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Newbury Park Bicycle Shop
1560-6 Newbury Rd , Newbury Park , 91320
Ventura County

(805) 498-7714


Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm
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Giant, Cannondale, Litespeed, Diamondback, Merlin, Haro, Titus, Santana, Felt, KHS, Free Agent, Raleigh, Electra. Louis Garneau, Pearl Izumi, Fox, Six Six One, Cannondale, Shimano, Sidi, Sram, Campagnolo, Mavic, Industry Nine, Straighline, Stronglight, THM, Oakley, Yakima & Thule for clothing and accessories. Bell and Giro helmets, and all the bells and whistles.
Full service repair shop, bike sales, custom fittings and local event sponsorship.
This shop is run by fat idiots who do not ride bikes. I hate this shop, it makes me want to stop riding and eat cheetos with the fat employees of this shop.
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Craig Whitley a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Foes,
Yet another good trip to NPBS. I've been coming here for 15 years and never once had a bad experience. Sure you might have some sales people every once in a while that are not gushing over you, but I'm OK with that. I know the core people who work here are extremely good and honest and I don't get uppity if some 18yr old sales person is not on their A-game. FAct is, everytime I go, I get to see a great selection in a bike shop that cares and rides. The owner (Mike?), and the guy that's usually in service (mustache guy) are top rate and I can only say positive things about them.

Prices are usually a bit higher, as with all bike stores, but you get selection and you know it goes to a shop that's active in the community. You cant say that about the .com's.
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DirtyBritches a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized FSR,

Great shop, great selection. Everyone says this shop is expensive but I found that to not be true. They were lower than Michaels and definitely better than Westlake. they even said they would match any advertised price. Lots of inventory. Giant Cannondale Felt and a couple really cool Look bikes.
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john s a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Look 596 ,
If you look at all the reviews there are both good and bad. This
is the case with all bike shops. The negative reviews on this site
are unfair based on my experience and I have been a customer
of this shop since 1972. Repair service is excellent. Bicycle and
accessories selection is very good. Prices are somewhat higher
than average, but this is made up for by good selection and
stock on hand. You bike geeks need to come down off your high
horses and not expect every sales person to wipe your butt as
soon as you walk in the door.
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bob knob a 51 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a dual suspension mountain bike,
This is a bad shop. The people are not nice, and the level of service
is substandard. They are also overpriced. If I wanted crappy
service, or no service at all I would buy off the net. I hate this shop
and so should you. I approve this message.
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MarkFord a 37 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Kona,
I'm amazed at all the bad reviews of NPBS. I bought my current ride there three years ago and have been overwhelmed with the service and the support that Mike, Shane, Steve, Anthony and the crew provide. Yes there are some younger employees that arent the most knowledgable for my needs, but the expertise is there if you seek it out. The prices are typical LBS prices, but the service and knowledge is outstanding and keeps me coming back. These guys are riders and understand that a bike is more than a machine. I've introduced several friends that have become customers as well. I'll definiently buy my next bike from them. They have my business.

