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The Path
215 W. First St. suite 101 , Tustin , 92780
Orange County

(714) 669-0784


10-7 Monday through Friday and Saturday 11-5
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KHS, Jamis, Kona, Seven, Ellsworth, Turner, Intense, Litespeed, Gunnar, Bianchi, and much more
We are a full service bike shop. We service all bicycles. At The Path most jobs can be done within 24 hours, including wheel and bike builds, and all kinds of suspension overhauls. We do it, so you get to ride.
I have been going to The Path for many years and it does not the same performance today. After riding for more than twenty years - you have an idea of what is your jam and what is not your cup of tea. I think if you are going to drop some serious coin on a bike, it better be exactly what you want - I do not have a problem with Specialized but the sales floor is littered with that product which I remember when the shop had more passion and pushed more unique brands. Some of their lead times on maintence needs to have a faster turn around, but they have solid performance. Remember - there are a lot of brands out on the market do not get pigeon holed with what certain brands that a bike shop represents - check out different bikes and find what works for you.
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Mark a 35 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Intense Tracer, Scott Addict,
Excellent service and no pressure. If they dont have what you want, they will order it. I had 2 custom wheelsets built almost a year ago, still running straight. Good selection of 29er gear. Great Shop.
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Mike a 39 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Fisher 129,
This place is Hardcore for mountain biking. I think they carry a few beach cruisers.
If I was looking for a new ride, go here first!!!
The guys don't seem high pressure, but if I were a woman the testosterone might be too overwhelming!!
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Jay a 35 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Kona Stinky 2000,
Straight Up this is the best bike shop. The inventory can't be any
better, they stock quality products and it's in stock. The crew
knows their s**t and they're not just trying to make a sale a
push you out the door. I say this from experience due to being
sold a frame that was not the correct size from another local
shop. ( brokeback cyclery )
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Kaya a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Ellsworth Moment,
Hands down, The Path Bike Shop is the best Mountain Bike shop
in So Cal. The shop is filled with high end frames, components,
Wheel sets and misc stuff you didn't even know you needed (but
have to have it)!! They've hooked us up with Ellsworth's Rogue
serial number 1, 06 Moment, re-fined my Truth and re built my
Id for a friend. The prices are fair and the quality of service is
untouchable. I drive 40 miles to get to this shop with no regrets.
No where will you find a complete shop like this.. For serious
riders only. Props to Tani and Mondo for keeping the place

Jason and Kory - San Clemente
No rating
Jason a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Ellsworth Moment, Truth and Kory's Rogue,

This is the best shop I have ever been to in OC. That being said, I found the knowledge of some of their mechanics to be lacking. There is always someone there who knows their stuff inside out . . . no doubt about that . . . but it might be a 16 year old kid who had no idea how to set up your suspension who ends up working on your steed. However, their brake work was top notch and incredibly thorough. I was very please with that in the end.
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BC Freerider a 25 year old Downhiller, riding a Insane freeride bike,
George, they're closed on Sundays (5/21).
No rating

I just tried calling them to see if they have something in stock before driving out there. Phone rang more than twenty times then they disconnected me without picking up. No matter how busy they are, they should answer their phone. They aren't getting my business.
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George a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized Rock Hopper,
I drive 35 miles and probably pass 20 other bike shops on my way to "The Path". Tani, Mondo the whole crew top notch.

