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Laguna Beach Cyclery
240 Thalia St , Laguna Beach , 92651
Orange County

(949) 494-1522


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his place is on my way to work, so it would be great to just drop
in and grab a tube, some bolts, maybe a rotor. But no. The first
time I went in the manager (I assumed) was busy on his
computer and couldn't take a second to help me out with a tool,
some bolts, or some input on a new bike setup. He said: "We
don't have it, we can order it" or "I'd have to see what you're
trying to do." The first I can understand (even though the
tools/parts were pretty basic stuff) but the second made me feel
like an idiot. So he's telling me that he can't take the time to
understand what I'm trying to do? Is it because I'm not there to
buy an overpriced bike? Is it because I'm not Brian Lopes?!? The
second time I went in one of the younger guys (owners son?)
tried to help me find a rotor, but passed me off to a friendly guy
with dreds. He found the rotor, two options actually, but they
were insanely expensive (it is laguna beach, after all). After two
less than exciting experiences I have to say that there is no going
back. I almost dropped them after the first visit, but I had to try
again. It seems that the Manager (again, just what I assumed) is
more concerned with efficiency than customer service. Efficiency
makes you look good to the boss, but good customer service
creates customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is what EVERY
business strives for. Or should strive for. At least the music was
good. In the future, I think that I'll have to go down a different
Path :-)
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JM a 30 year old Downhiller, riding a Intense SS 2,
I thought this store was pretty unreliable. As I was shopping around for a bike, every time I made a visit and asked them questions, their story changed as to what bike I should get. It always seemed like their opinion was "tailored" to suit my wishes, to sound good so that I would be lured into making a purchase, whether it was a good choice or not. Some of the info I got from them, later I found out were just flat wrong. I bought my first mountain and road bike from them used, and I think they sold it to me for what they claimed as a discount, because it had several cracks in the frame. This was back when I didn't know anything about bikes. I feel as if they took advantage of a customer that is unfamiliar with bikes. I won't go to this store any more.
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a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Yeti ASX, Specialized Stumpy, Wilier Triestina,
These guys are great! The owner, Patrick, took great care of me and set me up with a great bike. They definately know the business and provide great customer service! Most of the other shops I visited (which will remain nameless to protect the guilty) had really sh*tty service. It was really unbelievable how bad some shops were! Anyways, thanks Patrick and team and I look forward to joining in on the group rides.
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Tyler a 28 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a '99 Gary Fisher F-3 Stock for now..., from Costa Mesa
E-mail: - 6/02/99
Way cool staff. These guys have been in the biz for a long time and know what's up. These guys are also a great source for local trail info.
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Jeff a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Mountain Goat Whiskeytown racer, from Mission Viejo
E-mail: - 4/24/99
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