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Bicycle Discovery
8800 Warner Av , Fountain Valley , 92708
Orange County

(714) 841-1366


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These guys are jerks. I've been in there a couple of times and the managers were condescending, curt and rude. I was only in there to buy accessories a couple of times but after being in there repeatedly and having the same experience I am finding another shop. I'd advise others too also. The girl behind the counter was nice though.

I'm not very surprised at the other reviews I've heard here. I also think the good reviews here were planted by thier own employees.

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M a Weekend Warrior, riding a Family of Beach Cruisersw,

We went in to purchase a bike for our son. The
person helping didn't seem to care much whether we
buy the bike or not ($300 boy's mountain bike) and
kept disappearing. We decided to buy the bike
anyway. We forgot to ask about their
return/exchange policy until after we had paid.
Another salesman, who wasn't working with us,
yanked the receipt from my wife's hand, first
pointed at the return policy on the bottom, and
then grabbed a pen and circled the area, all the
time without saying a word and had a 'are you
stupid?' look on his face. His whole attitude was
condescending and unacceptable as a salesperson. I
would have had him fired on the spot if he had
worked for me. Anyway, that was totally the last
straw. We asked to return the bike right there and
then, a minute after we had just paid for it and
they said that there would be no return, exchange
only. We finally got the manager to approve the
return, voided transaction actually. We'll
definitely watch our Visa statement just in case
these guys are ripping us off. No way we would
ever go back there regardless how big a sale they
have in the future, and we'll definitely recommend
everyone to go elsewhere if you want to be treated
as paying customers, especially in this economy
and also there's another bike store next door
which provides 1000 times better customer service.
Too bad we couldn't give these guys ZERO star
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Peter N a 49 year old Weekend Warrior,

I took my bike into Bicycle Discovery for a loose stem post on Thurs. I spoke to the guy with the ponytail at the service area. I explained that there was a little play in the stem post which makes my front wheel shimmy and somewhat dangerous to ride. He pushed down on my handlebars and turned the wheel side to side and he tried to tell me to just push forward on the handlebars and I should be able to ride the bike. He didn't see a problem so I held the front wheel with my feet and twisted the handlebars side to side to show him the play in the stem post as I explained how its ok for the most part when riding straight, but could be dangerous if I need to turn to avoid something. I asked if it could be tighted or replaced. He said he would have his mechanic look at it and call me, but that I wouldn't have my bike back until Mon. He said they were authorized Dahon dealers and would see what they could do to fix my bike, including contacting Dahon if necessary.

Its Monday and I received a voicemail earlier stating that my bike was ready to be picked up. I go to Bicycle Discovery during my lunch break to pick up my bike and the guy with the ponytail says he needs to talk to me about that. BUT, he kindly waits while the cashier rings me up first. $6....that was the bill....hmmm...must not be good. So after they have my money, he tells me that the mechanic tried to tighten up the stem by trying to turn the locknut that holds the stem, but wasn't able to fix the problem. His next line was "unfortunately this Dahon is no precision machine". So I say ok, thanks anyways and put the bike in my truck and head back to work. No info provided as to whether I could get a replacement or fit something else on there. I didn't bother asking if they contacted Dahon for any advice.

So I get to work and my coworker sees the bike and asks if he can try it out. I pull the bike out and the first thing he says is I'm NOT going to break my neck on this bike! He says my stem is going to fall off. I tell him yeah, there's a little play in it. He thought I was kidding and was going to put my bike back in my I reassured him that it would be ok to pedal around the parking lot. Thats when he showed me how loose the stem post now was and I was PISSED OFF. There's 3-4 times as much play now. I can use my pinky on the tip of my handlebars and make the play in the stem post very visible now without even having to hold the front wheel.

So now I can't ride my bike at all. What started as some side-to-side play in my stem post has now been made into an up-and-down AND 3-4x worse side-to-side play.

