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Westlake Cyclery
3195 Willow Ln , Thousand Oaks ,
Ventura County

(805) 497-3030


m-f 10-7,sat 10-6,sun 11-4
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Trek, Specialized, Colnago, Santa Cruz, Klien, Foes
Tune ups, All repairs, Pro Fit Kit, Bike rentals

If I could give it a Zero I would.
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WestlakeCyclerlyisHORRIBLE a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a GT LTS,

I checked out most of the shops in Ventura county. These guys are
always very helpful. Since the first time I walked in and instantly
asked if they can help me find something until the most recent,
always helpful. Honest and very knowledgeable. Great LbS!
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John Craig a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Trek fuel ex 8,
Bad Bad Bad - no help in one Hr. Time lost. I had $3,000.00 to
spend and no one came over to say WTF are you doing in the store.
So much for the economy being bad, I think no one wants to sell
anything. I bet I won't even be contacted as a result of this
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John a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Trek - Road Bike,
How does this place stay in business? I just moved to Westlake
from Encino, and I went to this shop the other day. I'm thinkin'
a 29'er hardtail for some fireroad blasting. Anyways, these folks
do not want my money, I looked around....geez is somone
gonna help me...nope. I go to counter, hey could I get some
help...I was told, give me a minute. There was no one else in
the store. I browsed some more...uhh, hey could I check out
this bike....yeah I'll be there in a minute. I wandered around
some more...errr....kept wandering....errrr...I left, went to
another shop and bought me a Ellsworth Evolve, it's a FS, but it
is sweet. Took me 15 minute to buy it at Sundance
Cycles...sweet. Westlake is a bad LBS, bad, bad, bad LBS...they
are yucky.
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Roger Garr a 34 year old riding a Yep,
I have recently purchased a bike from the shop after not riding for about 15 years. My brother rides in a charity ride every year and bought a new bike from this shop, and when he did my three year old wanted to get a bike for himself instead of riding his tricycle around. Needless to say that forced me to get a bike to ride with him. Upon purchasing the bike I found the salesmen to be very helpful and explained to me all the new trends in bikes as I have been out of the scene for a while. I will definately go back to this shop in the future not only for new equipment but also for repairs and service
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Bwh1024 a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek Fuelex,
I have never reviewed anything before, but did a search on this
shop after going there today. I have just moved here from
Chicago, and went to this shop today, well they are not very
friendly. Maybe out here rude is the way to go, but these people
need a smack in the head. I came in and greeted them, my
response was a sour puss head nod. When I asked if they had
any shop rides they looked me up and down (and at my old
Isuzu in the lot) and I was told to check back since they are all
full. The shop ride is all full??? Last year I was a member of the
Eastern Illinois University Cycling Club with over 100 members
on rides, we were never full. I was also a guide for 4 summers in
New Zealand (our winters) with Pedal Tours LTD, again never
full, even for the locals that rode with us for free. IS THERE ANY
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Alex Asters a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
E-mail: - 4/28/07
Okay, so last time I went to this shop was about 3 years ago, and I said then that it was my last time. (read my review, it is still here). So this last week I need a tube, just a freaking tube, and I figure it's been a couple of years, I bet it's better now. I mean this place is 2 blocks from my house, I had to give them another shot. Well in my opinion they still suck. Same sh*tty attitude, same lack of service, with me buying a tube I would have been estatic with a smile and a thanks at the end. The slacker at the counter couldn't even break her conversation with the other slacker to help me, just rang me up. I paid and said thanks and left. Am I splitting hairs here, should basic human interaction be expected when you go into a LBS, or am way I off base here?
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Frank Miller a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a SC Blur,
E-mail: - 3/13/07
I live in Ventura and came to this shop on a recommendation that they were one of the better shops in the county. I was going to leave my bike there, but was later informed that they don't even have a mechanic. That might expalain why some of the other people posting reviews have had such bad service. Their prices seemed pretty steep as well. In fact I noticed that some of the products had labels torn off of them and new ones put on in different locations. That makes me wonder if some of these products have been marked up even more. I guess they have a good selection of clothing, if you like Specialized. The staff there was apathetic. The store also seemed to be greatly understaffed. Maybe that would explain the negative attitude there.