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Greg a 50 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Cannondale 6-13,
The people at this shop are rude, and have no clue about bikes.
They must be trying to cash in on the LBS lore. They are no better
than buying on the net and 4 times more expensive with half the
knowledge. Stand clear of this place...they suck.
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Dawn Ellis a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth,
E-mail: - 4/29/07
The people at this shop are rude, and have no clue about bikes.
They must be trying to cash in on the LBS lore. They are no better
than buying on the net and 4 times more expensive with half the
knowledge. Stand clear of this place...they suck.
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Dawn Ellis a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth,
E-mail: - 4/28/07
I consider the Canejo valley my first home though I work in
Chicago. I am there on about 5 times a year and ride the best
roads with the best riders anywhere during all seasons. I have
come to rely on the folks at this shop. I ship my bike and they
have put right several handling injuries to my bike as well as
shipping it for me in perfect condition. I cracked a ksyrium
wheel on a century ride as well as wearing out my C record
bottom bracket. First most wrenchs would not have inspected to
see the crack (I had come about the BB) and second when he
didn't have a C record BB he gave me lesser BB with the wheel
sale. This is not the first time they have bent over backwards to
get me out riding on a safe bike. If you are looking for a great
service department that is really fairly priced..NBBS is the best I
have met up with in 20 years of riding. Really!
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Richard Foulkes a 54 year old Racer, riding a Merckx Team SC,
E-mail: - 9/27/06
This shop is very bad. It is close to my house and honestly every
time I go there I tell my self it is the very last f@#king time.
They are close to me and that is the only reason I go there,
maybe to pick up a tube (at 3 times what other shops charge) or
some other emergency item. If you are not stuck, don't go this
place they are the definition of A-Holes. They act like their poop
don't smell and you are lucky to be talking to them...even
though they are hacks. stay clear my brothers.
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Dom Carter a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
I have been going to NPBS for probably 20 years and have never been real stoked with the service or the prices. If you need lube or a tube, no problem, anything else, forget it. Like others have mentioned, looks nice, but a real inefficient shop. The staff really does lack saddle time.
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Scotch Hennesy a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialzed Epic,
I walked in and was interested in looking at a particular mountain bike and walked out after not being talked to for 10 minutes. Sorry guys, but you lost a $3600 sale.
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Danny a 40's year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Giant,
This is one of the worst bike shops in ventura county. They take at least a week before they look at your bike for service. They always try to convince you into a more popular company, ar more expensive. over all i waould say this is a bad bike shop.
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Drew McDonald a 14 year old Racer, riding a Diamond Back MR.LUCKY,
About 6 months ago I wanted to get back into mountain biking after about a 6 year absence due to a back injury. I had done a little research, but went to this shop for help. I advised them of my situation, and that due to my back I was only interested in a full suspension bike for around $2000.00, yet they continously tried to talk me into a hardtail. Advising me that the "real"(?) riders use hardtails, and I would not be happy with a full suspension bike. It seemed that they were pointing me in the direction of bikes with the highest mark-up, or ones they were trying to get rid of. I left, after advising them that since I was not ready to be a "real" rider I should just wait. Unlike some of the other posters below, I try to stay away from the multi-store huge bike stores, but did indeed go to one of them to purchase my bike and had exceptional service.
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Jeff Ellis a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized,
E-mail: - 1/12/04
Today I purchased a pair of chrome
eggbeaters from Newbury Park Bicycle Shop,
and had EXCELLENT service. I was greeted
with a friendly "hello" the moment I walked in
the door, and we were talking pedals in a
matter of seconds. I researched the hell out of
all the top pedals, and let me tell you, the
young man who helped me had all the same
information and more. Sure, there was a
$2700 bike visible to me near the cash
register, but is that any reason to dislike a bike
shop? Someone here said they don't
price-match. Perhaps they didn't know how to
ask. I mentioned Supergo's price of $90 for
the chrome eggbeaters and he matched it no
problem. Knowing what I wanted and how
much I wanted to spend may have helped, but
the shopping experience at Newbury Park
Bicycle Shop was fun, fast and efficient, just
like a good ride.
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John a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Cannondale,
You can't compare supergo with NPBS. Supergo caters to a completely different market, one that prefers low prices and will service the bikes themselves. NPBS is not a well managed company. Fortunatley, their service staff keeps them going. They are busy and the firm does not have a good procedure for getting face time with them, but when you do, you will be pleased. All in all, supergo is dominating the market for bike sales. It's not even close.
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mba a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized FSR Comp,
This shop is just about the worst shop I have ever experienced... I don't even know where to begin. First, I live near the shop and have had numerous bad experiences. I've been riding with local riders and clubs in the area for about 12 years. They do absolutely nothing to support or promote cycling. It's a very nice looking shop, but that's the only thing good I can say. They will do anything to make a sell. Their most popular tactic is to fit you into whatever they have in stock, whether it really fits or not. I've heard from several people who were fit with the wrong size bike. They also tried to fit my wife into some shoes that were several sizes too big. Not even a close fit, and they were trying to convince her that it was a good fit. The people that work there don't even ride.
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Fred a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider,
Unfair prices and service..?.. no argument here, you really are better off going to Superslow (where,, btw, the Saddam-like owner has sold out to Performance)... but I must say,, a front wheel lost is not the fault of any but the rider, An earned hospital stay due to not tightening your Q/R properly after pulling your bike from your BMW back seat !! ...but there is a BIG Caveat Emptor here.. to trust a rude service writer with "medication issues" is like going to jiffy-lube with your Ferrari, you deseve what you get... for not walking out and telling the neurotic, greedy owner of your dismay!! This is after all, retail in America,, we all have the right to refuse money to anyone.. and you will get what you pay for, unless you shop at NPBS.
