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Rock N-road Cyclery
27855 Santa Margarita Pky , Mission Viejo
(714) 859-5076


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regarding will VVVVVVVVVVV

have u ever considered that it got damaged in shipping, the shipping company probably roughed the box around as they do with all boxes caring less whats in them, or the bike shop who packed it up for u packed it incorrectly DUMB SHIT!!! go fucking ride ur little sj comp and stop bitching when its not even their fault, little pre-moddana douche. its people like u thet give the cyclists a bad name out on the road,
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Matt, Charry, Tracy, Parker, and all the rest of the guy's and gal's that work at Rock-n-Road in Mission Viejo are great people. I've bought 4 bikes and have had a few friends who have bought bikes there and not ONCE have I had a problem! Charry and Tracy were great with hooking me up with my new Niner. Tracy if you read this I'll be in for that replacement Co2 cartride I gave you in Whiting Ranch. People who complain about being upsaled on bikes and part's get use to it, it's called sales and any good salesmen will do this, it's part of their job. Just say no and buy what you want no feelings will be hurt. Anyway keep up the great work, You will have my business until I can't pedal anymore. (Mountain Bike Mafia)
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Big John a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a 29
I do not recommend this shop--their service department is the worst. I recently moved to the area, and had Rock-n-Road assemble my road bike from a shipping box. They broke my front derailleur, blamed their mistake on the equipment, and refused to replace the equipment without charge. Okay, now I'm out $100 to replace a perfectly good Campy Record front derailleur. Chary in the service department acted like he was doing me a favor to install the replacement derailleur for free. But the techs incorrectly installed the replacement derailleur. I had another shop correct the mistake, and I'm never going back to Rock-n-Road. Rock-n-Road may sell a lot of bikes, but I do not trust their technicians, and I do not recommend this shop.

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Will Schwartz a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized Stumpjumper Comp,

Wow! These guys are great. I bought my bike here last year, dont go in much, and there was a issue with some ghost shifting during my ride. I was in and out with some minor adjustments in 5 minutes. They really stopped thru my bike on the stand, fixxed the problem and I was on my way.
Thanx Chary & Manny & Charles at Rock & Road!
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ZULU a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Spec. S-Works Epic,
These guys (Manny in particular) were great. They were inundated with customers and still found the time to spend over 2 hours with my wife and I going through every single detail. If you're looking for kit in this area they are definitely the first to check out (I tried the others - Performance, etc. - no comparison, *at all*).
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KW a 35 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Enduro A1,
Rock N'Road and the guys (Stuart, Derek, Chary)are the greatest bunch of guys I have had the pleasure of dealing with in any bike shop ever! And trust me I have been to everyone is South County! The best service, selection, and prices! The personal touch is great! Thanks!!!
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P. Kavanaugh a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized SJ FSR Expert, 5.2 Madone,
Nice local shop with good variety BUT, really crappy owners. Arrogant when it comes to matching other stores prices. You figure that they would be thankful that you want to give them your business, instead they question whether you are telling them the truth...?! The rest of the crew are nice but the owners suck - it's too bad.
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a Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized S-Works,
I had dealt with this shop and the owner, Stu, a couple of times before with some minor purchases. I figured that with Stu being the owner, he would give me an unbeatable deal and I would not have to worry about finding a bike shop that could even compare to his prices. With this in mind, I drove ALL the way from Temple City (near Pasadena) after work to Rock-N-Road in Mission Viejo to get my bike repaired after a nasty crash. I purchased a new front wheel (Shimano LX/ Mavic X 517 Disc; $200) and had the rear wheel (Shimano LX/Mavic X 517 Disc; $229) on order.

Like any other curious customer, I checked out a few other stores just to make sure Stu was staying true to, what I thought, was the best price in town. I discovered a set of Shimano XT/Mavic 717 Disc at JensonUSA for $199. When I called Stu to see if he would work with me on returning the current wheel I had purchased and then get the same deal on the Mavic 717 wheel set through him, he did not. Instead he belittled me by saying that I should not be “shopping around on [him]” and at the end of his heartless verbal attack he told me that I was “a waist of [his] time.” After hearing this from the OWNER’s mouth I was very appalled and shocked to have been treated so poorly and disrespectfully from a person who is supposed to be setting the standards for his store. If the owner treated me, a paying customer, this way I can only imagine how he treats other customers. I will never deal with Rock-N-Road Cyclery ever again!!!

If anyone decides to go into this shop, talk to anyone else BUT Stu! If you want excellent service, plan on spending some serious money. Also, if you do decide to buy from Rock-N-Road, do NOT bother trying to get the owner, Stu, to price match with other bike shops.

Instead of buying my new Enduro Pro from Rock-N-Road I took my business else were (Incycle in San Dimas) and received a better deal and superb customer service.

