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Supergo Bike Shop
8850 Warner Ave , Fountain Valley , 92708
Orange County

(714) 842-3480


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I was sold on supergo the 1st time I went in and do to my job have been on the same bike for years with no problem. I went to performance in Laguna Hills it was sad. I asked what happened and no one would answer. I went to another bike shop smaller with service. Performance sucks.
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Michael a 60 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek,
E-mail: - 9/09/09
All of those who complained about the store can go suck a railroad spike. As far as i can remember Sean... my father. always ran a top notch store you can go have a look at his own store, Surf City Cyclery. Some Alan was a jerk, well you're wrong, he's a businessman, and a nice guy. i've gotten all of my bikes there ever since i started riding all the way up to the closing of supergo. And as far as i can remember they always had a good stock, thanks to tracy. And the employees, such as will, dibble, mike, TJ, rico, candy, and jeff. not to mention the service department, miguel, candy, and Tim who R.I.P. They always had an enormous selection of clothing, bikes, and accessories. As compared to performance who rampaged through the market by just trying to sell you something. Unlike supergo who took care of the customer and let them decide what they need, not forcing them to buy something. Overall Supergo was and always will be one of the best Bike shops to ever be. And Seriously, if you're looking for the same great service from familiar faces then go visit Sean, Mike Faello, TJ, Miguel, Candy, And Jeff at Surf City Cyclery. Alan I Have Much Respect For What You Have Done.
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I am sorry to hear you won't be returning. I strongly looked forward to see what you would be doing next. Supergo will always be a model shop. I loved working for you and still hold you in great respect. To anyone who misses Supergo you should visit Sean at Surf City Cyclery I was there on opening day and was very impressed with what he has done. This is not an easy industry to survive in I know my shop lasted only two years so go support these guys whenever you can.
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Marty Taylor a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a VooDoo Wazoo,
E-mail: - 2/28/08
Thanks for all of the nice compliments and appreciation of my work at Supergo. Although I wanted to get back into the bike business during the last few years while I waited for my non-competition agreement with Performance to run out, I finally decided to stay retired. Yes, I am very sorry that the sale to Performance worked out as it did. I must have been temporarily crazy to hope and believe that it would turn out any different. The corporate culture gap between me and Performance's top management is on the lvel of North versus South Korea. The bike industy and the market has changed so much since 2002, that I do not believe there could ever be another business like the Supergo of 1990-2002. My team created a novel and fantastic business model that was the envy of bike dealers around the world. Through great prices and profuse, detail oriented catalog copy and an expert staff, we brought high quality products and fine service to countless people who would not otherwise have had access to that level. I pushed my staff to see business from the customer's point of view. In an ecomony where things are never repaired, only replaced and it's almost impossible to find anyone who really understands what they're selling, Supergo stores really stood out as an anomoly. We sold stuff at bargain prices yet gave customers Nordstrom level service. I am very proud of the countless former Supergo employees who have taken the valuable business knowledge they learned and opened their own bike and other stores, or moved into high management positions at important companies. Sean Flynn, my former General Manager at Fountain Valley, owns a fantastic store in Huntington Beach--SurfCity Cycles. Another GM, Mike Olson of Supergo Oceanside, now owns 4 Trek stores in San Diego. And, Jim Whitsett, my Santa Monica GM owns Cynergy Bike Shop in Santa Monica. Thanks again to all of you who were my loyal and valued customers.
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Alan Goldsmith a 64 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Graftek Custom carbon road,
Alan, how could you sell us out? When you think of Supergo, you think of cool frames, tasteful and unique clothes and accessories, all at rock bottom prices. When you think of Performance, you think of, well, Performance. I used to make a pilgrimage 500 miles (one way) to Santa Monica from Reno just to buy bikes and parts at Supergo. I sure wouldn't do that to shop at Performance. Supergo is missed, at least here.
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K. West a 54 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Cannondale HT, MB Fanton FS,
E-mail: - 5/16/06
whoa... I'm sorry to see so many of you had bad experiences at Supergo. I was the service manager when they had the Brea location open. that was one of the best experiences of my life! back then, we used to work on Tinker Juarez's Klein, he would come in and was the coolest guy. we rode with our customers, shared beer after hours with them, hung out with them. that group of guys that worked there was a real tight goupd of friends.

