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Orange Cycle
210 S Glassell St , Orange , 92866
Orange County

(714) 532-6838


OPEN 7 DAYS MON.-SAT 9-7, SUN 11-5
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After looking at some of these reviews I was hesitant to try this
place but after seeing some good deals for 08' bikes they had I
thought I would stop in and give it a shot...

I went in looking to get a higher end road bike and had nothing
but great experience with a guy named Zac. He helped me with
everything from sizing to shoes and was very knowledgeable
every step along the way. John Jr worked with me to get me the
best price he possibly could.

The old man was kind of a dick though, but about half way
through the sale he went to his back room and went to bed

But all in all after some bad experiences at a couple other bike
shops in the area and Jax I will not spend my money anywhere

P.S. Ask for Zac, Al or John Jr.

A great experience all around and I am loving my new 08'
Specialized Roubaix
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Richard a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a 2008 Roubaix Pro.,

Do these aholes run a bike shop or a brothel?I went there and there were a bunch of idiots waxing their cars in the parking lot and a bunch scuzzy looking hookers hanging out and talking to John.It looks like he has his bike shop employyees detail his cars while he schmoozes with street prostitutes.If you try to get some help with a bike, forget it.Are these guys on drugs?Maybe selling them?Almost everyone in the local biking community seems to have given up on them.
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Blane Warhurst a 52 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a IF,Mountain goat,De Rosa,
Just terrible.I was ripped off by these crooks and I'll never go back.These people are rude,lazy and dishonest.
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Randy Peeler a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Jamis Eclipse,Heckler,Greenspeed trike,
the worst place ever!! i will never step foot in this place again. no customer service at all. i'm in sales and don't understand how these people stay in buisness. When i was finally able to ask a question i was treated like i was bothering them. its a shame the mom is married to a senile old fool and has jerks for sons. i'd rather fall off my bike then shop here!!!!
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greg a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a vintage schwinn,
I went there to purchase a bicycle they had in stock. They kept avoiding me and they only helped out the White customers. As God is my witness, this is true. I'll never go there again. They won't get a penny from me or anybody I know.
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B. B. a 46 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Mountain Bike,
bought 2 bikes from this shop in the last few months, great deals and service. I have been to so many other bike shops in OC and the service I got from John by far is the best.
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wade a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a specialized s-works,
I've lived in Orange all my life and this bike shop has always been know around the neighborhood as the worst bike shop in the city. I live down the street from the shop, but I won't go there anymore. Their products are over priced and their customer service is awful.
Beware of the few good reviews at this site. The owner and his staff have posted these positive reviews; the negative reviews are from actually customers.

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Alex a 33 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Mountain Bike,
THE WORST OF THE WORST. Avoid this place like the plague.I bought a bike for my son that I saw a week later for $100 less at another store.When we came in for our "free" tune up that John said came with the bike purchase the refused to true the rear wheel with out us paying extra.The wheel was not very out of true and I ended up just doing it myself and learning a lesson about this place.I'll never go back.Dishonest and rude.I've looked on here and have only seen two positive reviews that were both posted right after one another.I bet they were both written by John or someone in his family.These guys are so ethically challenged they make me sick that I gave them my hard earned money.
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Craig a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a allez + various mountain bikes,
the owner drools over me like a high school boy and when I ignore his lamo come ons he refuses to even help me with my bicycle needs.Is this guy for real?How has this place stayed in business for so long?Take your $$$$$ and your business elsewhere.This guy creeps me out and has no class whatsoever
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Kim a 34 year old riding a stumpjumper,
The owner seems uninterested in biking or the biking community.I do most of my own bike repairs but when I have gone to these guys the work has been shoddy and the bike was never done when promised.I can understand getting busy but flat out lying is unacceptable.When I call them on the fact that they had promised the work to be done their attitude was unbelievable.They practically tossed my bike to the ground and snarled take your @%#*% bike and get out.This was when I was with my young daughter and I didn't appreciate that kind of language being used.John is more interested in waxing his car and chasing skirts around than bicycles and he should find something else to do with his time.There are lots of other shops in the area.Try one of them but not these clowns.
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Paul DeKalb a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Blur,
ORANGE CYCLE IS GREAT!!!! All I have to say is that you people leaving negative comments need to reevaluate yourselves! I have been riding all my life and my grandfather owned a bike shop for years, so I think I would know how those shops are run.