I called Bicycle Discovery and asked to speak to the shop manager and was told he wasn't in today and would possibly be in tomorrow. I will go there tomorrow to see what can be done to at least get my bike back to rideable. I can understand not being able to fix my bike, but making it completely useless is very aggravating.

So far, going to Bicycle Discovery has cost me $6 for labor to hold my bike for 4 days and make it unrideable.

I will email Dahon for help and tell him that I already tried an "authorized dealer" who ruined my bike. If you own a Dahon, please do not take your bike here. I am extremely disappointed in the poor service.

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Kevin a Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Dahon,

Not sure if I'd actually go back to this place.
I was in the store a total of about 15 minutes and had the following happen:
1) Approached by FOUR DIFFERENT employees asking if I "needed" anything. This is not a big place, and I was the only person in there on a Tuesday - midmorning.

2) Originally went in to look at seat post and saddle for a cruiser I'm resurrecting, and found the first and second guy who came up to me by the saddle wall SO pushy, I decided to delay the seat purchase. I was also told "there are 35 different sizes of seatposts for cruisers - you'll have to bring the frame in to make sure you have the right one". Shut up bitch - just because I'm a chick doesn't mean you can pull that crap. Next he'll be telling me I'll get stranded in a rainstorm far from home if I don't buy THIS part or THAT part.

3) Deciding on fenders instead, I was treated to a very long wait while the boss (I guess) trained a new employee on the cash register. Apparently training a very apathetic employee was more important than helping a customer. I was assured the training would take no longer than "5 minutes" but ended up standing there for about 15 minutes waiting for this employee to get the hang of the cash-register credit card receipt thing. I should have walked out.

What a pain in the ass. Next time I'll go to PerfomanceBike across the parking lot. At least their employees are trained before they go out on the floor and no condescending "managers".

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JayCor a TBD year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Frankenbike Cruiser resurrected from sweet parts!,

