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Velo Pro Cyclery
5887 Hollister Ave , Goleta
(805) 964-8355


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Poor service designed to make you spend more money than you should. A simple repair will often take 3-4 times (you will be charged for all of them). I use ANY bike shop but them now. Either they plan to cheat you, or are incompetent.
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Patrick Siefe a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider,
This is a terrible place to shop. I was completely ignored by the staff, and their stock was minimal (at best). Velo on Hollister is the 2nd worst bike shop in SB, topped only by their other location downtown.
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Jeff a Weekend Warrior, riding a Giant OCR1,
A nice big shop with a large selection of bikes and accessories. The emphasis is on mountain bikes. Not a place I would go to for a specialty bike or anything really fancy, but a good, general bike store with lots of stuff. The staff is young. I had no problems with them, but your mileage may vary.
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David a 39 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a univega,
I've been ignored almost every time I go into the VeloPro on hollister. This most recent time my wife, daughter, and I were the only people in the
shop and we were still ignored. As soon as another customer came into the bike-shop wearing typical biking clothes, go figure the guy comes out
from behind the counter to see if they need help.
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Rick a 28 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Schwinn Frontier, but looking for something new.,
The Mountain-Scootboard is a high-tech sport scooter for mountain-downhill & street.
disc brake in front & rear, shock absorber, Alu-frame, air tires 3,5" x 10,5", Wooden deck with grib

more infos:
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Sick bike shop really cool people, and very helpful. They need to get a little bigger BMX selecton and more high end parts.
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Ben Carter a 15 year old riding a mj12,
E-mail: - 7/09/101
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