First off, people are NOT in business to not make money, so if they charge you for labor on something you couldn't do, pay it and be happy it's done and they can stay in business to help you later on!

Second, customer service is just fine. They are all busy and we all need to be patient. Be more assertive if you need help right away and you'll get it. You are not the only one in the shop and if you are, you are not the only one that has business waiting to be done.

Third, people can take breaks, they work hard, and we all work hard and deserve one a couple times a day!

Fourth, I challenge you to go anywhere for a repair or tune up and have a 24-48 hour turn around. Everywhere else is more like 2 weeks! Even during Christmas season, they are quick on the return even though they are out the door with new buyers.

This is the only shop around that carries ALL kinds of bikes to fit everyoneís needs. The mechanics know what they are doing and can get it done much faster than other places. It's been in business for almost 40 years! They must be doing something right and if they lose a few customers, so be it! They will get more.

I strongly suggest going there for MANY reasons. It's nice to go to a family owned shop that knows what they are talking about. And being family owned they take more pride in the business, not like some punk kid making minimum wage just to get toasted.

Don't listen to anyone. Experience it yourself. But trust me when I say that you won't find this kind of selection anywhere else!

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Sherri a 37 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Multiple Schwinn Cruisers, Mountain Bike,

I usually do not take the time but when I saw people throwing this place under the buss I FELT I NEEDED TO SPEAK UP. They have always taken care of me and I have bought numerous bikes from them and being that they are family owned and have seen mom,dad,kids and grandkids all there working away. I have been in there when it has gotten real busy and it is like going to the grocery store and there is no line and 5 minutes latter it is 10 people deep. As a business owner, you sometimes can't control the busy spurts and it is sure nice to do bussiness with a family store. Their prices are very good and they have a great selection and have very good mechanics and 1 day service, try finding that. There is a reason they have been around almost 40 years. I DOUBT IF THEY WERE AS BAD AS THEY SAY IN THESE POSTS THEY WOULD HAVE LASTED THIS LONG. They have donated bikes to my kids school and other local events and organizations and has done boy and girls scout tours for my kids groups. I noticed when I was in there at christmas they have been voted top 100 bike shops in the country and in the top 3 of orange county best bike shops by the Orange County Register. Take what some people write with a grain of salt and check them out yourself I am sure you won't be dissapointed.
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ron ramirez a 42 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a giant,
After reading the reviews of this shop I was hesitant to even go into the store let alone buy anything from them but my experience was so totally different from the other posters I just had to take the time to let others know how helpful both John (Jr) and Al were in helping me and my husband select our bikes. We're new to biking and John in particular was patient and helpful with information. We bought some accessories which were put on the bikes while we waited (no extra fact a couple were at no charge) we didn't feel we were sold 'extras' just so they'd make a buck, in fact John disuaded us from buying stuff he felt we didn't need. We were in the shop twice, the second time four days before Christmas and the store was very busy but at no time in the couple of hours we were there did we see any customer treated with anything but courtesy. I'd recommend this store with no hesitation.
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Kay Davis a ++ year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Cannondale ,
I must agree with the other posts here.These guys are rotten.The owner John Pavlisin is simply dishonest.I had a few dealings with hime and his shop and they don't believe in customer service or even being polite.I guess his dad ran the place for years with a reputation for poor service and prices and when his ethically challenged son took over it went downhill from there.Avoid this place like the plague!!!
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lloyd a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a too many to list,
I just moved to Orange. Went to this place today and the customer service, well it doesn't exist. I was ignored while two guys smoked outside--i understand everyone needs breaks. But the girl inside was fighting with her boyfriend on the phone and ignored 4 sets of customers...all waiting. When the guys returned, one went in the back with 4 of us at the counter, the girl continued to talk to her boyfriend, and the other guy stood there until one of the customers had to get his attention. I took my money elsewhere. I don't know how they stay in business.
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riding a Road bike,
worst customer service ever. They dont even acknowledge you are there unless you complain.Questions are a burden to them. Its a buy or leave attitude!!!!
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Danny cole a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a sc superlight and a epic comp disc,
I live in Orange, and try to spend my money in the community. I have been riding for over a dozen years, but that being said, I have been a shopper for at least 3 times that long. I have been ignored on several occasions, even having the owner help someone behind me after I had waited for over 15 minutes at the counter. I have made the mistake of going there for the last 2 christmases trying to by a bicycle for my daughters, and walked away frustrated. I would suggest you go elsewhere if you are looking for service before or after the sale.
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Felipe a 42 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 2300,
E-mail: - 5/14/04
To Everyone at Orange Cycle,

