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 Naked Crit at Mt. Snow

My friend, Kym Flynn, "won" this year's Naked Crit at Mt. Snow... The buds and I are desperately seeking any photos of the illustrious Ms. Flynn in her skinsuit.
Any legitimate leads will be handsomely rewarded with your choice of a Suck Creek Cycle waterbottle or T-shirt.
Posted by Webmaster@suckcreek.com a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a red, white, blue, green, and orange krate from Chattanooga, TN on 10/03/01


  •  Re: Naked Crit at Mt. Snow

    Actually just so you know I was the guy or kid whatever you want to call me who collected the money and started everything, Thank you very much! i had the blue coat and the whistle. Shame on you for trying to take credit for that. Anyway Both the winners got about $100 or more and the remainder went to the rest or the girls that participated.

    Thanks, Blake, the real guy that started it.
    Posted by Blakeharlan on 07/21/04

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    All of the chicks are hot- but which one is this Kym
    everyone is talking about?
    Posted by Pastoralia a 32 year old Weekend Warrior on 09/27/02

  •  Re: Naked Crit at Mt. Snow

    Can anyone be more specific to where this hot chic is at? I cant find here....anyone, anyone, bueller, bueller.....please help...
    Posted by Mike m on 09/25/02

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    Does anyone know of MORE pics of the Naked Crit other than the ones on MTBMIND? I need more pics...
    Posted by Manhorse on 09/24/02

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    Hey all! Yeah the Naked Crit at Mt. Snow this year was a blast. Tons of people showed up to watch. I am the Co-Owner of MTBMIND.com and took plenty of pics while I was there. It seems that someone already directed you to my site. There are some sweet pics.. expecially the shaved blonde. ;-) If you want any pics, let me know.


    Chris Gagnon
    Co-Owner/Site Designer
    Posted by Mtbmind on 09/19/02

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    What's up, I was up at Mt. Snow and was actully the one who took control and collected the money for the riders, and staged the men's and woman's races. I just was wondering first of all, did you get any pictures besides the ones posted? and how much $ did your friend Kym win? I didn't get a chance to count it before I gave it to her. Anyway it was an awsome event and I am looking forward to it again next year.
    Posted by Rick a 24 year old Cross-Country riding a DEAN from New Paltz, NY on 09/09/02

  •  Re: Naked Crit at Mt. Snow
    Hi friend, are you still there, I have some questions to ask you. I am from here, thanks!
    Posted by Macooxi a 39 year old from San Jose on 10/06/17

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