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Tri-a-bike Inc,
44841 San Pablo Ave, , Palm Desert, ,
Riverside County

(760) 340-2840


m-s 9-5
sun 12-5
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all repair services,excellent staff
I have purchased two bikes from Tri A Bike and now am getting ready to purchase a Recumbent Trike from them. I'll be talking with Dave to make sure I order the correct "Bent" for me. I've done the homework and collected all the info. on the brands I'm interested in. Not knowing or understanding which are good parts or not I'm depending on him to steer me in the right direction. This is really a big investment for me and I don't want to leave it up to a bike shop that doesn't know me or my bike riding style and just wants to sell a bike. I've dealt with them for many years and am happy with the service and attention I get. I also enjoy stopping in on my rides to chit chat with everyone and feel they are all nice and helpful. My Yorkie Jujube always rides with me and is welcome at the shop also. No pressure here!
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Michel a 59 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Cannondale, soon a Bent Trike,
These guys are cool and have customers that just hang out and talk about bike stuff.
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matityahu a 28 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GIANT DX?,
I have been a cutomer there for many years and I am satisfied with their services. Please try not to give them a bad name...

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Allen a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Cannondale,

I was quite happy with Tri-A-Bike, until I had them ship my mountain bike east. For some reason, they removed the front brake disk; then, they forgot to put it, and the pedals, in the box. At first, they admitted their mistake and promised to send a new disk. They sent an old, warped one instead. After several more calls (they never returned any), they promised to order me a new disk from Cannondale. After about a month, I called again, and they denied the whole thing had ever happened. The owner even claimed he'd witnessed the mechanic wrapping the bike and parts in bubble wrap and putting them in the box, which is impossible, since the bike was wrapped in Kraft paper.

Obviously, after a good start, Tri-A-Bike has disappointed me, and I will never go back.
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Paul Sepe a 38 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Cannondale,
E-mail: - 12/28/01

Tri-a-bike is the best bike shop with the most expierenced workers in the Cochela Valley. Keep up the good work guys. I have had my bikes stripped and re-built many times and you have got it done right and on time every time. I would recommend it to everyone in the Cochela Valey.
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David Jameson a 16 year old Racer, riding a 2 Cannondales the only bikes I have ever owned.,
E-mail: - 2/05/101
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