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contrails a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Trek,
This shop sucks. The owners/mangers/whatever are uncaring and
act like it is a chore to answer your questions. The folks that got
good service are either buddies with the owner of part of the
Chamber of Commerce that the owner traded good feedback with.
These guys are the worst. Lack of service, knowledge, and
friendliness. Stand clear of this place, the suck!
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Eric Forthe a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
I just wanted to take a minunte to write about the professional and caring experience I had in puchasing my son's, my wife's and finally my bike from your shop. My son didn't want to even learn to ride leave alone get a bike. Bill took the time (and patience) to figure out how to get my son excited. After your help he was so enthused about riding that he wanted my wife and I to ride with him. Due to lower back problems I have not been able to ride without extreme lower back pain. Bill took the time to ask a lot of questions before recommending a bike which has a frame designed for just my problem. Now I ride several times a week and get the fun of doing so with my son. I also appreciated how understanding you were in refunding me for my wife's bike when my Valentines Day Gift back fired ! I recommend you to my friends. Thanks Marshall Pepperman
No rating
Marshall Pepperman a 53 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 5.2 and Specialized Track Bike,
E-mail: marshall@marshallsdesigninc. - 5/11/06
All I have to say is I only saw The Westlake Bike Shop and The Agoura Bike Shop out supporting the Conquer The Canyons Race this past weekend. I must say both Bike shops were very nice and professional. I have never had any interaction with either bike shop, but I was aware of them from this site. I thought both of these bike shops couldn't of been any more accomdating. Although the CTC Race was a big joke and it appeared that this was a big waste of money for them, the people in the Westlake Booth were more than friendly and always kept a smile on their face, especially the blonde woman that was in the Westlake Booth. So all you detractors should give the Westlake Bike Shop another chance. They supported a lousy local bike race that the promoter was only in for the money, not the love of the sport. I know the Westlake was charged a lot of money, because I knew someone in another of the booths that were there. They did this to support the local race scene, as the promoter just did it to make a quick buck.
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Richard The Crit Master a 29 year old Racer, riding a Carbon Fiber,
Wow! I've read some of the reveiws and beleive that the staff at Westlake Cyclery are curtious and helpful. I've purchased 17 bikes from this shop over the years and my family and I all race and ride seven different disciplines (road, super d, bmx, downhill,cross country, mountain cross, freeride) and as for all of you who really do ride wheather your a racer or just a weekend warrior you know that there's a constant stream of broken parts worn out parts and upgrades to remain competetive all of us at teem trubble wouldn't be able to mantain that level without Westlake Cyclery and their staff...
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Mike Fachar a Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a demo 9,enduro,big hit,hemi,hemiexpert,allez ,
E-mail: - 4/13/06
I just read every review about Westlake Cyclery. I think some people just bash them to hear them selfs talk, and have nothing better to do. I used to be in the bike business for many years and I also have been racing for the past 10 years. I have no affliation with any bike shop in the area. I have a lot of industry contacts. But in an emergency I will usually go to Westlake Cyclery because of their selection and knowledge. They have always been helpful, even though I am making very small purchases. Also I am not in this "inner circle". I will agree when the new owner took over it was a little rough, but the new management they have know is great. I really think you Westlake bashers should give them a second chance. I have not experienced any of these complaints in the last year. Also Scrubby step up and get rid of the GT LTS. Technology is a good thing. Just use that bike on Mud days
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Ricky Racer a 35 year old Racer, riding a Too many to count,
I have always been very happy with the customer service and the repair work done by Westlake Cyclery. I am new to road riding and they helped me get fit on a bicycle that I didn't even buy from them. They have always been more than helpful and I am not in some sort of inner circle. I also patronize other shops in the area. I would never go back to Newbury.
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Kenn Miller a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized Roubaix Pro,
This is a reply to the post right before this one. I have previously posted negative comments about Westlake Cyclery.