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John Blakely a 40 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth truth's, Ventana El Toro,
this is tha best shop in o.c!!!! no doubt bout that!!!! i own an intense m1!!! which most components are obsulete!!! but they managed to go an extra mile to have tha job done!!! mad props!!!!
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a.c. a 28 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a intense m1 and specialized big hit,
E-mail: - 1/30/06
The Path provides excellent customer service and sales. They answer all my questions and are willing to go the extra mile when they don't have an item in stock... which is very rare. Thanks Tani and Brandi YOU GUYS KICK BUTT!
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Gil a Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a SC Heckler 05 ,
E-mail: - 12/21/05
When I complained to The Path Bike Shop staff about a falsely advertised specification on my new mountain bike, they immediately worked with me to have the manufacture give me a credit! Their mechanics are second to none, and their staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend this bike shop.
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Anthony a 36 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a KHS ,
I was in the market for a new bike and decided on a Kona Dawg. Kona's website gave me a list of dealers, and I wanted to buy local (I.E.), but the only dealers in this area barely had any Kona's in stock and they weren't very accomodating. The Path is close to where I work, so I stopped by there one day to take a look. I had never heard of The Path nor was I aware of their large following. It's a pretty cramped store, but I couldn't believe all of the high-end stuff they carried. Tani helped me out with buying a Dawg and some upgrades as well (giving market value for stock parts was very cool). They didn't have a Dawg in my size built, so they built 2 different sizes for me to try out and see which one fit. When I finally picked up the bike, Brad helped setup the shock, forks, brakes, seat, etc, and he answered all my questions. Overall it was a really nice buying experience, and until someone opens a store in the IE that can match The Path's service, I'll make the drive to Tustin to continue giving The Path my business.
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Jason2112 a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Kona Dawg,
What a GREAT shop! I walked in on a Tuesday and Karl showed me the Ti hard tail he converted to a single speed. He was patient and very knowledgeable. I brought my bike in on Wednesday and was riding my converted Ti hard tail on Friday AS PROMISED. (Not like my last shop.) So then Im thinking to myself that, any shop can do a good job once, but can they be consistently good? So I drop off my NRS Air and Tawney notices several potentially dangerous worn out parts. When I went back to pick it up, Brandi had it on the stand and was putting the last touches on my bike. Again I was riding it the day it was promised. Two for two! Both times the repairs were on time and fixed the first time. The guys even gave me a discount without my asking. I HAVE FOUND MY NEW SHOP! I am blessed with the ability to spend a considerable amount of money each year on my only vice, cycling. But I refuse to be foolish with my hard earned resources. If you are like me and value honest hard working individuals, you will frequent this wonderful establishment. You will be well served to do so. The Path will get ALL of my business.
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Mark Uranga a 40+ year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a few to many to count, says my wife.,
Best shop in OC hands down. I've been to quite a few shops in OC and there's really not a close second. Save yourself the time of shopping around and go here.
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OPP riding a 5.5 Spider Bullit,
I'm gonna tell you straight that I don't blow my trust fund at just any store(there I said it) however this shop stocks lots of chris king hubs and hub accessories, heck they had 5 colors: yellow black and red and green purple. When you go to this shop you are going to want to ride your bikes, I'm not talking about bikini patrol at the beach, but trail riding or what have you. On my first trip in they were very helpful in ordering me shoes that fit(I'm a size 16...and yes its true what they say). Thanks dudes. Peace
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E-mail: - 6/15/05
I had been shopping for a new MTB for a few weeks before I walked in to The Path Bike Shop. I was immediately impressed with their bike / frame selection. I was getting tired of looking at the same high production bikes at all the other local bike shops. These guys carry only the best!
I also wanted to buy American, and they offered a nice selection of American made frames.
The staff is friendly and very professional. Their pricing is competitive too. For the ultimate bike and accessories, this is a one stop shop!
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Rob a 33 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Intense 5.5 EVP,
The path bike shop is by far the best shop I have ever been to. Tanni and all the guys are very helpful and they know their stuff.Keep up the great work guys.
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justin smith a 23 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a ellsworth truth,
Simply the best bike shop I've ever been too, and I've been to quite a few. Owned and run by mountain bikers who actually mountain bike. And the crew are the best in the business for repairs- they'll treat your bike like their own. I drop my bike off, tell them what's wrong, and trust them to replace what needs replacing, fix what needs fixing, and know that they'll get it right the first time, 90 percent of the time. And if they don't, they'll bend over backwards to get it right the second time. I could send it to my team's shop that will repair my bike for a lot cheaper- but I'd rather pay more, drive out of my way, and have the best crew in the business work on it. Keep up the good work Tanni, Carl, and the rest of the crew!
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Sean a 26 year old Racer, riding a LItespeed/Specialized,
Honestly, I was so impressed with the service, knowledge, prices, and professionalism at the PATH. If it wasn't for those guys, my biking experience would be far less enjoyable. I had so many damn drivetrain issues - and nobody had a clue - and mostly everybody didn't give a care, given the complexity associated with the problem.

But with Tani and the guys at the PATH, it was like a bunch of friends tearing down a bike to figure out the problem. No sales pressure, no feeling like your bothering them, just some troubleshooting with pals. They have all the latest technology - and only recommend stuff as if those components were going on their own bikes.

