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Hi-Desert Bikes & Hobbies,
15664 Main St, , Hesperia, , 92345
San Bernardino County

(760) 947-3199


Monday-Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sundays: 10am to 4pm
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BIKES:DiamondBack,FreeAgent,Haro,Redline,Felt,GT,Schwinn,DK,S&M,Fit,Hoffman,Eastern,Mongoose,SE Racing,Nirve,Raleigh,Electra,2 Hip,Stolen
HOBBIES: RC Cars,Models,Rockets,and More!
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I Have been to this shop a bunch of times and ordered parts and they tell you they will have them in a few days.. u go back and they dont even know who u are and have no idea about your order.. There are way better hobbie shops in this desert...
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TY a 24 year old Racer, riding a SC 8,
Our family has had a great relationship with this bike shop. They really get to know their repeat customers and we have been purchasing bicycles for our son at Hi Desert Bikes since he was old enough to ride a bike. Great service, large selection-and if they dont have what we need the owner can get it to you in just a day or so.
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Bike Family a 33 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Electra Townies,
I reside in Hesperia and wouldn't step foot in this shop. I did a few times and all around a bad experience, the owner acts like you're doing him a favor by shopping in his store. I know for a fact I'm not the only customer he's lost. Go to VV Cycles for your stuff! It's worth the drive!
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Sean a 35 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Giant Trance X3,
did all our research on line - George really knows his stuff and he does not try to sell you something you don't want. this is a really nice shop. got my husband a Raleigh for his birthday and it was not an expensive one either, but it was the besst one for h im. will definitly recommend this shop to anyone interested in getting a good solid bike and a reasonable price.
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loraine a 55 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Raleigh Venture,
E-mail: - 1/27/08
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Gabe Oy a 69 year old riding a mtb,
This shop is clean, and i recently baught a bike from there, it's a Mongoose 2003 Impotan. That bike is nice. It has good qualitty made into it. I think the shop is one of the best in the high desert out of all of the other ones that I know of. Everyone should consider going there first!
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BMXer2004 a 12 year old Racer, riding a Mongoose Importan,
E-mail: - 6/03/04
Well...Sorry to hear that some of you are unhappy with the excelent service the 99.9% of the rest of have had with the crew at Hi-Desert Bikes. George *the manager* is excelent to work with and so knowledgable on everything he stocks and will find out other answers you might have. The staff at this bike shop are great and friendly. It's great to have a store in the High Desert that run by Family and that works so hard to keep your family on the road with your bicycles. The hobbie selection is excelent and everyone is well prepaired to answer all your questions. The quality is always the top of the line. This store is great!
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Goddens a 20 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Diamond Back Team Issue,
everyone loves to talk crap but this place is a good shop.the manager might be rude but he knows what hes talking about.i dont know why everyone is complaining about the prices.the prices are overall good if you arent afaid to spend acouple hundred on a bike.i bought my haro for only $160.i dont know about everyone else but thats a damn good price to me.ive been in there hundreds of times and ive ever really seen a product that was over priced.and for the people that were saying the owner doesnt know what he was talking about,how would you know if you didnt know how to fix whatever you needed to be conclusion hi desert bikes is a good place to shop for bikes and whatever you need for a bike.the prices are good and they know what there talking about.
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Angel Castaneda a 13 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a diamondback assault t1 and haro tr2.1,
Of all this stuff above none is true. I always go there to buy all the parts for my bike. There service is great and it does not have any high prices. And guess what the owner sponsered a pro team and does know what he is talking about, just ask. Also just to let everyone know that there is also an awsome hobbie shop there to. Try it out people
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Thomas Bond a 19 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Haro X-Pro,
It is a good shop but the prices are to hi! And the guy that owns it doesn't know what he is talking about. If the Manager would lower the prices and get a clue I would shop there more ofter! Sorry, it the truth,and its not just me all my friend I ride with and Race with we all feel the same about you and your store!Hope fully you will lower your price because I don't want to ride or drive all the way to Victervally or Applevally just but parts for my bike.

Devon Mendez
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Devon Mendez a 16 year old Racer, riding a Pro-Concept - GT(4) - Dk - Free Agent - Haro ,
E-mail: - 1/28/03

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