I am not an employee of any other bike store. I grew up in the Conejo Valley area and have been to many of the bike stores in the area as an avid mtn. biker for 14yrs. My negative comments about this store are honest opinions, and I think that you are trying to undermine that by saying that the bad press must be from other bike store employees.

I have been to Westlake Cyclery many, many times and my experience has always been the same. Bad service, and unfriendly salespeople. The owners only seem to care about you if you are in their circle of friends. You must be, which is great for you, but read all the negative comments and you will see that you are probably in the minority. The service dept is also very lacking. If you go to NPBS you will see the same guys working there, and they know what they are doing. Not at Westlake. Every time I've been there, there is a new high school kid working. Which explains why the service turnaround is so much shorter at Westlake than at NPBS or Agoura.

I am not doubting that you have had good experiences at Westlake. I just think that your statement that ALL the negative comments must be from competitors is absolutely lunacy and it destroys the purpose of posting comments on this site.

I am not trying to start a war or words here and you are definitely entitled to your opinion. I just think that everyone I have ever spoken to, and every time I have walked into that store, I have had bad experiences. That is my opinion, and I am not an employee of another store.
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Scrubby a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT LTS ,

I just found this site today. A great site, I will read more posting when I have more time. However I was browsing the local bike shop reviews. I do not know where all this Westlake Cyclery bashing is coming from. I have been going to this shop since it was bought from the old owner. I have never had a bad experience. I have purchased 3 high end mountain bikes and a couple of kids bikes. Also lots of clothing. They have always ordered any item I wanted, if it was not in stock. Kim is so helpful and she knows their products. Their inventory is 2nd to none. I think all these Westlake bashers probably just have an axe to grind, because they probably work at competing bike shops
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mtbattic a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized EPIC,
E-mail: - 4/03/06
Went to this store for the final time last week. I have seen all the bad things written, I can honestly say that I agree with what has been said.

The sales people are totally not interested in helping you. They only really seem interested in people they know. You might as well buy a bike from Costco. Actually, I think you get more customer help there. They know little to nothing about bikes and how to fit you on one. I went there to buy my fiance a bike, and they had so little interest that I offered to buy the salesperson a coffee. I've had my bike serviced there once before, and had to totally undue everything they did. It cost me double, because they screwed it up so bad. Don't be fooled by the short turn-around time. There is a reason why no one wants to bring their bike there, and why NPBS and Agoura's service shop is soo busy.

I've been to the store before and had been helped by a couple that I think are the owners. A blonde guy and woman. They are so unfriendly. I've been to Agoura Hills Cyclery and Newbury Park and they are extremely friendly and welcoming. Come on, you're selling bikes!!! It should be fun, but not for those ungrateful people.

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Spunky a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Santa Cruz,

Unfortunately it is the most convenient store for me since I live right down the block. For a tube or a tire there selection is ok.. For a tune up I would not recommend them. There skill level and enthusiasm are fair at best. Been to other bike shops that made all the difference in the world for a great tune up and great ride. When the one time I had a tune up done there before I knew better I was left pretty disappointed. They carry a great line of bikes but there in store selection without having to order anything is pretty slim. And ther prices arent anything to write home about either.
No rating
Rich a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a SC Blur XT,
I brought my bike in for a tune-up ( a mistake as it was done sloppily). In addition, I asked if there were any beginner cycling groups that they could recommend. Neither the two young men nor Kim could think of any such group. I left feeling frustrated and confused. By chance, I found myself near Agoura Cycles on Kanan and TO Boulevard. The owner could not have been more helpful and recommended three different beginner groups. He was so friendly and generous that I'm now a devoted customer.
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ABB a 41 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek,
No rating
KAREN WILBURN a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a TREK 2100 WOMEN'S DESIGN,
I recently went in looking to spend a couple grand on a new mtn. bike, the first one for me in 15 years. I ride road bikes mostly, but wanted to hit the dirt. After I entered the store, I saw that nobody was going to help me, so I browsed their top-of-the-line Specialized, Trek, etc., and after about 20 minutes finally asked if anyone was interested in helping me. And there was only 1 other customer in the store for part of that time! The very young salesman was somewhat helpful, never offered to have me ride a bike, or offered any information other than what I asked. This was typical of most of the times I've gone there to purchase anything! Never again, not even a patch kit! I've bought from NPBS for years, first rate service there, very friendly. This time, I bought my bike from Roy at Wheel Works in Woodland Hills. Excellent service, prices, and more than helpful!
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Stoney Baloney a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a StumpJumper Expert,
Yesterday I dropped off my bike and Kim, the young blonde girl, did what was probably her best at trying to make me a happy customer. Meanwhile, the guy behind the counter kept annoying me with phoney concern about how my day was going. She said I'd have the bike later that day, but called me at 6:45 PM to let me know the bike was finished. Obviously thiis was too late to pick it up, but at least she called. They replaced the cassette which was 75% worn. I wished they had determined that during the original tune-up as I would have had it replaced. Anyway, they replaced it free of charge to make me happy.
I picked the bike up today. When I arrived at the store that same guy behind the counter wanted to follow-up with how my day ended up yesterday, though he showed no interest about how today was goinf for me.
Kim gave me the bike and I put it through its paces, riding it up and down the street, and brought it back to the mechanic a couple of times until it was just right.
Just as before, I will only return to this shop if I absolutely have to, and never for a tune up.
They are opening a new shop in Ventura and I wish them well, but if they could just learn to smile and greet customers when they come in the store I think they will have a lot more happy customers instead of people feeling alienated and turned off.

