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Sea Schwinn Bicycle
420 E 17th St , Costa Mesa
(714) 646-7717


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this shop is terrible. service is incompetant and overpriced.
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eric a 44 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a specialized,
this place has the worst service ever. They all have a TON of attitude, and don't even sell schwinn bicycle parts or bicycles. I just went in for a tune up and my bike fell apart on the way home because they didn't tighten all of the bolts on my fender and basket, and when i went back to have them repair it they charged me.
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Nostalgia beats out the few super crappy generation Y&Z sales kids they got there. The managers are usually super nice to me though. All from Sea Schwinn; I bought my first cruiser to ride to Newport Heights elementary in prob 1978! Then another one for ensign and a couple more for NHHS when Id get em stolen unlocked at the beach. I strayed a little when moved to HB and bought a few there but when time to buy my boy his first bikes we went to sea schwinn. (chopper kid bike things a few years ago were smokin hot!) But last week I went and they dont sell schwinn anymore! I was sick. I spent $846 for a great electra 3 speed townie and attachable 3rd wheel to make tandem for me a 6 yr old. They cut the tandem grip loading it in my car, when I got to beach and couldnt attach, I called and the kid on the phone basically said, look if you want to talk to me lady, you're gonna have to come in here and find me. Huh? Was this a challenge to a fight at my delicate age of 36? He said a few other crazy things and then the manager told him to apologize/make nice and he refused. Oh God. I have teens too, I really wasnt that rude and clueless when I was a teen was I?!!??? very humiliating actually as a crowd gathered. I now remembered why highschool could be such a drag! LOL anyway, they obviously hire bros from school in the bike shop, when they need some tight a$% interviewing some decent young fellers to take care of us (ahem!) old ladies with all the CASH! Geez.
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Lynnie a 36 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a cruisers and family bikes,
E-mail: - 9/30/06
I have shopped here for the better part of 10 years, but after this weekend no more. I recently bought a new MTB with presta valves, but my old frame mounted pump only fills schrader(it's that old!). So I went into sea schwinn to get a new one and asked the stoned looking guy behind the counter for a pump for presta, no joke the guy said for what kind. After finding the pump myself I bought a topeak. When I got home I unwrapped and tossed packing materials thinking my last pump lasted over 8 years. Anyway, on the first use the plastic that the engagement lever swivels in broke rendering the pump useless. I took it back and after talking to another kid with a "vacancy" sign on, asked if I was in the computer. I wasn't sure, but he said he couldn't get into the computer anyway(why ask?). He then took it and asked a manager who said with out a receipt they can't log it in the computer. I showed him that there wasn't even a speck of dirt on it indicating it was brand new, still no dice. After speaking with a manager I asked if they were willing to lose a customer for 10 years over a $30 pump. He repeated, Without a receipt... Anyway in my book that is just plain bad business. Even though Schwinn is 2 blocks from my house I will now drive to supergo everytime. I urge you to shop somewhere else. They hire kids that could really care less, and are making too much money to care about us little guys. I am really glad I bought the bike from supergo instead. Also, topeak pumps suck!!!
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Jason Gravlin a 33 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Weyless XP,
Dear Sir/Madam

"JBD Overseas" was established in 1976 in Ludhiana. [Ludhiana, The Manchester of India, World famous for Bicycle Industries & Hosiery Goods]. Over the years the company have become a leading manufacturer & exporters of complete range of Bicycles & its components i.e. "Brake Sets, Chain Wheel & Crank Sets, Carrier, Forks, Free Wheels, Hub Axles, Hub Cups, Handle Bars, Mudguards, Pedals, Saddles, Tyre Tubes, etc."

Our products are manufactured in our State of the Art plant at G.T.Road, Ludhiana that is built in with an area of app. 2,000 sq.yards. We have installed the best equipment & latest machinery. We have also applied for ISO 9001:2000 Our products are known nationally & internationally for their quality, durability, finish and attractive packing. Our products are exported to Europe, South America, and South Africa.

Our mission is to provide the best quality products in the least time and at competitive prices. Our customers are of utmost important to us as without them we stand nowhere.

We further request you that if you need any requirement of Samples...., Additional Details or Clarifications please feel free to fax / e-mail us, we will be very happy to send them to you. We once again request you to please send us your valuable inquiries, which will receive our best and immediate attention.

* Prices in U.S.Dollars under FOB Mumbai,Indian Port
Complete Bicycle RL 22" ----------------------------33.50/Set
Complete Bicycle RL 24"-----------------------------33.50/Set
Complete Bicycle RL Ladies-----------------------34.00/Set
Complete Bicycle French Gents-------------------36.50/Set
Complete Bicycle French Ladies------------------36.50/Set
Complete Bicycle SLR Getns----------------------35.50.00/Set
Complete Bicycle BMX 20"--------------------------31.00/Set
Complete Bicycle MTB 26"----------------------------36.00/Set
Complete Bicycle MTB 24"-----------------------------36.00/Set
Complete Bicycle MTB Shocker Type---------------Not Available
Complete Bicycle MTB 26" CITY BOY--------------39.50/Set
Complete Bicycle FROG BOY 12"/14"-------------22.50/23.25 per set
Complete Bicycle RABIT BOY 12"?14"------------22.50/23.25 per set
Complete Bicycle FALCON 12"/14"-----------------22.50/23.25 per set
Complete Bicycle YANKEE 12"/14"-----------------22.50/23.25 per set


Manoj Verma

C. E. O.

B-XXX/1701. Near Giaspura Rly. Crossing,
Opp. Upper India Steel, Focal Point, Ludhiana-141010 (INDIA)
Phone : +91-161-2677801-803, 5011488-489
Fax : +91-161-2677804
Email :

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I bought bicycles at Sea Schwinn in 1982 and 1993. Aside from
one salesman back in '82 who was friendly and understood that I
wanted to ride FOR FUN I found them to be knowledgeable but a
bit hard-assed about bicycling. They're clearly fun-challenged. I
didn't feel any sense of connectedness with anyone there,
despite the fact that I wanted to enjoy the experience and have
fun and went out of my way to ignore my rather callous
treatment both instances.

My family and I have shopped there forever. It was hard to
consider going to another bike shop. But I just can't say that I
had a good experience either time there. It's a well-equipped
shop, but I just wanted to ride my bike and not compete in the
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Gordon Wagner a 46 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 720,

I didn't know that they carried electric bikes. The ones they've got are sweet!
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Jon Barker a 28 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Y-Pedal electric cruiser,
A complete waste of time. All it has is an "index" with nothing behind it!!!!
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anon a 32 year old Weekend Warrior,
Wow that place is still there?I used to go in there when I was 5 or 6 years old till I was about 14.Over freakin 40 years ago.I'm gonna go check em out.
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Pain Freak a 45 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT I-Drive,
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