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Alan a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Enduro 04 w/ all the goodies,

First, The Path is, without a doubt, the best bike shop for MTB I've ever visited. Originally from the East Coast, I visited The Path in July '04 to find good places to ride. The staff took time to welcome me Orange County and point me in the right direction for the great rides here. Several weeks ago, after much research, I decided to upgrade my old bike to a new Ellsworth Moment. Tani spent a good 40 minutes on the phone with me ironing out the details and making sure I was not only getting the bike that I wanted but getting one with appropriate components (SRAM) for the frame and the best possible build. I followed up at the shop later that day and spent another hour with Brady who took me around the shop and showed me the various parts options and discussed the various attributes of the latest components so that we could make my bike the best it could be. I wanted brake system "x" and was steered away from it because of known maintenance issues. Brake system "x" was more expensive and therefore carried a greater profit margin - I'm very pleased with the brakes that were suggested and they saved me $100. What's more, I finalized my order on Wednesday and received a call for my new bike on Saturday - that's pretty damn good for an Ellsworth frame that's hard to come buy in most shops. I took my perfectly built bike home and proudly test rode it and found a weird anomaly in one of the tires. I called the store an hour after closing and they picked up and told me to come back problem fixed Saturday night so I could ride the next day. In summary, I'm overwhelmed by the breadth of knowledge, friendliness, consideration, professionalism, and attention to detail offered to me without reservation at The Path. I'm used to the usual know-it-all, cocky, condescending bike-geeks that infest bike shops the world over. The guys at The Path make you feel like your one of their buddies while providing unparalleled service and work. Keep up the good work guys any chance I could convince you all to move to Philly? john m.
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John a 30 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Ellsworth Moment,
These guys rock. Vey knowledable, answer all Q's and get bike back for next ride
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The SoCal Kid a 29 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a fast one,
One word...AMAZING!! These guys go above and beyond the call of duty. They are enthusiests themselves and work to get others excited about biking. I'm still somewhat of a new rider but they treated me with respect and made sure I was getting the right stuff for me. They were never arrogant or condescending and they took the time to explain everything to me. They have my business for life and anyone else I talk to because I'm definitely spreading the word about this place.
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Bear a 26 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Kona Dawg Dee-Lux,
I've been going to the Path since May, 2003. Everytime I drop by to talk about the latest products, have them tweak my bike setup, repair broken parts, or address warranty issues, they always, without exception, handle things with care and expertise.

They have built solid business relationships with numerous manufacturers: Fox, Romic, Speedplay, Maverick American, and Kona to name a few. I've had several warranty issues taken care of by the Path. It is reassuring knowing that they are my advocates with the manufacturers. I am sure they get more attention than I would if I bought parts from the web, and tried to handle warranty issues myself.
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Akiyoshi a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Joker / all-things-singlespeed,

This shop is what MBing is all about. From the minute I entered to 40 questions and a few parts later they where awesome. They have a genuine love
of the sport and seem to enjoy talking shop. Soft sell would be putting it harsh. These guys just keep answering questions and giving info until you can't help but know what you want. I've spent my last waisted hours in the Wal-martesque shops. Thanks Tani and all the guys there.
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denzil a 32 year old Downhiller,
Tani Walling is by far the most horrendous proprietor in the industry....wait. Let me try again. I have been going to The Path since Day ONE and have always recieved great service. Living in SC, I can't begin to express how much I miss the Crew. Miss you Tani...Mike. Santa Barbera RULED!!!!
No rating
Mike Knous a 30 year old riding a not used enough!,
E-mail: - 5/19/04
Seldom have I run across a Bike shop whose specialty is customer service. There are lots of pretenders out there, but very few shops with integrity like The Path. If I had employees like the MEN at the Path, I could be out riding more, not worrying if my customers were being taken care of in the proper manner. The Path is no doubt the best shop on the West coast and the best at phone orders period. The highest compliment I can give to any shop, is my return business, they have earned it time and time again.
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Jerry Snyder a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Phil Wood custom Ti PISSOFF's #9 and #12,
Today was the first time in the shop. I dropped by to get a few parts. Although I wasn't sure of the proper size/type I needed, Tani dropped what he was doing to assist me. He took the time to look things up and even make a phone call to make sure that I get exactly what I needed. He even did this without looking bothered. That really impressed me. I didn't expect this kind of service and friendly attitude. They are going to make me a regular customer.
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Mr X a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized FSR, Heckler,
My first impression:
The Path feels less like a bike shop and more like a friends well stocked garage. They stayed open past their closing time to adjust my bottom bracket. While I was there some dude pulled up and started wrenching on his bike (with permission). I appreciated being able to be with my bike as it went under the knife and saw the proper way of adjusting a BB. Thanks to Tani for all the help and advice!!
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Paul a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Turner Burner,
Best service, they are busy but they always make time to answer your questions. I am new to Mountain biking. I upgraded my drivetrain and wheels and their advises were always good. Carl was very attentive to my needs instead of my wallet. And they saved Bill's live, so without them I would not have a riding buddy...
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Big_guy a 38 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a KHS Comp ST,
the path flat out rules. they always come through for me, and usually charge me less than the estimate for work. tani & karl know thier sheeyat, and won't steer you wrong.
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These guys are great.
I ordered a frame from a kind of flaky
company, and they have already put in alot
more work than any other shop i know of
would have.
keep up the great work, guys.
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Jesse Ditson a 16 year old Downhiller, riding a Ellsworth Dare(broken) ClifCat Tankass,
E-mail: - 5/14/03
Tani and Carl provided some of the best customer service I've experienced...ever. Technically, they did an excellent job of setting up my bike (Ellsworth Joker) and building me a set of wheels. They also took the time to answer about a million of my questions.
Their prices are very competitive, even with online retailers. Even if you could find better prices, the value and overall experience of working with these guys is worth it by far.