Are you aware of the fact that your bike shop sucks?! You may have a bunch of bicycles, jerseys, and all the necessary gear, but you have absolutely NO customer service. I moved to Orange three years ago and have since regrettably spent hundreds of dollars at your shop. But after the service that I received today, and after the service that I have repeatedly received over the last three years, I believe that it is time that I finally say something. I just want to let you know that I will never spend another cent at your store. You people should be put out of business. You are an embarrassment to the cycling community and a disgrace to mankind. No one at your shop has a single good bone in their body. You are greedy, money grubbing, no good, cheapskates who know bicycles like a bum knows fine wine. I will say it again, you have no customer service and no one should have to experience the crap that your customers repeatedly go through.
I have years of cycling experience and even more experience dealing with businesses of various sorts. I have been buying things for years and I know a good business, or in this case, a bad one, when I see it. But never before have I dealt with a business as poor as yours. Every time I walk out of your store I wonder how you stay in business with such poor service. Iím not going to bother explaining all the things you do wrong because I think you know what those things are. And besides, that would take me a couple pages to type out and you arenít worth that much of my time. You arenít worth ANY of my time actually. I am writing this letter because I want to save other people the time and misery of having to deal with you people. That is all.
Iím not going to waste any more time on you so I will wrap this up by saying that you either need to hire some new people to run that shop or you need to get out of the business because I donít think you guys are going to last much longer. I am going to personally spread the word about how bad your store is to everyone I know and let them know that both their time and money will be wasted if they dare to even step near your doors. I hope this letter motivates you to improve yourselves. Not to just improve your bank accounts, but your true self. If I have learned anything in life it is that there is more to succeeding than money. I think that you need a lesson in that. That is all. You will not be seeing me again.

Motivated to Shut You Down

No rating

E-mail: - 5/14/04

I've been going to the bike shop since 1978 when I got my first Black Beach Cruiser with yellow "snake bellies" and springer fork. I go to this shop simply because it is close - not because of their service. I hate patronizing a store with such bad service. Old man John is an A$$. I have witnessed him insult others as well as myself on a number of occasions. Here are some examples:

I went in to ask how to remove a kickstand from an old Cruiser. He proceeded to lecture me on the cost of his mechanics and that time spent helping me is money lost.

I brought my wifes bike in to have the air adjusted in her old Rockshock Mag 21's (even with the manual, I couldn't figure out how to do it). The mechanic removed the dust caps (which eluded me) filled each tube with air and looked to John as if to ask - Do we charge for something like this?. "Well $5 is our minimum labor charge" John says. I paid the $5 without saying a word.

Would it kill this guy to do a good deed or random act of kindness? I think the answer is "yes". He is pretentious, rude, insulting, ornery and only cares about the almighty dollar.

I have had some decent help from John Jr. and some young guy with a goatee, but overall the service is horrible.

I noticed that there are only 2 reviews so far for this shop. Considering how long he's been in business you'd expect someone would have something positive to say.. Check out the comments for The PATH in Tustin. They are my "go to" guys.

I do as little of my bike shopping here as possible even though its 2 minutes away. I recommend you do the same
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riding a withheld to protect my anonymous status,

This shop is the ONE AND ONLY in my book...
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Mark Schneider a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Motiv RockPoint,
E-mail: - 2/08/03
No rating
Brian geil a 12 year old
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