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Jones F Riding a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
Newbury Bike Shop is great. They are not the cheapest but you will get what you pay for. I have always been treated fair and the Shop folks know what they are doing. They take there time and it shows. They will fix many things that don't normally go with a basic tune. Thanks guys you are great and I will continue to use you for my biking needs. I'm really suprised at the negative reviews below. I have never had a bad esperience.
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Matt a 34 year old
Bottom line...the worst, most expensive shop in the area. If there were negative chains they'd get it!
No rating
Brian a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Intense Tracer,
I have been a long time customer of the Newbury park Bike Shop. Not only do I frequent this shop, but I regularly refer people. They are a large shop with a large selection of shimano, mavic, cannondale, giant, and many other build to order custom bikes. Mike, Shane, and the rest of the staff are knowledgable and eager to help. True they can be extremely busy, but that is only because they are the best and have a reputation for that. I don't understand why people who shop only on the internet or mail order would even go into a shop. The only thing I could guess is that the people on this site who bag on the Newbury Park Bike Shop never intended to really purchase anything anyways. I ride road and mountain and have been extremely impressed with both sides of the shop.
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N.P. bike shop enthusiast a 22 year old Racer, riding a Giant TCR, Gt LTS,
This shop is not on par with others in the area. They always seem too busy (or something?) to help customers. I have been to many (all?) the shops in the Ventura County area and this ranks the lowest as far as customer service, and price go. I guess there is no point to go here unless like the post said below it was down the street from your house. Though, even if this shop was down the street from me, I would not go there. I would rather drive somewhere else for good service.
No rating
Great shop - I have been going there on and off for 8 years and have bought 6 bikes from them - They charge more, but the service is great! I have always been treated well. Now that I have kids, I feel safe sending them in to have their bikes worked on.
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Doug a 38 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Giant,
All I have to say....go to Supergo in Santa Monica..the price will definitely be MUCH cheaper, and the employees actually ride bikes. It is a little bit of a drive from NP, but worth it. Because it is such a small shop (and compared to others in the area it is) they don't sell alot, thus they have to keep the prices high.
No rating
Rob a 25 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized FSR-Comp,
Maybe if we were still kids cruz'n on our BMX/Freestyle MacNeil's this shop would rock!! But it looks by the age group of the posters this is an older crowd. Having said that the shop; has unfriendly/unknowledgable staff, has unfair business practices, is overpriced, and in general a bad shop. There are much better shops in the area, some are a lot better: some a little better, but this is the worst. Don't be mioptic in your view of shops, find a real shop, with real riders. One that looks at you as a customer and fellow enthusiast, not a walking checkbook. If you feel that you are learning from them, you probably are not, they are telling you what you need to hear in order to get your cash. Wise up, shop around, you will be suprised.
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Brandon Wells a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Foes,
So many complaints.... how about angry, stupid people(most of you) who think you know about bikes? hardly.if your front wheel falls out, you didnt tighten it. unless you take your bike straight to the track,then you have some ground for complaint. but five days? come on kid, use your head.the bottom line is npbs is a big shop serving many people, and things wont always go your way.there are other people who were there before you and ive spent enough time wandering aimlessly around to know that the salespeople are hardpressed to make everyone happy.i dont know if you are used to being waited on hand and foot at other shops simply because of the bike you ride or the image you portray, but if a 10 year kid who really dosent know much of anything was there first, he obviously should be served first, and usually is, as i have experienced first hand with my own problems.i (being a frequent customer)have ordered parts through the shop, while it may take slightly long sometimes, its always been much faster than when i call companies direct. if you think the service at npbs is bad you should call the airheads at almost all companies for kicks. it dosent take much bike experience to answer phones , after all.think before you before you complain, because you wont find much better than this
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CS a Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a MacNeil Ruben (what? thats not a mountain bike!),
I bought my bike at NPBS with no problems, but I've needed a couple of minor repairs afterwards, and had nothing but problems, rude staff, unbelievable waits for repairs, parts they forgot to order after taking a deposit, and then problems even getting them to return my deposit after they failed to locate the part. I've found another shop.
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Pete Warden a Weekend Warrior, riding a Giant Rincon,
I am honestly quite disappointed in this shop. I moved to the Conejo Valley a few months ago and was extremely excited when I stumbled across this shop so close to my new home (peeked through the windows one night while getting a burger). I went to the shop a few days later, and have never, I repeat never, been greeted by such incompetent sales people. I went in to buy brake pads from my Arch Rivals they stated that they did not think they had the brake pads (of course they didn't check), but I may want to try some Shimano brake pads to see if they fit. I advised them that I was pretty sure they wouldn't fit. They then advised me that the Arch Rival was a terrible set of brakes and I should really move up to Shimano. I explained that I was happy with my Avid's, and all I needed was brake pads. I said thanks and started to leave the store, then the salesperson says to someone hanging out in the store, "that guy must not be fast enough got Shimano?" I chose to ignore the comment and never come back. My advice, go somewhere else even if you are in a jam.
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Mike Warner a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Gary Fisher Sugar 2,
E-mail: - 3/08/02
OK, so the prices are not all that great here but I've never, and I mean never have had a bad experience here. Always have been treated well by the sales staff and can say only very positive things about service. Service can be busy though so plan for things taking a little longer than you would like. Great selection on MTB bikes and parts. Cool store to browse thru.