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Justin D. a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized 04 Enduro Pro,

I was very impressed with the service, knowledge, and prices at RnR. I did a lot of research before making my purchase. Their reviews were better than others and prices were comparable or less than the closest competitor (SuperGo). I bought a Specialized Hardrock Pro. I made multiple visits to the shop to ask questions before deciding on the model. Through my on-line research I was planning on the no frills Sport model but when it came time for purchase, they gave me an excellent deal on the Pro. I took it out in the dirt the next day expecting to make adjustments, but everything was in tune. They did an excellent job. I highly recommend RnR.
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Chris Montoya a 34 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Hardrock Pro,
Matt, Stu and the rest of the RNR Team are always friendly, professional and helpful. When researching to purchase the "right" road bike for my needs, the information they provided to educate me on sizing, material and components played an important part in my final decision. The service I've received at RNR has always been stellar. I have since purchased a Trek 1000 for my daughter and am looking to purchase a mtn bike soon. It's great having a LBS that is commited to customer satisfaction. I also realize all businesses no matter how good experience bad days.

Thanks guys!

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Laura a 47 year old Racer, riding a Sweet Trek 5200 - Black Beauty!,
E-mail: - 10/03/02

Matt, Stu and the rest of the RNR Team are always friendly, professional and helpful. When researching to purchase the "right" road bike for my needs, the information they provided to educate me on sizing, material and components played an important part in my final decision. The service I've received at RNR has always been stellar. I have since purchased a Trek 1000 for my daughter and am looking to purchase a mtn bike soon. It's great having a LBS that is commited to customer satisfaction. It's also good to realize all businesses no matter how good experience bad days.

Thanks guys!
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Laura a 47 year old Racer, riding a Sweet Trek 5200 - Black Beauty!,
E-mail: - 10/03/02

I've outgrown my Trek 4500 small man's frame bike. R n' R rents out bikes so you can check out new different bikes before you buy. My old bike shop did not do this.
I will be trying out a full suspension Sugar 3+ Genesister this weekend.

Service was non-existent when we first got there and the shop had other people in it, no one even said Hi, I’ll be with you in a minute. But when my husband and I were the only two left on the shop floor we got first class service. We took full advantage of it to ask a ton of questions and the staff seemed very knowledgeable. We are used to this service from our old bike shop in Fountain Valley, so we go over it.
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Jen a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 4500 small man's frame,

Just to comment on the message from D 7-19-01. The old crew is what made Rock N' Road. Where's Glenn, Cameron and Bernie. Those guys kick ass baby. Good luck to Matt and Stu though, those guys are really cool also....

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J a Cross-Country Rider, riding a Trek Fuel,

I've brought my business to Matt & Stew for several years --purchasing items and having my bikes serviced there. Recently, I switched teams and got "shop" sponsorship somewhere else. My TREK required warranty work and Matt was very professional about the whole thing even though he knew I'd switched shops.
I highly recommend them for all of your bike needs.
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Jon Bianco a 39 year old Racer, riding a Trek 5500, Dean MTB,
Honestly, don't wine. The guys do there best with what they are provided. I've had good and bad experiences. I've stopped by with broken spokes for a quick replacement and a trueing. They didn't have time so they gave me the spokes for free and I did it my self. To me that's good customer service. It is true, if they know you and you have proven that you are a repeat client, you get a little better service. What's wrong with that.
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Randy a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Schwinn homegrown FS & Specialized Comp hardtail,
My wife and I have been doing business with R 'n R for over 3 years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Great service, knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices. I've sent several friends and none have ever left unsatisfied.
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Dan a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Stumpjumer Pro & Trek 5200 ,
Went looking for my wife's bike there. They tried to put her (5'6") in a 19" frame! They only had one bike to show her. Then they pulled some classic sales tricks to try to get an exta $100 bucks out of us. And this was all from one of the "owners".
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John a 26 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Schwinn Mesa GSX,
Matt , Stuart and all the rest are friendly , knowlegeable and courteous. They carry a decent line of equipment and when I had a problem with my m4 specialized road frame they went to bat for me even though I had bought it at another shop. They have regular road rides on sunday and unlike other hard core organized rides, the shop owners, employees and other riders in this group do not all think they are the next lance armstrongs. Sure you can probably get lower prices at the "bigger" shops but who wants to drive to Huntington Beach .At the end of the day it is all about relationships and this shop is willing to develop long term relationships with its customers but it takes two to build relationships and I would venture to say that those who are belittleling these guys have not done their part .
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glenn pohl a 51 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a specialized festina m4 road,
I started going to this shop before it even opened. I think I may have been their first customer. They opened up not even a block away from my house. The shop was a great place back then. Matt was the head honcho and the original crew, Bos Glen Scott Cameron and Bernie, were the best damn guys around. They, except for Matt of course, have all moved on to bigger and better things now and have left the shop a cold, gloomy, money sucking tomb from which your wallet cannot escape. Their selection is pretty good, I have to say. Technical experience? Great. I dont know if I could bring myself to buy a bike or any major parts from them, but they're the shop ill hit up if i need a tube or magazine or something minor like that. I can't say that they're not doing all that well though, with the opening of the new store less than a few days away. Anyway, good luck with the new store. I hope this one has a larger selection of downhill and freeride bikes and components.
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D a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Santa Cruz Bullit,
My favorite bke shop closed so after much hesitation, I decided to give these guys a try after 3 known bad experiances with me and other friends. I went there for a simple tune up because the pivots of my fs bike were starting to creak. I also decided that my chain should be replace, since it had been 4 months and I was just to lazy to do it my self. The guy helping said that i should also replace my cassette as there policy. I told them that was rediculous and that was a bunch of bull ( of course he stuck to his guns). This place just plain sucks and the guys there are a bunch of rip offs who think no one knows anything about bikes. I really hate these guys.
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mauka rider a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Schwinn 4Banger,
These guys are great, I've been doing business with them for 3 yrs and have recommended them to several friends and neighbors. They're very helpful and a have very good service dept.......
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Tom a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
E-mail: - 5/29/101
True, this is a very busy shop, that's because they are helping there customers. They will bend over backwards to help you out. They matched the sale price at Supergo & Jax (who don't give you lifetime service). I also bought my wife a new Trek 6500, which is collecting dust in the garage. Thanks for all the help!!!
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Ken Young a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized FSR Extreme,
E-mail: - 4/11/101
The mixed reviews here are well deserved. If you get to know the guys, they're terrific. But if they're busy with people they already know, it can be tough getting attention. Once you're "in" you'll be happy here. If you show up when they're not busy, you'll like the attention. The staff rides and knows their stuff. Sometimes they get a bit arrogant, particularly when the boss isn't around.
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a Cross-Country Rider,
As one of the previous reviewers noted, this store is busy and you may have to wait to get serviced. However, like any good restaurant, certain stores are busier than others for a reason. And, in this case, the reason is that they are very good at what they do.

