nevada end of the Rd and biking back into Death Valley. Or there is parking at the D.V side of the canyon and it is about 11 miles up to Red Pass, the high point along the road. During the marathon there were a few MTB's along as aide/course officilas.

    Also the Racetrack Rd has recently been grated, so it is more friendly to standard vehicles.

    Keep in mind, there is NO SINGLE TRACK riding in D.V. All S/T trails are CLOSED to bikes. And, the dirt roads are mostly loose gravel or washboard. Finding the sweetspot in the road can be frustrating. Most roads are open to motor vehicles year round, so be careful. Also the cooler months are coming to a rapid close. The valley floor is already reaching into the 80's. Carry lots of water and sports drink(Gatorade, etc.) Even in cold weather this place rips the moisture from your body. Frank Herbert could not have stressed it better. "Water is Life."

    Lastly, my favorite ride was still the Trail Cyn ride. However there was a lot of hike-o-bike on the climb due to deep gravel. But the descent was a blast.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy.

    Posted by CFIT on 02/16/07

  •  Re: hey cfit
    P.S> I was alone for this and so far all of my Death Valley rides. Alone in the desert is challenging and meditative. The only thing I might be heading back there this season is to make another go at Dry Mt., a x/c hike&climb in the Last Chance Range.
    Posted by CFIT on 02/16/07

  •  Re: hey cfit
    Wow...there are a few posters in this thread, and they know who they are, that NEED to get laid!
    Posted by GhostRider a 31 year old Downhiller on 02/16/07

  •  Re: hey cfit

    what if the get friction burns ?, what would they do then ?

    look but don't touch ?
    Posted by Freaky franky riding a bush load of silk on 02/16/07

  •  Re: hey cfit
    Have a cigar....they'll go far....reach high....never gonna die....cuz we'll all (ride) together ....in the....end!?
    Posted by GhostRider a 31 year old Downhiller on 02/16/07

  •  thanks CFIT
    I will try a Mojave desert ride. I guess doing it alone would be better in case one likes to push the limits.
    quoting PeeWee; I'm a rebel, a loner, you wouldnt want to get mixed up with me.
    the flat terrain will be dull but the beauty of the desert always fascinates me.
    thanks for the info and see you on the trail.
    Posted by Mongoose a 67 year old riding a Bullit from Estes Park on 02/17/07

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