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Bill's Bike Shop
2360-a E Las Posas Rd , Camarillo
(805) 484-1203


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I too am a long time Camarillo resident and rider. Without going into a full blown rant, I agree these people act as if you are trespassing when you come into the store. I won a business is town myself in a related field and refer all of my clients out of town for this very reason. If they had any idea how much business they missed for the way they treat people I think they might give some thought to courtesy lessons.
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Never mind a 58 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a S Works,
Not the most friendly is quite an understatement, as these people are the epitome of unfriendly.
I've been buying bikes, helmets, and pretty much everything bike related from Bills for years. My folks bought me a mongoose scooter for Christmas when those were the craze 20 + years ago. Back then they were the only game in town. Hell I remember when they were kinda next to Alpha Beta. Anyways, to make a long story short, my family and I have been regular customers for over two decades. Well, my friends, I can tell you that 20 year tradition ends today.
So its my day off, and I feel like riding out to the beach. Its quite a ride, but I like it & do it for my health. Start riding, back tire goes flat, no big deal. So I went to Bills for a "quick" tube change. Big Mistake. I get in there, and there is about 5 guys standing around eating lunch.
After waiting for a bit, one of them finally acknowledges my presence. They fix the tube in literally 3 minutes, which you think would be good since it was so quick. What they forgot however, was to check the actual tire for anything stuck in there (glass, nails etc). I pay the 13 bucks and leave, going straight to the beach. About half an hour later, after I had passed the college and am pretty far out there, I noticed my same "fixed" tire was quite low. Within 5 minutes it was completely flat. I thoroughly inspect the tire, and sure enough there is an shard of glass in it. The shard was in the tire in such a way that it could have been easily overlooked by a lunchtime half assed tire inspection, which is what obviously happened. The whole ride out there had been harder then usual ( I do it every week ) , so I am positive it had been slowly leaking the whole time. So here I am stuck miles out of town, and no one to call cause everyone else I know with a truck is working, so I walked the 9+ miles back to town. Took me forever.
I walk into Bills, he looks at me and my bike and the first thing he says to me is " Well its just not your lucky day is it? ". And he says this in a rather snide manner, with attitude, not like he was joking at all. He was rude from the get go, So this made me angry. I'm a nice guy, but not when people are trying to mess with me .He started saying it was MY fault and how "people run over glass all the time", like I was just rolling through fields of glass or something and didnt know what the hell I was talking about . I told him it that was BS and he knew it. I ride my bike every single day. I get a flat maybe once or twice a year. And I get a flat a half hour after getting tire "fixed" ? Come On. At this point he was exceptionally rude. He did fix my tire, but I really had to fight with him to get it done. I 100 % expect the tire to be flat again tomorrow, if it isn't already. Never did I hear any apology for their shoddy work and extreme rudeness . Next time I will do it myself.

They lost a customer of two decades over a $13 tube. Not only that, I plan to tell everyone all my family and friends about this experience.

I implore anyone thinking about going to Bills not to. I know I won't be back. They aren't the only game in town anymore. They are too expensive anyway.

With this economy, how anyone can alienate paying customers is beyond me...

I hope the Camarillo Bike Company will enjoy their many new customers...

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M M a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Gary Fisher,

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mike a 19 year old Downhiller, riding a horo ,
Thank's for all the work you did for me on my bike. The new wheels are sofair working well.
Thank's to Larry...Alan
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Alan Hellmann a 66 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Road,
E-mail: - 10/10/07
One of the best bike shops in the world.
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William R. Brunner a 41 year old Racer, riding a Maranoni,
E-mail: - 11/18/100
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