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Jax Bicycle Center
14280 Culver Dr , Irvine
(714) 733-1212


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It sounds like youre just too freakin cheap frank. People make mistakes. I'm sure theyre better off without you. This is a great shop, and there was obviouslly some mis-communication going on. Stop being so harsh.
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josh a 39 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek remedy 66,
Background: I have many high end bikes and purchased a 2006
Treak Madonne SLX last year (not from the Irvine store).
Anyway, I went to the Irvine location for a front brake for a fixed
gear road bike I am building and a lever. I explained to the guys
helping me out that I did not want to pay much since I was just
building up a beater. I was given a very low end brake that the
guy said was a mismatch that was left over in the back and that I
would not be charged more than 20-25 bucks. He asked if I
needed some cable and gave me the left over piece that he was
going to scrap. When I walked to the front counter the
Australian guy tried charging me 75 bucks for everything. He
tried charging me 40 for the front brake and 7 bucks for the
cable that was going to be thrown away, plus the lever. The
point is that I told him what they guy in the back told me and he
said that the low end Cane Creek brake was top of the line - this
was BS - I buy zero gravity brakes and ride Record and Dura Ace
- he was not fooling me. I told him he could keep the caliper. I
then told him the cable was given to me for free. He laughed
and said that there was no way they are giving me something for
free and that the guy was mistaken. The cable was
approximately 14 inches and not long enough to use for
anything more than a front brake. Needless to say - the guy
basically called me a liar. I spend at least 8 to 10 thousand
dollars/year on bikes and JAX will get none of it.
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Frank Manzano a 31 year old Racer, riding a Too many to list,
I went with my friend who bought a bike. He noticed that there was a deep scratch/chip on the stem. This is when we were still in the store. He told a worker about this. The worker took the bike to the back away from the customer area to supposedly fix this. Upon later inspection when we left Jax, the scratched was just covered up with black ink as if from a marker. Deception is not going to get your customers to come back.
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Frank a 25 year old
I've lived in Irvine about 10 years, and my experiences with Jax have always been not very good. Here's one more that happened recently: went in and they had a rack of Trek cyclometers with a sign "Trek Incite 8i on sale" and the price about half list. But when I brought one to the cashier, he said, no, it was the WIRED not the WIRELESS 8i for sale. This is news to me, as I'd a hunch Trek used separate model numbers for wired and wireless. Went home, called around, checked Trek's website, and I was right. The 8i only comes in wireless. Called the manager, and he said, oh well, the guy made a mistake. No doubt. But why don't you train your salesmen not to just make stuff up when they don't know what's what? Why not train them to ask a manager instead of bullshit the customer? The manager seemed to feel like it was just one of those things, no problem of his. No effort to give me a reason to come back to the bike shop. Well, in this age of Internet sales, who needs to?

I recommend Sand Canyon cyclery, very honest folks who want to make it right for you, or Two Wheels One Planet in Costa Mesa, also very customer-oriented people. Or even REI in Santa Ana. Jax may know bikes, but they know don't know jack, so to speak, about customer service that brings the customer back.
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Irvine bike rider a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Fuji,

