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Jax Bicycle Center
401 Main St , Huntington Beach
(714) 969-8075


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all Jax Bicycles suck!!!! I used to ride for them as a teenager, and even us team riders got ripped off...They gave us lousy discounts and treated us like just another customer....customer service is great....but you spend rediculous amounts of money on average bikes and bike parts...and they charge you for every single thing they do. Put a seat on for 10 bucks, put baskets on for 10, change your inner tube for like 15.....its rediculous....if your in or near Huntington Beach...goto Main Street and hit up EASY RIDER...that place is AWESOME
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Ryan S a 23 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Easy Rider Cruiser,
I tried to buy new bike seats from Jax while visiting from AZ, they would not put the seat on for us without charging $10.00 per seat, plus $10.00 to put on the basket I did buy from them. We were willing to spend well over $150.00 on products for our bikes, and were even looking at a new bike to purchase. Too much money to put on 2 seats and a basket so we went across the street to Easy Rider Bikes. We purchased all our bike products there, they put the seats on for free (took 5 minutes of their time) plus the put on the basket we bought at Jax's. Great service across the street for all you riders that live in California. Jax Bicycle Center has poor customer service plus is very overpriced. By the way the bike seats at Easyrider were $10.00 cheaper each at Easy Rider. So thanks Jax Bikes for being rude, you saved us $50.00 just in seats and basket install.
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Cindy Cunningham a 49 year old Weekend Warrior,
Jax has been OK by me, I only buy parts and what they didn't have they got. From his little place on Spring St. in the mid 70's to the shop on Main in HB.

Former Jax Bicycle Club member, Velo Lighning still sucks! (BLOWING A BIG RASPBERRY) :)
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Richard a 49 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Davidson Impulse, Gitane Track,

Jax HB has come a long way. It fell into the beach cruiser trap over the last couple of years, but looks like it's regaining it's focus. They have an awesome selection of bikes, road, mountain, etc. If you miss the old Jax, it's back with a new management team, new sales crew and a new look.
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Dennis Harrow a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Santa Cruz Bullit,
Every positive review for this shop was posted by an employee of the shop. I know this for a fact.
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I know your game a 100 year old Racer,
I went in last week and was told the general manager Nicole no longer works there. It's too bad, there loss. She gave me the best retail service I have ever had in my shopping experience. I was a dedicated repeat customer there because of her, and so were friends and family. I hope they can give the same genuine kindness with the sales now.
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Jake a 29 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 5900,
I had the best experience at this shop. The sales people are all friendly and helpful. I was impressed with the fit system they have called Body Scan. I was given a custom fit for free! I can't wait to tell everyone about this. I have never received superior service anywhere else. In fact, I walked out of 3 shops prior to visiting the Huntington Beach Jax. And one of those was anothe Jax location.
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Suzanne a Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 1000 WSD,
This shop has people who are dedicated to certain types of riding. They have road bike experts and mountain bike experts who can answer any questions. I prefer to deal with other enthusiasts instead of sales people with general knowledge. I have never heard of a feasible question that was unable to be answered with all the friendly people they have working there. Maybe you should think back to see if you asked a question that makes sense???? This shop deserves far more credit than you have given.
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Alan a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Trek 5500,
This place is a JOKE! No one there could answer my road bike questions. I almost laughed at some of the answers given. Even the manager told me that she couldn't help and that I should return on a day when a certain guy was working. So much for shopping locally.
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Bill D. a 56 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Trek Madone (not from Jax),
I agree that this shop is great. I have been given nothing but the best friendly service around. I bought 2 bikes there for my kids, and am going to buy one for myself because of the great service. The manager Nicole was very knowledgable and personable, and great with my kids. I will send all my friends to see her for future bike shop purchases.
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Ed a 34 year old
I have received nothing but great service from this bike shop. Very few people out there will take one incident way too far in a negative way to try and feel redeemed. This shop has changed so much for the better this year. The new management is amazing and the staff is much better now too. I will continue to visit and buy from this shop, as will many friends and family. I encourage others to experience it themselves, not take a negative review to heart.
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Tom a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Trek Fuel 98,
RE:JAX Bicycle Center
401 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 969-8075

On 6/27/04 I dropped off a bike for service repair invoice 484472. Repair invoice estimated time of pick-up 7/3/04. As of 10/16/04 I have not received the bike back or received a staus update phonecall. Over the course of the the last 4 months I have never received a status update phone call (except once which I had to request). I have at made least 6 phone calls during this time period to check on my bike and I continually get the same answer 7-10 days or we are tracking down parts.