I've been to other shops where, if you don't fit the "mountain biker ethos," you get the cold shoulder. DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE AT THE PATH! Down to earth, friendly, and technically sharp services.

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E. Aki a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth Joker,

these guys are collectively SOUL BRODDA NUMBA ONE! they answer my obsessively stupid questions with straight faces! when it was time to replace my drivetrain for no better reason than "i wanted to", they kept me close to reality (i.e. they didn't let me push my irrational spending to the limits) though other shops woulda just nodded and gladly sold me some high end stuff that wouldn't have remarkedly improved my ride. hell, i brought in some stupid blue chainring bolts and they slapped 'em on without rolling their eyes.

all their work has held up to the stupid riding i've subjected it to. top notch.

track down odd ball stuff? no problem for this group. man, they even got that Park Tool toilet paper holder. word.
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zig a 32 year old riding a into the sunset,

these guys built my single speed... super nice and really helpfull... good deal too. best shop in orange county.
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jmoore a 26 year old riding a s.i.s.s., jamis dakar, schwinn cruiser,
I was fat,out of shape, dying. The Path guys put me on a bike, encouraged me to ride with them every Sunday, kept my bike working. They know their SH*T. I bought another bike from them a year later. Am still riding with them on Sunday, finished the Warrior Society Counting Coup this year, and look forward to doing it again in 2003. I may still climb like a slug and wuss-out on the hairy downhills, but the Path saved my life. What more can I say.
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Bill a 48 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Jamis Dakar Expert,
In response to Jay the downhiller who left the bad review below, the shuttle car to LaLa Land is leaving, why don't you get on it Bro. Too much coasting is bad for the brain. The PATH is hands down the best bike shop in California if not the world. The crew there are the best mechanics and the most knowledgeable and honest guys in the bike industry. I have purchased several bikes and many many parts from them and there has never been a problem or issue. If it's broken, they fix it, and fix it right. They make things right no matter what. Their customer service is second to none. It really pissed me off and I actually took it personal that someone talked smack about Tani and The PATH.
Check them out, you will not be disappointed, they ARE the best, I promise!!
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CRR a 33 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Whatever bike has a lubed chain,
The guy below sounds like typical a typical
downhill blow-hard. Ignore him.

If customer service, commitment to quality
work, and good, honest opinions matter to
you, go the The Path.

Tani, Carl, Mark and Adam care about bikes
perhaps more than any other four guys I've
met. Most importantly, they want you to be
satisfied. If something isn't right, if something
needs a tweak, they'll fix it. And they absolutely
stand by their work and the parts they sell.
They're reasonable people running a
respectable bike business.

I've bought new parts from The Path, decided I
didn't like them and they returned them for a
fair trade in value toward a different part. Very

They've built wheels for me, assembled bikes
for me, and solved many, many problems,
often at the last minute, usually in a hurry.
Good people. Go to The Path.
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Josh Jacquot a 29 year old Racer, riding a Several XC race rigs, Cannondale R600,
E-mail: - 11/30/02

customer service sucks nuts!!! Tanni talks alot of sh*t. They sold me sh*ty parts. Don't want to back up there products.