I had a loose pedal arm?
I asked a stranger bike rider if they had a tool that I could use, like pliers.
After looking at my pedal, he said no he had not.
alls he had was a lot of allen wrenchs.
But he recommended a bike shop and I think it was Jax... but it was to far to walk it there.
Moral: Get a decent LBS bike even if yo gonna tool around.
eye de os Mi Amigos
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Paul Carbano a 51 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Huffy but have upgraded ,
E-mail: - 6/01/04
I can't say enough about how great the service, the products, and the guys are at JAX. When I came to look at bikes late one night, they stayed open late to build the bike I wanted, when I promptly destroyed it in the next two days, they helped me replace it as quickly as possible. Every time we ask JAX for anything, they are right there with solutions, assistance, and great prices. They've got a customer for life.
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CLG a 33 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Colnago Dream w/carbon B-stays,
ya brent bro... i was at this store 1/24/04 and you guys are the S&*!t. for $100 i got 2 new brake sets, a drivetrain cleaning, 1 new derailer, 2 derailer adjustments, grips, and 1 new cable. Thats a good price considering how much all of you lames that badmouth JAX pay elsewhere. JAX has my support. 949 310 6565
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DONT BADMOUTH JAX BIKE SHOP a 20 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Motiv stonegrinder (hopped up a little),
E-mail: - 1/26/04
These reviews are so old it is a little sad. My name is Brent and i am the service manager at this location. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I would like to invite you to come see me and decide for yourself what you think of our store. We have so many happy clients this past year that is sad to read such old reviews. We look forward to seeing you...Brent and crew at jax Irvine
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Brent V
I have had two terrible experiences with the Irvine shop. First, I had ordered parts to have installed on my road bike and it took 4 WEEKS before the parts arrived and were installed. Not to mention the fact that I had to call them to find out if my bike was ready for pick up. I ordered Shimano Ultegra brake levers, a Shimano headset, an ITM quil stem, and Cinelli bar tape. I, like many of you, gave this shop another chance.
Second, I ordered two plain yellow "tall" water bottles two and a half weeks ago and I still do not have them. The excuse that I have recieved from this shop on both occasions is that their supplier is in the midwest. I have family in the midwest and it only takes about four days for them to recieve a package from me. In short, I'm not buying their excuse.
I will order the bottles from another local shop and I will never step foot in another one of their shops. I think it's too bad because I live in Irvine and I would have enjoyed the convenience but a new make over does not change the fact that their service sucks!
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L. Roberson a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Cannodale (Road Bike)/Trek (Mountain Bike),
I had 2 bad experiences wiht this shop. The first time I called ahead and asked if they had the Yakima rim roc rack in stock. They said yes, so I drove there to find that they did not have it in stock. They told me that they could get one from the Yorba store in a day and I said okay. Needless to say, it never showed in a week and I bought it at Supergo. Like many others, I swore to never go back, but becasue of their proximity, I called them again when I needed to get my Spinergy Xaero wheel trued. It requires a special tool. I called ahead to see if they had the tool to true the wheel, they said yes. I brought my wheel there and to my dismay, they said that they did not ahve the tool, but a truck from another store was coming the next day and they would bring down the tool. Again, I said okay. I showed up the following day only to see that the tool did not arrive. Not only did I waste my time, TWICE!!!!! But it took them nearly 20 minutes just to find my wheel. Unless your going there to buy an innertube, I would stay away.
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Jeff a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized s-Works,
After swearing I'd never set foot in this store again because of the manager Rod(too long of a story to tell here), I was in the area and needed 2 cable ends. I was surprised to see the shop redone and glad to see Rod gone. Everything was fine until a man named Dave who also let it be know that he was the owner shook my hand and basicly told me I'd talked with the mechanic long enough. Sorry Dave for training your employees about how to install $100 carbon handlebars without trashing them(which he had already done to one side). This shop is digging their own grave.
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Tom Copi a 31 year old riding a Tomac 78special w/carbon bars,
This place is the Kmart of bike shops, with a bunch of pushy usedcar salesmen working there. The knowledgeable employees they had are ALL gone. I was hassled by the owner, until i left the store never to return. They are a very unperfesional store.
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rusty johnston a 26 year old
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UNMENTIONABLE a 18 year old riding a ALL OF THE ABOVE,
E-mail: SBNOSERIDR@AOL.COM - 11/17/01
Be careful ordering from this shop. Two times I have special ordered components and put down a required deposit, only to have the order never show up, no calls from the shop to update me on the order status, and a hassle from the staff when I wanted my deposit back.

From reading other posts on this site, it seems that I'm not the only one having these types of problems.
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a Cross-Country Rider,

Don't waste your time shopping here. Their wrenches could care less about ordering your parts to fix your bike (I was down for 18 days before I went out and bought the part they were "searching for" and had them fix the bike. If I can find it that easily then they weren't trying too hard. Oh yeah, but it is "on the way" or so they said.....even after the second week of waiting.), the prices are high and the service blows. I have had poor experiences at both this and the Yorba Linda locations. My money goes to the Path in Tustin.

