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Performance Bicycle Shop
3619 Midway Dr , San Diego
(619) 223-5415


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I bought a very cool Jamis Dakar mountain bike from those guys. The service was right on and they never pushed anything on me.

One small comment, the bike I bought two weeks ago (the Jamis Dakar) was on sale today at 50 dollars less (August 20th) It would have been nice if the sales person would have told me this before I bought the bike two weeks ago and saved 50 bucks to buy a pair of Kendar Kwest tires (and other goodies) which I'm still unable to find anywhere as of yet in San Diego.
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Greg a Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Jamis Dakar, Bianchi Limited, Specialized Hardrock,
E-mail: - 8/22/02

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keith a 27 year old Racer, riding a FRONTIERA,
E-mail: - 5/19/100
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