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Bike Tech
23882 Aliso Creek Rd , Laguna Niguel , 92677
Orange County

(949) 362-9171


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Jeff knew his bikes and took the time to fix me up with what I needed. Where has he gone?
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Captain Brock a 45 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Steel Hardtail,
The new owner is cool. The old owner was a dork. Mike who runs the laguna niguel shop is good and he always gives a discount, even though I never ask for one. I think the competition is taking away alot of business, but I try and buy all my stuff there.

Thanks Mike!
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a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a FSR,

Bike Tech (both shops Dana Point and Laguna) have been sold. The new owners will be selling beach cruisers at the Dana Point shop (due to the area). No word on Jeff etc..
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boboso a Weekend Warrior,
Jeff is an insecure ass.
However, his wife Shiela, and his staff are
Reuben at the Dana Point store is
unbelievably real, helpful,
knowledgeable...awesome. I recommend you
make the trip to his store.

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rob a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
best bike store ever!!!!
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alex a 13 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Schwinn homegrown limited,
Wow. I'm really surprised at the positive reviews. I've gone to this shop three different times, and each time the main person I dealt with (crazy, curly hair, goatee, glasses) has been condescending, bordering on rude. Knowledgeable, but seems more concerned with showing that he's the expert. The first time, he critiqued my bike's setup without even knowing me or my riding style. "Why do you want your levers like that? Blah blah." Went back again, even worse. Went so far as to put my bike on a scale because he "heard they were light", then said "Wow, I'm surprised. 26 pounds. We've got Specialized that are 24 pounds on the showroom floor." Well, it's a dual suspension with an X-Vert Air on it, along with Time ATAC pedals. I probably wouldn't have chosen those parts if weight was that critical. Replacing those gets me into the 24 pound range, if that mattered to me. And I like my bike. He's a prick and I won't go back and won't refer anyone else.

If he's not a rude jackass, he's very clueless about people skills. Maybe both.
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Billy Joel a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Superlight (not according to him, though),

Jeff has bailed me out every time I get in over my head with servicing one of my three custom steel hardtails. He recently installed a very sweet chromoly rigid fork (color black!) in my camo '97 Team Marin, replacing the clumsy Manitou FS shock. The result is suberb.
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Captain James Brock a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a 97 Team Marin,
I coulda sworn I saw Jeff in Aliso Woods riding a GT last weekend. Hehehe... I'm not joking. But I did buy my FSR Enduro Sport there and have been very happy with the service and knowledgable staff.
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Moe a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized Enduro Sport,
Truly the best mtb shop in Orange County. They rent models of what they sell - the best way to decide which suspension is right for you before plunking down thousands of dollors(I thought I wanted an Enduro model or an Intense, but after I rented the Enduro and the XC model, my mind was made up for the XC). Everyone in the store actually rides and knows what they're talking about, I have never been disappointed with any recomendation they have made about products(and they have recommended things they do not carry)or advice on riding. The shop's service is wonderful, professional, competant and honest, but often very busy. If it sounds like I'm hooked, I am and have been a customer for over two years now after BikeTech fixed problems with my old hardtail that another shop had said were "normal". While Supergo may have a price a few dollors cheaper initially on a new bike, Jeff allowed me to make many personal substitions(seat, pedals, tires)at reasonable cost. Long after the sale, Jeff and Mike worked with me to get the suspension tuned just right. The full year of real tune-ups with a bike purchase is just icing on the cake.
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Brian a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized FSR XC Pro,
Jeff knows his stuff, however he rep's Specialized products. His view is that Specialized makes the best bike on the market! Is this true? I don't know the answer... Is there such a thing as an objective sales person?
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JJ a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Old Hardtail,
This shop positively rules! They know their stuff like the big boys don't, and like the guy above said, the vibe coming from this packed-to-the-gills shop is p h a t, as in tire! I'll be a customer for life!
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Chris a Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a a new FSR Enduro from Bike Tech!,
I was looking for a GT Dyno VFR 24 and was calling around for prices. In talking to Jeff, and explaining what type of riding I wanted to do, he told me that I would break the bike (being 6'2" 225lbs) and showed me some other options. The other guys just wanted to sell me a bike. So I drove to his store to see what he recommended. He let me ride some bikes there, including one of his personal bikes. Now I know what I am looking for. Can't afford it, but now know about the Specialized P3. Thanks for all the help Jeff!!
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Ken Irik a 30 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT Richtor 8.0,
E-mail: - 10/02/100
Bike Tech is cool. The people at Bike Tech are cool (Will & Jeff.) They actually ride. Go to Bike Tech! Viva la Bike Tech!!!!!
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a 15 year old Racer, riding a coolest bike in the world- An FSR., from Laguna Niguel
E-mail: - 5/06/99
I have always had a great vibe from this shop. After working in shops for many years, it's easy to tell which shops are run by clueless shmoes just looking to make a buck. Bike Tech is not one of these. The owners are straight shooters who can back up their bike knowledge with actual time in the saddle instead of time sitting behind a desk.
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Jeff a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer, from Mission Viejo
E-mail: - 4/24/99
My wife and I just purchased bikes at Bike Tech and we were very pleased with the knowledgable and helpfull staff
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J Faivre a 48 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Hard Rock, from Laguna Niguel
E-mail: - 1/08/99
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