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Ira's Bike Shop
107 Bridge St , Arroyo Grande ,
San Luis Obispo County

(805) 489-2621


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Not only do they have everything you'd need, but
Ira is a great guy. He helped me get into my car
when I'd locked my keys in, and we had a fine time
doing it. What could have been an agonizing delay
and wait for AAA ended up being an amusing ten
minutes or so. Ira Rocks.
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Phil MacEachron a 38 year old Weekend Warrior,
I have found Ira to be the best source of knowledge when it comes
to road bikes or mountain bikes. We have bought several bikes
from him now and he continues to provide consistent great service
on our new and used bikes. We are very fortunate to have Ira in our
community. He is a rare gem.
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Mike Peterson a 56 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Raleigh Mountain bike,
E-mail: - 10/19/09
I have used Ira as my bike shop since 1978. All I can say is - Thank You! Ira for the great service, quality products and excellent pricing.
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Jack a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Rockhopper with RS Tora shock,
A fool and his valuable components may soon become parted.

I entrusted Ira to solve my drivetrain irregularity.
The end result, Ira ended up keeping (a perfectly good) stock Phil Wood bottom bracket from my bike,
as I paid for a cheap replacement. Yet, I continued to have a poorly running drivetrain.

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roger bergeron a 47 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Cannodale,
E-mail: - 6/22/09

Ira offers better customer service that most any dealer you will come across. He is a rare Gem.
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Michael a 35 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Enduro FSR,
Ira is a consumate pro. I peddled over 600 miles with him in the Boy Scouts WAY back when. He was an excellent teacher and friend.
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Mark Quincy a 40 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a very old bike,
E-mail: - 7/14/07
Great communication, always enthusiastic customer and very current on the lastest cycling products.
We highly recommend his shop. Thanks Ira!!
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Law Rome a 43 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Cannondale,
E-mail: - 7/02/07
Ira is great! Any problem with the bike and he made it right.
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Scott Oberg a 24 year old Racer, riding a Raliegh R700,
By far the best bike shop around. Superior knowledge and service. Ira gives you the best band for the buck in SLO county.
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Todd 4dyce a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized hardtail, Raliegh R600,
E-mail: - 10/18/01
Bestest bike shop in the whole world! It's all about the service.
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Ean Carr a 20 year old Cross-Country Rider,
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