granted, Alan could be a jerk at times. but I think at the root of it all, he wanted to make sure people were happy with his stores so they'd keep coming back.
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arthuro abanilla a 39 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized M2,
E-mail: - 5/09/06

Just in case anyone reads the last review about Supergo Bicycles and wonders why I would speak so little of the company that employeed me for so long let me clear it up.... I DIDN'T!!!!! The email used was a fake email address that is no longer valid. I have since went on my own way and will soon be opening up my own shop however the guys at Supergo do a good job. Lets face it the industry is the industry it will change. Yes Supergo is for the most part a pefrormance store now but they still offer good deals and a large selection. I wish them the best of luck. BTW whoever did post that last review you did your homework and got the age right but you screwd up the riding style any one who knows me knows I'm a cyclocross rider as well as a single speed massochistic
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Marty Taylor a 33 year old Racer, riding a KHS Cyclocross,
E-mail: - 10/12/05
Supergo is dead. I am sure you know by now Performance
bought Supergo. Since then Performance has cut back on
everything. Payroll, inventory, quality of Supergo clothing.
If you notice all the Supergo clothing, is the same as
performance clothing, just with a different name on it. I
stongly urge you to not shop at any of the Supergo stores,
as all the money goes right to performance, to buy out
another good shop. However you felt about Supergo
before, you will hate it now.
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Marty Taylor a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider,
E-mail: - 7/12/03
I have been shopping this shop since their location on Wilshire. If you don't do your homework or shop around don't complain. I have ridden with the staff etc. etc. It's the best place going. Considering every yuppie and gen x ,y couple shop the store it's amazing they can maintain their aplomb. If you have a bad experience it's most likely your fault. Fountain Valley is not quite as good. Everything they advised was true, they negotiated and best of all the extremely harried mechanics are the best. If you want it yesterday, buy the book and learn how to wrench, it's a bike not a Ferrari. I LOVE THIS STORE and the staff. I ride big and backslide but I always ride. I go to all the shops just to get up on products. If you have cubic money go to another shop and throw money at them they will kiss your seat, but go back after the purchase and see what happens.Viva Supergo!!!!!!!!!!
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phillip reis a 53 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a gary fisher hookooykoo/Scatante columbus airplane,
Support your local bike shop! these guys may have prices that are a little cheaper if at all, but their customer service and repairs are piss poor. buy a bike from the local guy, which you know will give great customer service AFTER you buy the bike. A friend of mine went to buy a bike looking for a small frame. She was told by the sales rep. that a medium would fit her better before she even rode anything! Was it because a med. would fit her better or because they did not have any smalls left and they were trying to dump their old stuff? She ended up buying a small from a different shop for the same price. Supergo has a wide variety of stuff, that's about the only good thing I can say about these guys.
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jeff a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a a bike not from supergo,
The Fountain valley stores customer service sucks.
Tuesday I called and asked for their closin time, they said 7pm, I asked if they had a part in stock ( an Manitou fork ) they said, yes
I drove from HB, and got there at 6:55:pm and they said where closed, there where people still working inside, but would not let me in!!
Luckily the Jax had the same fork in stock, and hooked me up the next day, and installed it for free. If you wanted my business you should
at least give me the opportunity to shop! maybe they should read their own hours at the top of this page!!!!

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Jake Kolouski a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Blue Collar single speed,
E-mail: - 10/18/01
Good prices. The help there is good 50% of the time. The other 50% don't even ask about. Go here if you know how to wrench your own ride.
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E-mail: - 9/19/01

Now I remember you from last year. It's been a long time but I see that you
haven't changed since then. You don't have to answer my previous email.

I think it's best if you discontinue shopping at Supergo. There is simply no
way we can satisfy a person with your attitudes and I don't want to continue

Alan Goldsmith

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MTBjames a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Schwinn homegrown comp,

