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 Johnsons Motorway....
I just posted a trail update on Johnsons, and I wanted to try and get some discussion on it over here. Someone rode an ATV up Johnsons singletrack recently, and I consider this a real problem. Anyone with any ideas on what should be done about this?

The fireroad is probably open to vehicles, though it is rarely used. But, I am fairly certain that the singletrack section is closed to motor vehicles, seeing as it leads right to Rocky Peak fireroad, which we all know is closed to motor vehicles. Before the fires, the singletrack would have been impassable to a Quad (a dirt bike still could have made it), but now the singletrack is resembling a rodeway again. I think there should at least be a sign that lets people know that motor vehicles are not allowed....

Posted by Pilot a 31 year old Racer riding a Spider SPV from Chatsworth on 02/23/04

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  •  Re: Johnsons Motorway....
    I've seen a couple 14 year old boys quading up the road bed. I just don't know what would stop them, since it's hard to tell where the road ends and the ST begins.
    Posted by Dusty Bottoms from Dogtown on 02/23/04

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    •  Re: Johnsons Motorway....
      Is Johnson's technically a part of an existing park and multi use trail system or is it merely just a way from the valley up to Rocky Peak?

      if it's not really part of an organized trail system under the jurisdiction of appropriate agencies then it could just sort of fall into a gray area of access and who is or isn't allowed on it.

      Rocky Peak/Chumash/Hummingbird are all part of an actual park so there is an official sanctioning body overseeing access. But Johnson's Motorway is just sort of a trail that exists and provides access to those other trails while not actually belonging to the same jurisdiction.

      I know here in San Diego we get some motorcycles and ATV's on some trails as well because the neighboring land which accesses the organized trails is not part of the park so there is a relatively easy escape route for the people on the motorcycles. All we can do is alert teh rangers when we know they have been on actual park land but the ranger's can't do anything if they're on trails that aren't part of the park.
      Posted by Yeti_Rider on 02/23/04

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  •  Re: Johnsons Motorway....
    I just read your post on the trail update page.
    I've seen people on little 50-80cc dirtbikes on Rocky Peak as well (one time occurence). I agree this is a problem, and I don't know how you prevent that traffic either.
    Additionally - I'd be fearful of seeing more traffic like that with the recently opened Marr Land Ranch. From Marr Land one can easily get to Johnson's/Chumash/HB etc. by going up Marr Land to Rocky Peak (via quad, 4X4 or otherwise.)
    Posted by GMoney a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Sugar from Simi on 02/23/04

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  •  Re: Johnsons Motorway....
    The kids on the quads have been on the lower section for a while, but in the past they always stayed below the burned out house. Simi High kids have been 4 wheeling up Las Llejas & into Jaughin Ranch to party since the fire. They seem to stay up higher and donít venture over towards Sea Shells and Chumash. As far as whatís open and whatís closed, Iím not sure where the Mountains Conservancy boundary is over on the Johnsonís side. Itís possible the boundary is where the single track starts at the metal gatepost just above the burned out house. How high up are the quads been going?
    Posted by Lost coyote on 02/23/04

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  •  Re: Johnsons Motorway....
    Some of the horse owners over here ride their bikes (mx & atv) up johnson every now and then. For the most part they stay below on the fire road but they will venture up further. Also, I have seen them have to ride up there to get one of their friends/famliy who have been thrown from a horse, usually resulting a broken bone.
    Seeing as Johnson is technicaly a fire road that has just eroded away it may be leagal for them to ride there.
    Posted by CAdescender on 02/24/04

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    •  Re: Johnsons Motorway....
      Thanks for the input, everybody. I think I need to track down someone at the SMMC to pursue this farther...

      As for the ATV's on Johnsons, I am pretty sure they are not allowed on the 'singletrack' portion of Johnsons. They may not even be allowed on the fireroad. The tracks I saw went about halfway (1 mi) up the singletrack. Yes, Johnsons used to be open to motorized traffic (hence the 'Motorway' name), but so did Rocky Peak fire road. At least the upper section of Johnsons is in Rocky Peak park, which is all closed to motor vehicles.

      How are the Simi kids getting up Las Llajas/Marr Land Ranch? I know the entrance to Marr from Evening Sky Dr. in Simi is gated. Is there another entrance?

      I think the solution is simple. Rocky Peak fireroad and Chumash are both signed and gated. Hummingbird is clearly signed. I don't know why Johnson's is not the same.
      Posted by Pilot a 31 year old Racer riding a Spider SPV from Chatsworth on 02/24/04

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      •  Re: Johnsons Motorway....
        At the entrance to Marrland there's a gate with about a dozen locks. Remember to that there is still private property within the Marrland Openspace. Also, even with the gate and the locks the gate was damaged by fire crews and is easy to unhindge and open.

        The lower portion of Johnson's as well as Jaughin Ranch and some other areas are kinda in limbo, open but not really laid out. The whole thing with the Rocky Peak Area is a total lack of enforcement, just ask Bob how often he sees Rangers.

        We're riding an old abandoned road from the top of Sea Shells down into Las Llejas tommorow morning, wanna join us Pilot?
        Posted by Lost coyote a Cross-Country Rider riding a Trek Fuel 100 from Simi Valley on 02/24/04

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