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Bike USA, La Mesa
8706 La Mesa Blvd , La Mesa
(619) 461-9680


M-F 10am - 8pm
Sat/Sun 10am - 5pm
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Full Service bicycle shop featuring FREE lifetime service with any bicycle purchase!
NOTE:THIS IS NOW PERFORMANCE BIKE SHOP First off I've been riding for 20 years and have good mech. back round, but I'm not a bike mech. When some mechnical problem is beyond me I take it to the so called experts. This has to be the worst bike shop in San Diego!!!!! I'm talk'n La Mesa store. There close to my house so it's convenient but not worth it. I only come in for service (free tune ups or brake downs) every 6 to 12 months and every time they can't tune a rear derailleur if their life depend on it and something else is always worst than when I left it . Forget it if it's something major. They seem to have a high turn over rate with employees so you can't build any kind of relationship. Don't ask a tech. question, they don't know or make something up. Watch your head in the store, the I.Q. level is pretty low, though their pretty good with the scanner. The Kearny Mesa store has always done a good job but I have to take my bike on the way home from work , sometimes you have to travel to get better service. I keep thinking La Mesa will get better over time , but they seem to attract unskilled labor. They had a good mech. years ago I think his name was Dre, he moved on.
I have many more horror story I could tell but this is a family show, so in closing, I say RUN DON'T WALK from Perf. La Mesa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you know what part you want and the model number, thats your best situation with these guys. Parts not service.
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joe biker a Cross-Country Rider,
E-mail: - 8/22/09
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