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E-mail: - 9/19/01

I had a great experience @ Jax. I bought my bike there 2 years ago. I brought my bike in because my front deraileur was out of adjustment. The first guy I spoke to (I forgot his name), grabbed my bike, put it on the stand, made the necessary adjustments and sent me on my way. I was out of there in about 10 minutes and my bike is working great. I was very impressed with their customer service and have no complaints.
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Chris Saalberg a 36 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized FSR Comp,
My Summary: The machanics are layed back jerks who don't mind friendly chatting, but don't give a @#$ if your bike falls apart a few months after they "tune it up"

For Details :
I have a lot of experience with this shop since I live right down the street. Every one there is nice and friendly, but I have received terrible service on most occasions. I waited weeks and weeks for them to order a tire for me only to find that it didn't fit my bike. hello?? someone should have had enough experience to know what tire goes with what bike. I put my bike in for a $70 tune-up and things have started falling apart ever since and it's only been months. I know it sounds strange to say things have been falling off my bike but it is true. so i tried to fix the bike myself because I don't trust their mechanics anymore only to have them sell me the wrong parts. Just TODAY, I went in to by a bottom bracket because my axle ripped off. I don't know why it ripped off but I read that the most common reason is that the crank arm isn't on tight enough. Well the jerks over at jax would be the last people who messed around down there. I'm not even going to talk about when my back derailer gears fell off while I was riding. So anyway I go to buy a new bottom bracket and in order to take out the old one and install the new one I had to buy tools from them. So I get home and after all the work of installing this thing I realize it might be too big! So I have to take it out and compare it to my old one. YES, it was too big. So I'm left with my bike laying in pieces now and I have to take the bleeping part back tomorro and HOPE they don't give me crap about it and HOPE I get the right size this time and HOPE nothing else falls off my bike.

Bottom line : All the friendliness in the world doesn't make up for the intense frusteration and many, many trips I have had to make back and forth from the shop trying to get my bike to just RIDE.
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Hopeless Enthusiast a 18 year old

I spent $1000+ in the Irvine store and was helped by Jason. Service at point of sale was good and after sale the same. I would buy another bike from them.
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Grantboy a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider,
very, very expansive. very high cost prices
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unknown a 15 year old Cross-Country Rider,
My only complaint about this place is that they carry too much low end stuff. It's your basic family bicycle shop. They seem to never have what I need (like tubes with extended presta valves for my aero wheels, power gels, and decent sports drinks). They carry a very limited selection of road bikes, and tons of low end mountain bikes.

I hear the HB store is much better stocked.

If you are a casual cyclist, this place will do just fine. If you're a serious athlete, stick with Colorado Cyclist or the Bike Source for extreme MTB parts.
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LandShark Racer a 27 year old Racer, riding a LandShark,

Last August I bought my GT LTS 2000 at this shop,My bank decided to give me a hard time authorizing the use of my own damn money (Suprise huh) and these guys were nothing but patience and understanding, the guy who sold me the bike was extremely helpful ( he was a young kid, I think his name was Joe)and really knew his shi.... I mean stuff! This shop was great, however the LongBeach store is like a whole different company, you guys need to learn to "HELP" customers, especially when they are planning on spending a 1000 + bucks!!!!!
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Patch a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT Lts 2000, from La Palma
E-mail: - 4/20/99
I have have the best experience at Jax. Everyone was most helpful. Eric, and everyone else seemed to realy know there stuff.
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Matt Bonner a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Cannondale, from Rancho Santa Margarita
E-mail: - 2/25/99
I spent 20 minutes in this shop playing "switch" while 3 people who showed up after me got waited on first! I refuse to do business with any shop that ignores customers.

Not recommended
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David Studenick a 38 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Still Looking,

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