I am one of those buyers who needs to know ask a ton of questions about something before I make a $1,500+ investment. One of the things that I truly appreciated about Rock n' Road Cyclery is how much time they took in comparing the different bicycles and in educating me about my purchase. No joke, it took more time for me to complete the purchase of my new mountain bike than it did for me to buy my last car. They paid exacting attention to my needs, set the bike up perfectly, and not once did I feel rushed so that they could get on to other customers.

By the way, the tuners at Rn'R are outstanding and free lifetime tune-ups are worth their weight in gold if you're going to be out pounding the trails.

I found all of the employees to be very well informed, avid riders, and willing to do what it takes to keep me satisfied as a customer. In particular, Travis was extremely helpful and very patient with me throughout.

Would I wait for this kind of customer service again? Absolutely!
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Chris McLaughlin a 31 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Enduro Comp,
E-mail: - 6/05/100

I went to this shop to show a friend some price comparisons. My friend ended up buying two (one for him & his wife). The sales person was very honest and took the time to explain to my friend exactly what he had in the store (in his price range) and what he should be looking for as far as componants and names of parts. I was so empressed by the service my friend recieved that I broke down and upgraded the brakes on my own bike that I have put off for a year because I couldnt find a shop that I was comfortable in. Now I have a local shop just around the corner to support. Since then I have sent three other friends to this store who also shared in my satisfaction of the service and employee's there. Keep up the good work.Thanks
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Joe Kul a 31 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Pro-flex 856,
E-mail: - 4/11/100
I hate to disagree with some of the reviews, but this store is one of worst ones I have ever been. The customer service is horrible. I haven't had an opportunity to experience the technical knowledge of the staff because they are too busy all the time with customers they though will spend a bunch of money. The true is that I went to another store, Jax Bikes to be specific, and got a better service and better price, and of course I spent all my money in Jax.
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Carlos Rivera a 27 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 7000,
The gang in this shop seems to be really cool. Everytime I have been in this shop, the staff has been able to help me out or answer my questions without hesitation.
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Jeff Bruck a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Mountain Goat Whiskey Town Racer, from Mission Viejo
E-mail: - 4/23/99
I would think after spending over $3000 there is a two year period. they would at least remember my name.
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Matt Bonner a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Cannondale, from Rancho Santa Margatita
E-mail: - 2/25/99
Friendly shop. Lifetime tune ups. Great prices. Decent product line.

Worth a look!
No rating
David Studenick a 38 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Still looking,

This has to be the best shop that I have been in since moving to California over two years ago. The staff has proven to be reliable and knowledgable. They do not seem to have a high turn over rate, frequently I talk to the same people there. Making it possible to develop a relationship with the shop. I went there several times, as well as several other shops in the area before deciding to purchase bikes for all 4 of my kids. For me that was a lot of money and I had to be happy with the shop and the support that I expected to receive. This is the only shop I go to anymore and I will continue to purchase my parts here in the future.
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Rick Turner a 33 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a 97 GT LTS-1, from Mission Viejo
E-mail: - 2/09/99
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