Been going here for 8 years and don't regret it.
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Sparetire a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a GT LTS,
E-mail: - 2/27/02

The last time I went into this place I asked for help and got none. Once I started looking around I was pushed out of the way by an employee helping somebody other than me. Finally when i wanted to buy some pedals they tried to sell me the cleats and hardware seperately.I might have bought them if they hadn't been thirty dollars over-priced.
No rating
Bob a 24 year old Downhiller, riding a Giant DH Team,
I like this shop. The people there were always helpful to me. Mike, Shane, Ali, and Nick are good folk to deal with.
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John a 44 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a DeKerf SL hardtail,
Ditto to the negative reviews. If WalMart sold highend bikes it would be called Newbury Park Bicycles. That's the level of service and knowledge at this shop. No rating
Craig Lackey a 23 year old Downhiller, riding a Santa Cruz,
E-mail: - 12/21/01
Do yourself a favor stay clear of this shop. The folks running it are dowright rude. My wife got me a gift certificate to this place, and they made me spend every last cent of it in their shop. Even though what I bought was only $2.46 less then the gift cert, they made me buy more stuff. That's there policy and that's fine, doesn't mean it's good business, and they didn't have to be rude about it. It feels like they are trying to be an upscale shop, but don't want to hire knowledgable staff, or put their customer first.
No rating
Brent Hodge a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a FSR XC M4,
I can't beleive there are so many bad reviews on this place. I have always had good service. The staff returned my calls. If the staff can't help me, they get someone who can. A little on the pricy side, but I would be willing to pay a little more for good service. The owner was very helpfull. They have my business.
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Joe a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT Nomad, Mongoose Dynometric,
This shop is about your average LBS but with a large store type of feel. The people are friendly and some of them are knowledgeable. It is the kind of store that caries one or two brands and tries to have something for everyone. Not a specialty or specialists shop.
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Mark a 50 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a SC Superlight & VaMoots,
This place looks great but charges way too much for stuff you can get much cheaper elsewhere.
Brought my bike in to their shop to check out because of some shifting problems I was having... the mechanic(??)inspected and rode the bike and said it was just fine... told me I had a great bike. Actually, I knew the rear cassette cogs were badly bent and one tooth was actually busted off... he never even saw it. I haven't been back since.
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Greg Austin a 37 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Home Grown,
In half a dozen visits, I have never had anyone make themselves available to sell me something. Lots of very flashy high priced inventory, but not one serious rider in the building, as far as I can tell.
No rating
Keith Elliott a 39 year old riding a Giant,
E-mail: - 7/24/100
Yikes, went to this shop over the weekend, way overpriced, which I don't mind if it's backed up by service, but it isn't at this shop. Good selection of stuff, but the staff's knowledge was lacking. every time I asked the guy working there a question he wouldn't say anything, he would just dissapear to the back, I guess to ask someone else. He did this on every question, it was pretty damn funny. So if you want to goof on some dopey guys this is a good shop, if you want to actually buy something and gain knowledge go somewhere else.
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Dale Larson a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a FSR XC,
Bad shop, unhelpful personell, will only give store credit on return, even with a receipt. But they don't tell you that until you try to return something. WAY OVERPRICED, and they will not price match. Asked for help picking out some pedals and was told "i dunno dude, i guess all these pedals are the same thing" then some overweight lady "helped?" me (obviously not a rider based on her girth) and she realy had no clue. STAY AWAY from this lame shop, it's for rich kids parents to buy them overpriced stuff because they don't know any better
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Randy a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT,
Great shop with friendly ppl. Staff is very knowledgable. It carries basically all models of Canonndale, Schwinn hard tales, GT's, and BMX. Tons of accesories. Great Repair shop.
Great all around store
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spiff-e a 15 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a pos,
E-mail: - 11/21/99
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