I was so impressed with this shop when I purchased my bike. John was so helpful and polite. However, a week later after riding my bike a total of two times I noticed that the paint on the front of the frame below the basket was tore up, the reason that I noticed this was because the basket that THEY instaled almost fell off while I was riding. So my husband and I took the bike back to Bicycle Discovery and talked to John, omg, if you want to see Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, bring a problem to John. My husband told him the story and he then said that the basket settled causing it to rub up on the frame, he then tried to adjust and manuver the basket, needless to say, however he moved the basket it still rubbed up against the frame. John's tone this whole time was very accusing like we adjusted the basket and there was no possible way that his tech could have made a mistake by installing it too close. He said with a smile that they could fix the basket. We told him great, but how will you fix the problem of the paint, we could really care less about the basket. After several minutes of arguing back and forth he says that he could have one of his techs try to paint it, we agreed. When we came back to pick up my bike, John told us that he had his best painter touch it up, well, needless to say that a toddler could have done a better touch up job with a crayon. He also stated that if we put clear nail polish on the scar, it would keep it from rusting... WTF! We told him that the paint job was unacceptable. Instead of offering us a bike in the show room, he tells us that he will keep our bike and TRY to order another one... we agree again. John talks to my husband the next day and tells him it will cost an additional $20 for shipping and that cost will be passed to us. My husband decided that $20 to get rid of the problem and dealing with John was worth it, my husband was also told four days for it to arrive... four days have come, and we are now being told that it usually takes 2 weeks for orders to come in. I have never experienced such poor customer service and such shady dealings!
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Tara a 25 year old riding a Electra Cruiser,
Check this out: after spending a couple of hundred dollars on various upgrades to my Early 90's MTB, I decided I needed to upgrade my bottom bracket. Saw a Bontrager crank set in the display case for $50 bucks so I cut a deal. New BB (upgraded to XT or equivalent) and Bontrager 175cm crankset with chainrings, installed $112. Cool. They told me Four days for parts.
I come back in four days, everything is set up, I'm walking out and I make sure everything is cool and....they installed a 170cm crank on the chainring side and a 175cm crank arm on the left side! I point out the error, they apologize, tell me its the manufacturers error as they came in a set and tell me four more days for parts. I say alright. Call me.
10 days pass, no call. Finally I call and speak to John. He tells me that Bontrager shipped the wrong parts, and he needs to file a claim to get the right ones. I tell him it's been 10 days, call the rep and straighten it out cause I have no bike to ride. He gives me the "return procedure" bullshit. I'm a customer service manager, I know all about pleasing the customer and I'm aware of his problem...but I explain to him that Discoverys error or Bontrager's error is not my problem. I suggest that he install a brand new crankset and follow his procedures on his time. He gets rude and I point out politely that I pointed out the error before I left the shop, I paid in full in advance and I'm not pleased with the delays when I can go next door and get the parts installed. I tell him that I want my bike and parts by the weekend (4 more dayss). Get it done.
I come back and my buddy Steve, Really cool cat, says it's done. Brand new Race-Lite 175's with top of the line hollow BB. The whole set is $400 retail. I'm shocked. I asked to speak to John to thank him for excellent service, above and beyond my expectations, and he wont shake my hand or acknowlegde my gratitude at all. He says,"Bontrager made it right, not me. I was going to give your money back." I said "But someone had to order the part and I appreciate your efforts" he says "I didn't do a thing" What an ass.
Bottom line, good products, great salespeople, lots of experience, Hit and miss on the customer service and technical side. And if Johns a manager, lousy lousy management..
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Paul a 34 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a 90s mongoose ATB, cranks, rims, slicks,
The experience here really depends on who attends to you. The first salesgirl who "helped" me was pushy and rude and talked on her cell while trying to sell me. John, on the other hand was great. Polite and helpful. Mainerd, in the service department is a gem!
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Susie a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Felt35 and Electra Townie21,
Great service and sales rep. Much better than the Supergo next door. Friendly service. Great bikes and equipment.
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Andrew Nguyen a 14 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 2200,
E-mail: - 8/03/04
Bicycle Discovery gave me very poor service from their service department. The salesman I purchased my bike from Steve was very nice and helpful. However, he promised my bike would be ready for pick-up at a specific time and when I arrived to pick it up it was not ready. In fact the service tech told me I would have to wait at least another 40 minutes for the bike. This was not OK because I had told Steve I needed to pick up the bike on the way to work and he assured me it would not be a problem. I even called Steve 1.5 hours before I was to pick up the bike and again was assured the bike would be ready on time. When I arrived at the shop Steve was out to lunch. I complained to two sales people and asked why my bike was not ready. They then tried to blame me for not calling to check if the bike was ready. Why I asked would I call if I had just talked to Steve earlier who assured me the bike would be ready. I cannot recommend this bike shop to anyone. I feel they do not care about their customers time. I feel once they had my cash in their hands it was on to the next customer and I was forgotten until I showed up. Time is money and they wasted my time.
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Ian Holmes a 44 year old riding a Phat Urban,
Requested info on available/price new, colored cable housing (Many colors in stock at $.50-.55 per foot). Asked to have 10-feet cut. Then, price at register: $.75/foot
Not good business practice. Poor service recommendation and no repeat business.
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J.Needham a 50ish year old Weekend Warrior, riding a various,
Great customer service, very knowledgeable. More friendly and honest than Supergo next door.

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Peter Kent a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Gary Fisher Marlin,

I wouldn't shop anywhere else. Great selection and great prices. The staff is VERY knowledgable, especially John. The customer service is excellent, very honest, unlike Supergo next door.
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Scott a 26 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Kestrel MXZ,
These people are great to buy from. Very informative and curteous service. I recommend stopping here before going to SuperGo, which is about 500 ft away.

>>>Michael Andrew Davidson
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Michael Andrew Davidson a 18 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Trek 4300 '02,
E-mail: - 4/14/02
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