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Charlie a 39 year old Racer, riding a Trek 2300,
E-mail: - 9/30/05

This has got to be the only retail store I have ever walked into where the staff and even the owners actually look away from the customer!
I went into this bike store a few years ago looking for a solid MTB bike that would fit a guy my size (tall) and was so unimpressed with the service that I never went back. I try to buy local so that I don't have to drive over the hill, but in this case I had no choice and bought at Helen's. The service was awesome, they were friendly, knowledgeable and when the frame cracked a few months later, Trek covered the frame and Helen's covered the labor. They earned my business.
Last year I got into triathlon and the first place I went for a good road bike was Helen's, but they did not have one that fit me and would not have one soon enough. Regrettably, the only place in the area with a large enough road bike in stock was, you guessed it, Westlake Cyclery. Crap!
The purchase experience was nearly painful, as though I was inconveniencing them by spending my money there. The short blonde that works there (an owner?) and the others have a terrible attitude, are extremely smug and I feel like a high school dork getting helped by the cool kids who were being forced into it. In fact, when I mentioned this to an employee at Newbury, he nodded knowingly and said he caught the same vibe, as though he were encountering some kind of high school clique.
Last week I needed a cable replaced and I let them talk me into a full tune up only because their turn around time was shorter than any other shop. What a huge mistake that was. My bike ran like crap on a 45 miler last weekend and, even though I stayed out of the big chain ring because those gears were worthless, tonight the chain came off and I fell in the street. Incensed, I called and talked to who I believe was that same blonde. She was unapologetic, very smugly said "bring it in and if we find anything wrong..." I will bring it in and demand a total refund. I will also, print out this page of terrible reviews and slide it across the counter for her to read when am gone...for good. Will let you know how it goes

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Charlie a 39 year old Racer, riding a Trek 2300,