The same as everyone if you want good prices and know what you want without needing a lot of questions answered then none better. I would disagree that they do not match best prices as they have for me when requested and it can be verified. But too far from my house to consider making it my neighborhood shop
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gkp a Racer, riding a specialized festina m4 road,
Good prices,the best for selection,and one on one service pretty good.I found the mechnical service to be rather slow.They quote you 1 day and it takes two.They quote you 2 days and it takes four.You get the message.All in all a nice group of people in here, they just kind of have a laid back type of attitude.One guy in there has the typical roadie type looking down my nose at you attitude,he should not be out on the floor.They know who he is.But a good place to shop.
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Pain Freak a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT I-Drive 2 ton,
Bought my first bike and nearly all of the upgraded parts, accessories, etc. from Supergo. I've purchased instore, internet, and via mail and haven't yet had the types of problems described in previous posts. I've been to quite a few shops all over the country and believe me, those of you fortunate enough to reside in SoCal, be glad you at least have so many choices in your own backyard. I for one just assumed most other shops would more or less be modeled, stocked, priced, etc. the same. I was in for a big surprise when I move from Orange Cty. a couple of years ago. Every time I've been to Supergo I received outstanding service in a timely manner. Never got sent down the "XT and above road." But that's probably due to the fact that that's what I was in there for to begin with. For all the negative things I've seen posted so far concerning Supergo, all I could tell those is to take in a few other shops and compare what's being offered to you, parts, service, staff knowledge and then decide whats best for you. And thank God everday that you still live and can bike in SoCal!!
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Tim Aldridge a 35 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Mongoose DX,
E-mail: - 3/31/101
I went to Supergo to replace (thanks to the insurance company) two mountain bikes that were stolen
on New Year's Day .
When I took one of the bikes for a test spin I noticed that the front shifter was out of adjustment. Our
sales guy,who seemed to be half asleep through the whole process, assured us that that this problem
would be fixed when the bike got its final checkout, once we made the purchase. I made the purchase
but discovered that the checkout consisted of nothing more than stripping the bike of accessories,
such as water bottles and cages, that weren't included in the price. I had to send it back to the shop
for the adjustment.
Another thing that I didn't like is that, unlike Jax, they do not offer a year's free maintenence.

Everytime I see a story in the media about buying a bike, the story always makes the point that a
good bike shop will make sure that the bike fits the purchaser. This is a myth! When I asked the
salesperson about getting a shorter stem put onto one of the bikes he told me he wouldn't do it, but I
was welcome to buy a new stem at full price and to have it installed at my own expense.
(Am I ranting and raving? OK I'll stop)
To be fair: the shop had a great selection and great prices.
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Larry a 38 year old Weekend Warrior,

Did a bad headset installation on my Cannondale road frame. The headset was a threaded Stronglight Delta and they dented the headtube at both the top and bottom. What could I do? They aren't going to give me a new frame. The headset works but if you look close you can see the shoddy installation.

Sometimes, their prices are good when they have it in stock.
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Ed a 37 year old Racer, riding a Cannondale,
E-mail: - 10/05/99

Great shop for selection, (if they have it in stock). Too bad they do not match prices. Performance will though and they are right around the corner. Sean runs a great shop with mostly good attitudes. They do seem to cater to the XT and above only crowd for replacement parts. That's not necessarily bad though.UPGRADE...
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MBM a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Schwinn Homegrown,
Great prices but be careful of the bait and switch. They usually don't have half the stuff they advertise. Service can also be very slow there
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a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Marin, from Huntington Beach
Wow I 've never seen so much product in one place before. Lots of selection, Great prices. Very clean. Imagine a bike shop that works like a business.
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JG a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Mantis, from Claremont
E-mail: - 4/16/99
I love this place. Great selection & best prices, I bought my bike, my girlfriend's bike & bunch of parts & accessories. Aske for Roger, very friendly & he knows his stuff.
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Edmund a 27 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Schwin S10, from Laguna Niguel
E-mail: - 3/26/99
The best prices yes but take down names if your checking on availability i have been misled more then once
No rating
Jack a 49 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Chuck,
If your shopping here and a little intimidated by all the young racer types, find Brady ( I think it's spelled like this, sorry bro). He 's down to Earth and very knowledgeable. There is no place on the planet that can touch the selection or prices here.

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Wile E. Coyote a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT LTS 1, KHS Tandemania Pro w/Manitou EFC, from Westminster

If your shopping here and a little intimidated by all the young racer types, find Brady ( I think it's spelled like this, sorry bro). He 's down to Earth and very knowledgeable. There is no place on the planet that can touch the selection or prices here.

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Wile E. Coyote a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT LTS 1, KHS Tandemania Pro w/Manitou EFC, from Westminster

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