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Blacksmith Bicycle Wheels
5555 Santa Fe St , San Diego
(619) 490-5300


11 to 6 Mon thru Fri
12 to 5:30 Sat
Closed on Sunday
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Rims: Mavic, Velocity, Zipp, Corima, Campy
Hubs: Campy, Shimano, C. King, Mavic. Zipp, etc..
Bianchi, Moots, Coppi, Holland, Kestrel, SoftRide, Viner
Vittoria tires, Carnac, ITM,
Campy,Shimano, and Mavic Components
Custom hand crafted bicycle & Wheelchair wheels
Custom fit and building
Ron was very helpful and a pro. He fixed my ZIPP 202s from
and rear from his shop spoke stock. Prices and very fair he
even through me a few bones as extras. I will be taking my
ZIPP 404s in this week for Ron to fit a powertap hub on.
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Andy H a 45 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Bianchi 928 SL ,
Ron is the best! I had a flat tire today and luckily I spotted the shop not far from where I discovered my flat. It was my first time in the shop and Ron couldn't be more professional. He carefully and thoroughly inspected my tire for glass and punctures and he replaced the inner tube for me. When I offered to pay Ron waived me off. He was so kind. All it took was a few minutes I was on my way. To say the least, Ron and the shop comes highly recommended. Professional and honest service and great attitude.
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The owner was previously a mathematical physist for NASA. Thanks to his background in failure testing of exotic materials, if you want to know how your parts work, if they will last, how truely serious any damage might be, ANYTHING this guru will know the answer. I had bike shops tell me my carbon wheels were ruined only to have Ron explain why nicks in that site just weren't a problem (many races later they still haven't been). He will build and fix anything with a physicist's attention to detail. For the soul in a previous post who claimed that the shop is for people with "more money than brains, I have had Ron fix/tune my gear a number of times for a very reasonable rate and my annual grad student stipend sits at the poverty line. If you are a budget, he'll know what is worth it's money. If you have the cash to spend, he'll know where to spend it to get the smoothest ride out there.
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Michelle a 27 year old Racer, riding a Fetish Lamierina Time Trial w/ campy,
I've been in town for several months and found this shop by accident - fortunately! When I came
in, a very friendly person took care of my bike - not in thes sense profit-making, but enjoying building up bikes. It is not the biggest shop, but be sure you can have the best stuff in there.
Actually I am from Europe and did a couple of years races, this means more than 15000km/a training. And I am sure, if you've a problem with your road or mountain bike this guy can fix it.
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Chris a 28 year old Racer, riding a Principia,
actually,ron lacey is one of the top bike builders in town and I'm not the only one who thinks it. any time I've been in, I've only run into triathletes and hardcore riders who spend it all on the bike, even when there's not much leftover for gas.
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CMK a 39 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a bianchi cc,
This shop is empty, ie no stock at all. I think it is for people with more money than brains. If you ride a bike 1000 miles per year and like to talk about cycling rather that doing it, this is the shop for you. This shop caters to a local team that boasts doctors, lawyers and other people who think they can buy fitness. This place is seriously a joke.
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changuito a 44 year old Racer, riding a Moots,
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