Smug, Unhappy people who don't care about service or sales. You can literally walk in here and the store be empty and not one person will come up and ask if you need help. They seem to only talk to the people they know, and don't bother with stangers. I will NEVER come back to this shop. The owners are even worse than the workers. Absolutely the worst bike store I've ever been too. Hopefully one day they will go out of business and new owners will come in with better attitudes. Go to Newbury Park or Agoura Cycles if you want friendly people who are willing to spend some time with you. I would give them a negative rating if I could. Oh, and by the way, the last time I got my bike serviced from them (huge mistake and I was desparate to get my bike back quickly) they screwed things up so badly that I went to another store to fix what they did.
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VC a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT Idrive BABY!!!,
I felt that Westlake Cycle had no follow up when I exressed interest in a specific bike in a specific size. No can do, I do all my business at Agoura Cycles at the corner of Kanan and Thousand Oaks. I get treated like I was there only customer, they treat you like a King. I had a flat after riding my new bike, stopped by the shop and they insisted on replacing the tube and would not charge me. Now I do all my shopping at Agoura Cycle. I probably stop by at least once a week for a gadget,accessories or clothing. I highly recommend the staff of Joel, Jim and Gary they are number one.
No rating
Stu Goodman a 48 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Felt Road Bike,
about the worst bike store ever. they are so unfriendly and smug. makes you feel dumb for just walking in there. honestly, don't spend $ here. Buy at nashbar or Newbury Park. These people are horrible and not friendly at all. prices are expensive. if you absolutely need to get a tube or patch kit, then go to NPBS or Agoura Cycles. The owners are mean and the service dept sux. they probably know how to clean out bongs better than how to true wheels.
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Ttown a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Santa Cruz ,
totally agree with all the bad press on this store. owners are very unfriendly and don't take the time to help you. i'm not being mean-spirited, this store really is horrible. service is horrible. worst ever. they don't appreaciate your business. the sales people are so unapproachable. i'm never spending another dime there and look forward to the day that a new owner takes it over or they go out of business.
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sparetire a 33 year old Weekend Warrior,
Worst service ever. Even the owner(s) is/are unfriendly. The only reason I go there is for a quick tube or patch kit. I bought by girlfriend a bike there (had the lowest price) and no one ever said "thanks" or "did it fit". Nothing. If you go, you will be disappointed also. They make you feel so unappreaciated. Worst bike store ever!!!!!Don't know how they are still in business. Maybe they won the lottery and don't have to worry about $$. Gosh the woman owner is sooooo unfriendly. No sense of humor... C'mon, get over yourself. I'm taking my $$ elsewhere.
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gmoney a 33 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a gt lts,
Why are these guys in business?? I am a newbie commited to giving the sport a try and willing to spend top dollar on a suitable bike. I thought that a LBS would be the best place to get outfitted with gear and I was all excited to get started. I was met by a disinterested owner (woman) and who was so unfriendly and terse that I was forced to leave. A brief conversation with, what seemed to be the, other owner was no different. This shop must have a dedicated clientele who keeps them around but I am not about to join them. Very very disappointing indeed...
No rating
rukus a 36 year old
I have tried REALLY hard to use this shop as my local shop. Aside from some of the help in the store, the (I presume) two owners make little to no effort to help out. I have been riding for 10+ years and don't need much help when I go in for basic stuff, but these guys are ridiculous. The shop is like a bad cliche... rude, the customer should thank them for letting them in the store and very poor service. I used to go there for parts and recently, a new shipment of what I wanted came in and as I was looking through the box, the mean owner lady rudely told me, "I can't allow you to do that". I said, " What, buy this part?". She said, "you need permission first!". Holy cow!!! They lost a sale because I took it upon myself to help them out. No mess made, just buying parts from a box that was out in the open on their floor. It would have been OK if a slight bit of human decency was used on her part.

On another (and the last) incident, I was serious about buying a new bike there for ~$2700 (for this bike their price was competitive) and all I asked of them was to be able to stomp on the pedals a bit to make sure I was OK with it. Nope, was only allowed cruise around in their small parking lot... I was serious, they lost a sale and a local who tried hard to support their LBS. I researched this bike, wanted to buy it from them but ended up going elsewhere.

To others, don't waste your time in this shop.
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dan a 41 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a tracer; roubaix, blur,

Poor selection of tires.
Bad warranty service.
Some of the mechanics are OK, I think it's just the management that's a bit tight.
I only go there when I'm desparate.
Did I say expensive?
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Bruce Edge a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a joker,
Had received bad service here before, but the location is close to me. So when I couldn't find a tag-along bike for my 5 year old son at other local shops we went there. Turned the cranks on one of them and the bottom bracket felt like it was lubed with sand. The salesperson showed it to the tech who said he would change out the bottom bracket. Came back in a couple of hours and the salesperson said the bike was all fixed. After I paid, they brought out the bike, and I checked the cranks, but they were exactly the same. The owner? came out and said they didn't change anything, and that it's probably just a tight chain, and if they adjust the chain properly it would need adjustment sooner...huh? So I say, gee maybe I could just adjust the chain when it stretches? My kid was way jazzed about the bike, and so I gave up and told them I would work on the bike at home. Now here's the best part, as I am walking out of the store my kid asks me if the bike is okay. When I tell him not to worry, the owner? yells at me "you got something to say to me?" I tell him I was just talking to my kid, he says "that better be your answer". I promptly turned around and returned the bike. I was never rude, angry, abusive, nor did I ever raise my voice at these people, yet they treated me and my family like crap. With shops like this it is no wonder the local bike shop is becomming a thing of the past.
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Frank Miller a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a FSR-XC,
E-mail: - 12/31/03
They are very difficult people. The owner is particular is indifferent towards everyone and really doesn't care at all about service. Go to another shop.
No rating
Steve Gold a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Santa Cruz Superlight,
Really difficult people to deal with, not a place I would recommend. They don't like kids either (but maybe that appeals to some people)
No rating

