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Don's Cyclery
121 N Prospect Ave , Tustin ,
Orange County

(714) 544-5910


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This Guy has no idea in life how to treat people. I guess the owner is supporting a mentally ill treatment center trying to give this guy a chance. The owner should be required to post a notice warning the public of this guy.
Do Not Go n Don's !!!!
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Amazed a 49 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Electra,
The RUDEST treatment that I have EVER received. No, I wasn't going to buy anything the first time that I went into the shop and, after that visit I NEVER will.
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David a 64 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Nishiki,
Yea this guy sucks balls. He does not know a damn thing and does not try to assist. This guy must have a fortune theres no way he can make enough to stay open.
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Dude a 20 year old Downhiller, riding a Iron horse 6point,
Unbelievable!!! I have never been treated so rudely in my life!!! For the last 38 years I have purchased bikes for Don himself when he still ran the shop and was treated lake a valuable customer. With this new guy, it’s hard to believe he is still in business. I called with the intention of purchasing two bikes and a car rack totaling about $1,500.00. I asked him if he had them in stock so I could buy them today. He had one and would order the other. When I asked him to give me a price on the package he said he won’t quote prices over the phone. He said all the bikes are priced the same. When I told him the prices seem to be different at each shop, he said “you are not Don’s customer” and hung up on me. For the first time I purchased the bikes from another shop the same day and was treated like a valuable customer. I WILL NEVER, EVER PATRONIZE Don’s shop in the future.
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Robert a 60 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Electra,
Rudest guy ever!!! I was actually going to buy something and he snatched it away from me and said I could not buy it. What the hell is wrong with that guy???? I would never go back there in a million years.
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The guy that runs this shop is an idiot. If he doesn't have the
price on something he makes it up on the spot. He tried to
charge me $45 for a $25 item. As a local I have been there many
times and am amazed by how poor the service and attitude are.
After the last purchase that required 3 trips to return the
incorrect part that he said was correct I will never set foot in
that shop again!
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Clark a 40 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek / Electra,
This is the worst bike shop I have ever had to deal with. My husband special ordered the Schwinn Deluxe 7, two weeks before my birthday. He was assured it would arrive before then. It arrived one day after my birthday, missing a seat. Then when he picked it up, the rude salesman, Chris, rushed him out of the store. He didn't attach the tank to the bike, stating that they never do this because the customer has to install the batteries. Yet, he intalled the headlight that needs batteries. When he got home and unpacked the tank, it was bent and the paint had a dime size chip out of it. When he put batteries in the headlight, it didn't work, so we called him and he told him what was wrong and he stated that he wasn't an electrician and we just had to contact schwinn directly. At the end of the conversation, he finally said bring it down and he would take a look at it. When I looked at the bike, both fenders had touch up paint on them in addition to the scratches he put on them from assembly. Nothing was done to rectify the situation. We call repeatedley and he never answers, we went down to the shop and when he see's you, he shuts and locks the door immediately.
Did I mention this bike cost $600!

Horrible place!
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Carissa Rampley a 27 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Schwinn Deluxe 7,
E-mail: - 4/28/07

Yeah, the guy that owns/runs this bike shop seems to have some kind of personality disorder. I live nearby, HAVE spent money in the shop and still have TWICE been treated very rudely by this piece of work. He comes across like customers are an annoyance to him. LOL
I went in to buy a new wheel and began asking him questions about my current one I was having problems with. He groused: "When you're ready to be a customer, come back." (yeah, right)
By far, the WORST customer service skills I've come across in a LONG time.
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Roan a Weekend Warrior, riding a Novarra Corsa,
Uhmm. Don't even bother, go to Santiago next door, you will be happy you did. The automatic door was open a foot and and didn't open so I figured it was closed, I asked the guy when do you open and he said an hour ago. Then he asked what I wanted and I replied to look around, he closed the door (manually) and walked away. The door still didn't open. So guess what, I walked away too.
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Jon a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Marin Verona 2003 steel is real, Alum is for cans,
Uh, how does this shop get a rating of 2 without 1 review?
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