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Velo Pro Cyclery
633 State St. , Santa Barbara ,
Santa Barbara County

(805) 963-7775


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Over the span of 2 days I talked to 4 different employees including the general manager and all were unhelpful, rude, and acted like they didn't care if I purchased anything or not. Actually they acted like they didn't care about their jobs at all and were trying to get fired. I saw a previous post here where someone noticed that one the the employees looked like they were high which I noticed too. Bloodshot eyes glazed over with a blank stare like he just smoked alot of something. I was in the market for a new DH bike willing to spend around $4000 for a decent bike like I have for my 4 current bikes. I asked about the price of a DH bike they have with 3 upgraded parts I wanted to buy from them and have them install and the 2 workers there had no clue about the price and said they would call me back the next morning. I got no call so I went in the next afternoon and no one had any clue what I was talking about, probably because the druged out employee I was talking to forgot to write it down or ask someone the previous day. No one at that shop had an ounce of intelligence or courtesy either day so after 20 mins the second day I went to Hazard Cyclesports 1 mile away, where I was assisted in a quick and friendly manner. All 3 people I talked to there had the answers to almost every question I asked off the top of their head without having to look it up or ask someone else, and if they didn't know they found out the CORRECT answer very quickly. Instead of getting the original bike I was looking for FOR $300 LESS THAN VeloPro OFFERED, I spent $5100 on my new DH bike and accessories and was happy to do so from a friendly and knowledgeable staff because they showed me why it would benefit me for my style of riding. They were right because I've been riding my new bike almost every day for 3 months and it handles better than any of my other bikes. My experience at VeloPro was so bad that I still remember it now, three months later, and had to share it with everyone else so they don't make the same mistake I made by going to them first. I have visited every bike shop in town now and rate them as such:

1. Hazard Cyclesports (best by far all-around)
2. Bicycle Bobs (decent if you know what you want, but slow)
3. Supergo (great prices, huge selection, but dumb employees)
4. There are no other shops worth going to in Santa Barbara
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Adam a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a KonaStabSupreme, BigHit, FoesFly, IntenseM1,

Great Service.
Very flexible.
I rented just one day in stead of the agreed 5 days.
No Problem at all, even with two flats I just payed for one day.
@ Jeff: Maybe next time you'll better ask someone that works there.

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Emiel Kunkeler a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Giant NRS Composite XTR,
The worst bike shop in SB. If the staff is knowlegable, then it doesn't show... I think the person who helped me was high or something, because he wandered off (literally) in the middle of me asking about the bikes. It may be an ok place to pick up a part here and there, or to use the free air, but I'd never trust them to sell or service a bike. Do yourself a favor... find a different shop.
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Jeff a 22 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Giant OCR1,
best bike shop around, used to work there.
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james a 15 year old Downhiller, riding a FSR team DH,
Mountian Bike shop of choice for Santa Barbara. All employees skilled at talking (ha ha), wrenching, riding, and mapping the trails. If you need downhill gear, a rig, or a ride go see these guys!
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CORR a 31 year old Racer, riding a Santa Cruz Super 8 and Heckler, from Goleta, CA
E-mail: - 4/27/99
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