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Pacific Coast Cycles
2003 South Coast Highway. , Oceanside , 92054
San Diego County

(760) 967-4900


wed,fri. 10:00 to 6:00
tue,thurs. 11:00 to 6:00
sat. 10:00 to 5:00
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Masi, Surly, Ritchey, Willits, Soma, Single Speed, Fixed Gear, Co-Motion, Moots lot's of classic and used stuff, these guys can get about anything.
This shop is owned by Chuck Hoefer who came to Carlsbad to work for Masi filing lugs and frames. After Masi shut down shop Chuck bought this shop, that was in 1977. Since then Chuck has striven to be a real bike shop; not a bike store. In the early eighties Chuck got into riding off road and at one time if you wanted a mountian bike this is the only place in southern California where you could find one. At this shop you can get a bike brazed, filed, tapped, faced, chased, tuned, painted, and oh yea Chuck is a great wheel builder who can build you anything from the superlight race wheelset to the super Knarly downhill wheels and he can solve most people's wheel problems. This shop has sent people like Leo Castellon, Brian Lucas and Mike Varley out into the bike industry where they have built or designed bikes that you or your kids have probably ridden. This shop tends to keep their employees around for years and don't be surprised to see someone from another shop in here looking for some hard to find part or just hanging out. Oh yea, this shop can find or order just about anything. So if you're looking for a real bike shop this is it.
I didn't know that Chuck had an actual shop.
I "met" him when I posted a plea for a long Colnago fork to go with the Arabesque I'd just bought but which had a mismatched fork.

out of the blue I get this email from a guy named Chuck who talks me through measuring a fork and finally sends it out on spec, on faith, unpaid. and for a real bargain price.
I'd like to meet this honorable man some day.
You don't "met" many like Chuck Hoefner anymore.
Peter Stock
Toronto Canada
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Peter stock a 52 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a mostly steel (merckx, cyclops, and many more.),

This shop really give the poorest service anyone can imagine. Rude, offensive, hangs up with questions...
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Tom Robert a 65 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized,
I honestly have to say Chuck & Gretchen are amazing people. The first time I met Chuck it was a quick run in the store. A week later Chuck saw me on the street & he remember my name & about my bike (ever though I wasn't on it @ the time). They look above the sale & make relationships. Since then I knew this was a great shop. I support Pacific Coast Cycles 100%.

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Rocco Pedreira @ Fast Pace Zine a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Fixed Gear,
E-mail: - 3/24/10
Chuck and Gretchen are the bike shop's soul. Chuck is about teaching and not humiliating one, as some of the other shops seem to do. From the first day I set foot in that time machine to the past that is their shop, Gretchen and he have always greeted me as warmly as my own family. This is the shop I've been looking for because I always learn something no matter how much I think I know. And, some of his prices are CHEAPER than the big stores.
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Jaime a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Jamis Aurora Elite,
Chuck kicks ME out of his shop, related to HIS former employment -- before he began his own business. When I visit: all Chuck do is ask Me - where I got My ~Classic~ Masi;. As I did not want to tell him, 'cause he worked for Masi. (besides, all these bike dealers know each other)
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a Racer, riding a masi,
This is my favorite bike shop around. Chuck knows all about bikes and can help you with almost any repair. Although the shop doesnt have huge inventory, he probably has what you need, including lots of bikes that you wouldnt find at a larger bike shop.

I gave him a high value even though his prices are more than what you would pay online because of the service and knowledge that you get. Twice he has fixed a broken spoke for me on the spot, and has used his expert skills to straightened my rim when it was in bad shape.

Thanks Chuck for keeping me on the road.

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David a 32 year old riding a Van Dessel Country Road Bob w/ panniers- commute,

This is a sensible, smart bike shop.

Chuck is a patient, if opinionated, owner who will listen to your wants and give you the benefit of experience and deliberate advice.

I bought a Moots road bike from Chuck two years ago. Like Chuck, I was taken by the elegant welding on the frames. But, making fit decisions and equipping the bicycle was a difficult process for me. Chuck helped by being patient and offering honest opinions. He recommended a smaller frame than I had in mind. He recommended wider handlebars than my readings suggested I should have. He recommended a lower seat height than I had previously used. He was pretty direct in telling me that, at 44 years of age, the flat-back position of peleton riders might not be the ideal position for me. The result is the most comfortable, efficient fit Iíve had in 31 years of riding; he was right on all counts.

When we did the final assembly, I was in the shop for almost three hours. It was beautiful day: we made little adjustments here, traded out stems there, and thanks to Gretchen had the best iced tea Iíve ever tasted.

These are first-rate, honest people and the shop has all the atmosphere youíve been missing if you started riding in the 1960ís or 1970ís.