Great people who work there, for the most part they are very educated in all types of riding. Yes they are expensive compared to the bigger shops, but they have a good selection and I get a no non sence feel with them.
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Jeremy Whittaker a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a 2002 Specialized Rockhopper FS1 Pro ,
E-mail: - 6/12/03
You gotta check this place out they got everything you would want and at dirt cheap prices. the helps awesome just stop by and buy alot of stuff!
No rating
somekid a 16 year old riding a 2003 Specialized Vegas TJ,
Had gone to this shop off and on never had great service, but I went last week. The main pivot bolt on my FSR broke and fried the bearing. I wanted to see if Speacialized would warranty it. After the guy working there (the owner??) got up off the floor (he was hanging with his buds, and seemed annoyed that I interupted their chat)he told me the bike was out of warranty, but I could leave my bike there for a week for the Specialized rep, but he would need my original receipt. I asked how much for just the bolt and bearing, he told be I was looking at about $35-$45 in parts, and another $30 or so in labor...and it would take a week or 2 to get the bolt/bearing. I said thanks and left, called Supergo (who always gets a bad rap for some reason) brought the bike down and they fixed it while I waited for 10 bucks. I keep trying to support the LBS's but they always end up sucking.
No rating
Westy a 35 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a FSR,
this shop is on par for the area, they sell the stuff i need...most of the time, and of course it's overpriced. the few post below touting newbury park bike shop, were probably written by NPBS (emphasis on the "BS") employees. i wouldn't shop at NPBS if it was the last shop standing, i would rather wait and mail order.
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westcar a 34 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a FSR XC,
They are definitely getting themselves together here. Best selection of BMX 20" and 24" bikes around! Well priced too! This place or NPBS are definitely the best 2 shops in the area! Bye Bye!
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Benji Foy a 18 year old Racer, riding a FS-1 Money Mongoose, for now, haha!,
Personally, I don't think the staff is all that friendly. Always seems a little short and not really appreacitive of my business. Service has been so/so. I go here when NPBS has a long wait. Rebuilt my rear wheel twice at Westlake and each time the spokes started popping immediately afterwards. I would rather go to Newbury Park Bike Shop
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Sparetire a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a GT LTS,
Excellent inventory of everything from entry-level MTB to pro DH, kids bikes, trailers, entry-level road bikes to team issue rigs, clothes, parts, etc.
Great mechanic named Wynn whom I've used for 7 years now as he went from one shop to Westlake Cyclery. Very good wheel builder, too. Won't let anyone else but myself touch my rigs.

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Upchuck2 a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT DHi, Chuck CR-HT, IF 1x1, Kona Stinky6, etc,

Good shop. I think Mike and his wife are the owners. They are very helpful, but not pushy. Mike rides and knows his stuff.
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John a 44 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a DeKerf SL hardtail,
I definitely recommend this shop. The new owner, Mike, is great and really patient. He spent about 90 minutes with me during 2 visits educating me on full suspension bikes and components. I rolled out with a new GT iDrive 3.0 w/accessories - all at very competitive prices.
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Kenny Golub a 38 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT iDrive 3.0,
E-mail: - 6/08/101
I just bought a new bike from here and received excellent service! The ownership has changed since these other reviews were I say try them again. It is a nice small shop, and no pressure sales.
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TheBoog a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Trek 2300,
E-mail: - 5/30/101
Recently my cones had loosed up on a ride. I stopped in to buy a cone wrench and one of the mechanics tried to tighten my cone. He tightened it way too tight. My wheel bearly moved. He then proceeded to tell me that that was the proper adjustment. All I wanted to do was buy a cone wrench and adjust it myself but instead this moron mechanic caused me more trouble then I had already had. I then proceeded to tell him that he adjusted it too tight and after a few words he told me to get the f**k out of his shop and to never come back. This place sucks!! I have never received such bad customer service before.
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Terry Maddox a 31 year old Downhiller, riding a Gary Fisher Level Betty / Freeride,
Previous experience (4 years ago) was very bad. They refused to send a new bike in for factory warranty service. Recently though they were very helpul. Had cracked a $400 shock on a crash and for $40 they took it off, sent it in and will be installing it back (as soon as the factory sends it back). They are also the only K2 rep I have found in the area.
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brewbrother a 42 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a trek hard tail (can't remember what it started life out as), from Agoura
E-mail: - 9/18/98
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