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Bicycle Discovery
8800 Warner Ave , Fountain Valley , 92708
Orange County

(714) 841-1366


m-s 10.00 to 7.30
sun 10.00 to 5.30
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trek, motobecane, gt,dyno, schwinn, raleigh,haro,phat

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Bicycle Discovery

8800 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 841-1366
1 star rating
I took my bike into Bicycle Discovery for a loose stem post on Thurs. I spoke to the guy with the ponytail at the service area. I explained that there was a little play in the stem post which makes my front wheel shimmy and somewhat dangerous to ride. He pushed down on my handlebars and turned the wheel side to side and he tried to tell me to just push forward on the handlebars and I should be able to ride the bike. He didn't see a problem so I held the front wheel with my feet and twisted the handlebars side to side to show him the play in the stem post as I explained how its ok for the most part when riding straight, but could be dangerous if I need to turn to avoid something. I asked if it could be tighted or replaced. He said he would have his mechanic look at it and call me, but that I wouldn't have my bike back until Mon. He said they were authorized Dahon dealers and would see what they could do to fix my bike, including contacting Dahon if necessary.

Its Monday and I received a voicemail earlier stating that my bike was ready to be picked up. I go to Bicycle Discovery during my lunch break to pick up my bike and the guy with the ponytail says he needs to talk to me about that. BUT, he kindly waits while the cashier rings me up first. $6....that was the bill....hmmm...must not be good. So after they have my money, he tells me that the mechanic tried to tighten up the stem by trying to turn the locknut that holds the stem, but wasn't able to fix the problem. His next line was "unfortunately this Dahon is no precision machine". So I say ok, thanks anyways and put the bike in my truck and head back to work. No info provided as to whether I could get a replacement or fit something else on there. I didn't bother asking if they contacted Dahon for any advice.

So I get to work and my coworker sees the bike and asks if he can try it out. I pull the bike out and the first thing he says is I'm NOT going to break my neck on this bike! He says my stem is going to fall off. I tell him yeah, there's a little play in it. He thought I was kidding and was going to put my bike back in my I reassured him that it would be ok to pedal around the parking lot. Thats when he showed me how loose the stem post now was and I was PISSED OFF. There's 3-4 times as much play now. I can use my pinky on the tip of my handlebars and make the play in the stem post very visible now without even having to hold the front wheel.

So now I can't ride my bike at all. What started as some side-to-side play in my stem post has now been made into an up-and-down AND 3-4x worse side-to-side play.

I called Bicycle Discovery and asked to speak to the shop manager and was told he wasn't in today and would possibly be in tomorrow. I will go there tomorrow to see what can be done to at least get my bike back to rideable. I can understand not being able to fix my bike, but making it completely useless is very aggravating.

So far, going to Bicycle Discovery has cost me $6 for labor to hold my bike for 4 days and make it unrideable.

I will email Dahon for help and tell him that I already tried an "authorized dealer" who ruined my bike. If you own a Dahon, please do not take your bike here. I am extremely disappointed in the poor service.
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Kevin a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Dahon ,

I had them box and ship a bike to Kansas.
The box sat in their shop for a week ( my fault -
FedEx will only ship ground with a call tag or
drop off at a facility )
They did it on time, neatly and for 25% less than
I expected and was initially told.

sorry that 20 year racer has $8K to spend on a
bike - I hope he drops that attitude when he grows
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robert a 48 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a trek 1200, motobecane fly pro, schwinn mtb,

came in to look for a trek madone 6.9 with sram red parts. They didnt have it, but they said they could order it. He only gave me msrp. He told me to come back when I have money to talk about price. Screw that. I will go buy my 8,000 dollar race bike somewhere else.
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David a 20 year old Racer,
They are great. They took time to explain to my family why there were different size frames and helped size us perfectly. We bought three bicycles of the same model and our helmets. They have been great in service also when I need my bicycle tuned up and checked out. Thank you Discovery! I have an 8 mile ride each day to work. And we bicycle as a family every weekend approx 15 miles. So the bicycles really helped us get out more.
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Dave a 39 year old Weekend Warrior,
E-mail: - 9/01/06
Great shop with knowledgeable salespeople and excellent service. Took in my 12 year old cannondale and were able to find replacement competition shifters and install them all at a fair price.
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Matt a 37 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Cannondale M800,
I recently went in to purchase a riding helmet (made by TREK). They were selling it for a higher price than I recived it for. The point is that I got it for 25% less than offered. The salesman informed me of this openly, however, I told him I was willing to pay the full price for it. The fact is; is that he was being honest about what he could and could not do....

I work in retail; so this gesture means a lot to me - as I am not a "high pressure" salesperson - but respect information given to me on an informative & expertise level. Discovery Bicycle means that to me (as I have a 6 mi./day commute on my bike). Today, you can tell who is you and who is not....
I purchased my bike & all it's accessories from these folks. Evey time I've gone in to their shop: they've smiled, known what they were talking about, been courteous, and fixed me' cycle.


A Satisfied Customer
(Robert T. Jacot)
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Robert T. Jacot a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Motobecane,
E-mail: - 4/12/06

I was impressed in their honesty and their willingness to deal. Even when they have already lowered a price with a yellow tag, the salesman said he could even go a little lower too! Thet seem to have an adequate selection of parts, clothing and various types of bikes.
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James a 46 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Lemond Tourmalet 51cm Ultegra groupo,
OK, so far. Competitive prices. They don't oversell. Practical advice on parts and modifications. So far only necessary repairs. Sales personnel vary in knowledge and advice.
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Jee a 54 year old riding a GT Jetstream 1999,
E-mail: - 7/16/101
Good Shop - Very low key atmosphere, good selection, friendly.
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Dave a 48 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT LTS3, from Mission Viejo
E-mail: - 9/16/98
Good Shop - Very low key atmosphere, good selection, friendly.
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Dave a 48 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT LTS3, from Mission Viejo
E-mail: - 9/16/98
Good Shop - Very low key atmosphere, good selection, friendly.
4 Links
Dave a 48 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT LTS3, from Mission Viejo
E-mail: - 9/16/98
Good Shop - Very low key atmosphere, good selection, friendly.
4 Links
Dave a 48 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT LTS3, from Mission Viejo
E-mail: - 9/16/98
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