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Jim Love a 46 year old riding a Moots road machine,

Chuck and Gretchen are fantastic. They were gracious hosts when I visited the shop. I say hosts because Chuck gave me a grand tour of the vintage beauties, as well as some amazing modern builds, while Gretchen brewed her own blend of iced tea. Mmmmm!
Chuck found the perfect eclectic mix of parts I needed for my vintage build. Thanks for taking the time to answer all of my questions and letting me take a spin on some of your amazing rides. I'll be back!
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Vince aka Upchuck a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a 1985 Fat Chance ,
Awesome shop - from old-school to the latest tech, Chuck knows all. Great guy - won't try to push what he has in stock on you instead of what you really want or need. Sells what he believes in. Chuck is the real deal. You cannot go wrong at Pacific Coast Cycles.
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Rich a 36 year old Racer, riding a Fuji Team Issue,
A great shop, no doubt about it. You must visit this shop. Chuck is very knowledgable and carries a great selection of bikes, new and used, and parts.
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Dan a 55 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a road, mountain, tandem, folding, electric assist,
Chuck and his staff designed and implemented my 1986 Salsa. 20 years later, it is still a state of the art bicycle, albeit hardtail and no front shocks. It is forest green with dropped bars, bar cons, and the hotest XT equipment of the time. I have seen no reason to replace anything except for worn tires after a lot of riding. After all this time, I have had to do little truing of wheels after thousands of miles. Chuck built them. They are outstanding. 32 hole, cross two. I would like to replace the U-Brake under the chain stays with something newer, but why mess with a good thing? Chuck, wherever you are, you built a bike that has lasted and been the joy of my life. If that bike could talk, it would have a lot to say about my life. Thanks to you, Ross (Salsa), and the staff for a superior bicycle.
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Tom Virgil a 56 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Too many to count.,
E-mail: - 12/15/06
Nice shop. I am checking out some used parts for getting a spare bike together. Amazon and the other large local shop bike sales people do not seem either knowlagable, or willing to be helpful with the small purchases or repair questions. Unless of course it is related to a new bike you bought or have bought from them. I am usually a do it your-selfer. Low to high priced bike owners definitley go here...
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Ric a 36 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Marin Elderidge Grade, Gary Fischer RS-1,
the only place in north county i was able to find a brooks saddle! i will be having chuck build me some touring wheels shortly. great location!
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Neal a 21 year old riding a Kona,
Outstanding shop with a very knowledgeable staff. I brought in a carbon fiber Vitus that had been sitting in a garage for years and they had it running as good as new in no time. Excellent wheelbuilding services also.
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Steve Loftus a 37 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Vitus, Lemond,
This bike is the best bike shop around. They won't just put you on any bike. They will size you up and find a bike that fits your size and personality. In addition, the service is awesome. Louis is a bike aficionado and knows details like Iíve never seen. He strives to learn it all. Chuck has built me wheels that are so strong. I weight about 240 and have been in situations where I thought a tacoíed wheel would be the end of my day and in all cases, when I brushed the dirt off I was more damaged than the wheel. I drive 25 miles to take my bikes in for service, maintenance and great bike store culture. That alone should be a testament to the quality, service and entertainment they provide.
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Mike Siegel a 32 year old Racer, riding a Specialize Stumpjumper FSR,
E-mail: - 2/13/03
From Campy to Surly, this shop has it all. You must visit this shop to apprecicate it. Chuck, Rob and Lewis are top-notch bike people. Lots of obscure and hard to find parts, vintage bikes.
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Mikey a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Surly 1x1, SC Superlight, Lemond, Tommasini,
The Mountain-Scootboard is a high-tech sport scooter for mountain-downhill & street.
disc brake in front & rear, shock absorber, Alu-frame, air tires 3,5" x 10,5", Wooden deck with grib

more infos:
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Great bike shop! Chuck and his people know their stuff. If you're in So. Cal., you should visit this shop.
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Dan a 50 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Klein, among others,
not many bikes in stock. the sales guy wasn't too helpful. i was looking for a mountain bike but didn't have my size (large). he just pulled a Specialized catalog and gave me a few options.
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phil a 40 year old Weekend Warrior,
This was the only shop that actually helped me get back into cycling after a LOOOOONG lay-off. After years of non-riding, the industry had changed to the point that I didn't have a clue which way was up. Pacific Coast cycles help me get back in the saddle without BS'ing me into product or trying to take my cash. Thank you, to a real bike shop with great people.

I WILL SEND EVERYONE I KNOW TO THIS SHOP. Chuck told me once, "it's about the engine not the vehicle." Chuck, thanks for keeping me grounded and helping me with the right vehicle too.
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Bryan a 36 year old Racer, riding a Kestrel (road) and Schwinn homegrown (Mountain),
E-mail: - 11/12/01

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jim a 40 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a don't know yet, from oceanside
E-mail: - 7/22/99
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