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Chicago Bike
300 W Coast Hwy , Newport Beach ,
Orange County

(714) 650-4203


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Tony,the owner is NUTS! I have gone to him for a few years with some success. Other times he returns my bikes with parts I didn't want. After awhile I learned to fix my own bikes. Now he hates me, won't sell me parts, and will spend 30 minutes telling me how guys like me waist his time. Good grief! He could have spent 3 minutes selling me the part and I would be on my way! He loves to brag about himself so beware. If you know nothing about bikes and let him do whatever he wants to yours he will do a good job for you.
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Steve B a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a many types,
Not a bike shop. It's a junk bike closet, period. I used to work at a small pro bike shop in the south bay, and like give the "small" local guys my business. Got the whole lecture how he's the best mechanic west of Paris France, and used to wrench in Europe, blah, blah, BLAH. He wants my "big business", but NOT the nuts and bolts stuff from a "home mechanic". It's degrading to him. Well, he'll never get my business and the only thing of mine he'll ever get is this review.

Please, this is the type of person that gives small business, and especially samll bike shops, a very bad reputation. I whole-heartedly agree with the previous review, He's the best mechanic only in his own eyes.

Please do not give business to this person.
He doesn't deserve a rating.
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murf a 52 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Litespeed Siena,

I recently went into Chicago bikes, and Tony (the main person there) has given me a 40 minute story, about absolutely nothing, when I needed a part for a friends bike, otherwise he wouldnt have been able to get home. Tony smelt like he had been drinking, heavily. The whole time he could have said he didnt have the part too.
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Rick a 16 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a gt,
Went in just to say hi and talk shop. Guy is the worlds best mechanic in his own eyes!! Not helpful. Expensive. Does not like people who already know about bikes. Don't recommend unless you don't care about
what your charged
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bob a 39 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a prewar everything,
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