I am requesting two things:
1.A senior manager get involved and oversee this repair
2.Have a manager give me a call with a solution and time of closure for the repairs.

It just appears my daughters bike fell into a black hole in the service shop and I am very frustrated in the continual "7-10 day" unfullfilled committments and the lack of communication or notification. I thank you in advance for your assitance on this matter.

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Alan A. a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT Slipstream,

It's a wonder Jax is in business. Some employees are nice; most are rude; most are not that knowledgeable - mechanics are the worst - rude, slow and expensive - don't complete work on time and don't call to tell you. They need to clean out the rude and stupid employees or they'll be out of biz.
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MB/RB Rider a 38 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Mountain & Road,
Best service ever! They are adding a large road section and a women specific area too! I bought a Trek 1500, and am going to upgrade to a Madone from this shop because of their service. Thanks, Jax!
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Susan a Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 1500,
This shop has changed so much. I used to dread coming in here, but there seems to be new faces and new excitement inside now. I have been helped more the past 3 times I went in then the past few years I have been in. This shop is definitly worth going to if you like bikes and dealing with friendly people.
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Joey a 28 year old
I have been mountain biking for 15 years and have stopped in Jax's many times. I am often treated rudely and as if I were stupid. The mechanics are not very knowledgeable and usually unhelpful. Avoid this shop. Prices are high too which I dont mind paying for if I get good service which certainly is not the case.
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Chris a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialize Enduro,
E-mail: - 8/26/04
This shop is finally looking brand new and exciting. They have always had the biggest selection of bikes, but now they re modeled and it looks amazing. The manager took the time to explain the differences in shorts to me that made buying them alot easier. She is a welcome change to some of the service I have had at other shops. I recommend this shop to anybody that wants a bike or has a bike for the great enviroment there.
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Brian a 36 year old Weekend Warrior,
I have purchased two bikes from JAX. A mountain bike for myself from the Fullerton store and a road bike for my wife from the Huntington Beach store. I've had nothing but excellent service from them all. They are professional and friendly and the sale prices were exceptional. I've taken both our bikes in for service and they've always returned them on time or ahead of schedule.
I'll be heading out back to JAX to buy a road bike.

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Frank a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a 2002-Specialized Enduro Expert and Allez,
I think these reviews are giving Jax HB a bad wrap. I bought my bike there last February and I have been satisfied. The bike had some problems (factory related) at first and they were more than happy to work with me to get them resolved. I've had it in for service numerous times and the head mechanic (I think), not sure what his name is, is always helpful and takes time away from whatever he is doing to talk to me. I thought I needed to replace some parts, so this last time in I aksed if I should go ahead with the replacements. He told me they were all unnecessary at this point. He could have just as easily said, "OK, I'll replace those for you" but he was honest with me. Just my experience, but it's been a good one.
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Peter a 28 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized Stumpjumper,
JAX SUCKS BIG TIME! They are way overpriced. Their mechanics suck and are slow. And yes, they do perform unneeded repairs. Bikes are never ready when promised. Salesmen would rather sit and B.S. with their tatooed buddies then help customers. I'm surprised they are still in business. Is there a 0 link rating?
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Pissed-off in HB a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Marin, from Huntington Beac
Can be good or bad -They support local bike clubs
and sometimes it takes time to for a local to learn which mechanics are thr right ones to talk to.
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karl a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
JAX SUCKS! They are overpriced, bad sales service, slow mechanic service and they perform unneeded repairs.
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HB Local a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized, from Huntington Beach
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