You have been warned!!!
No rating
jay a 29 year old Downhiller,

Just a thought on wheels. I have tacoed two pre built Rino Lite front wheels. Karl hand built a Mavic 521 for me to run on the front, and I know of at least two times that it should have folded. It didn't! They true and tension the rear Rino Lite so well I can't get it to fold so I can have them build me another 521. To the customer below,give them another shot, I'm sure you won't be disapointed.
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Maxwell a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Iron Horse Hollowpoint,
best service around. honest people that actually ride bikes and pass on their knowledge. most of the salespeople in other shops haven't ridden a bike since middle school. the path is one of the few shops that is doing it the right way. most shops don't look your way -supergo- unless you are ready to buy a bike. check the path out.
No rating
Jeff a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Pimp Machine,
In response to the last post: we would love another shot. Bring your wheel by, and let us try to make things right.

-Happy trails, from us at The Path
No rating

I thought this place was a good place to take my bike but what happen surprised me. I had taken my rim to get trued which was done but they did not tighten all the spokes back up. At least 8-12 are really loose. I was riden in Whitting ranch and all of sudden my rim is wobbling all over the place. I am very disappointed!!!!
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LSY a 42 year old Weekend Warrior,
This place is great. The best part is that when I bring something in for repair they ask me when I need it rather than telling me when they will get to it like most other bike shops. And they have always finished on time or early from when they told me it would be done. Other people have commented that they won't push things on you that you don't need and I discovered the same thing. Tanni actualy talked me out of spending more money on an upgrade and I am very happy with what I ended up with. Every bike shop should be run like The Path.
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Tom a 34 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Jamis Dakar Comp,
I first came across the Path while on the net searching for products. Upon finding this site, I hoped this would be the shop that would build my next bike. I was thrill by the customer service offered by Tanni and the guys. They handled each job whether large or small with attentiveness. They were enthusiastic about the build up of one frame(excellent workmanship)and they gave me leads to repaint and redecal another frame. I will be bringing my bikes to the Path regardless of the 30 min drive. Thanks!!!
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Terrence Liu a 31 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Dean private, Kona explosif, Ibis mojo,
Tani and Carl do a great job. I am a very picky rider/buyer it is the engineer in me. They took the time and went out of the way to accommodate me and build the bike just the way I wanted. They offered useful advice (they are clearly very knowledgeable), introduced me to some great new products but never "pushed" products on me. I felt they genuinely had my best interests at heart. At the same time I was there I watched them handle a novice rider like she was and old friend. They really do a great all around job.
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Steve a 38 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Spot Single Speed, Intense Tracer,
WOW! Ever been speechless? I read the reviews (thank you), I went to the shop and can honestly say it was the most amazing experience I've ever had at a cycling shop. The staff doesn't just help you - they WANT to help you. They want you to have great rides and they sincerely want you to be successful. The level of service, support, encouragement, etc that I received made me feel like I'd known these guys forever when in fact I'd never been there before. Give them a try. You absolutely will not regret it. They're psyched to be doing what they love and you will leave the shop with the same feeling! THANK YOU!
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T. Martin a 35 year old riding a GT,
Tani, Carl and Adam are the best. I have been Mountain biking for about 15 years and had been a regular at another mountain bike shop that had been around you years. I wont go back, these guys rule. They are the most Knowledgeable honest bike mechanics I know. And there prices are great!
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Pat Burton a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Independent Fabrication, Chumba Wumba, Spot.,
E-mail: - 4/18/02
Another happy Path customer. My wife was looking for an entry level MTB. We got great service despite the fact that we weren't going to spend $1000+. She got a much better setup than anywhere else we looked, for the same price. I'll keep coming back to the Path even though I live 20 minutes away.
No rating
Jkoontz a 26 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Schwinn Mesa GSX,
This is one of those places you can go and not worry about anything. The service is great and the guys are great. Ive always done my own work till I found Tani and Carl now I leave the dirty work to them.
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dogmny a 30 year old Racer, riding a Merlin, DISS, Seven, Sugar1...,
E-mail: - 2/16/02
these dudes build some bad-ass singlespeeds if your into that check them out
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Juan Andrade a 24 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a surly 1x1,
These guys are great!If it wasn`t for Tani and Carl, I wouldn`t be into rideing as much as I am.You won`t find their service and knowledge anywhere else.They even put up with me hanging out and drinking coffee on my day off.Come join us on a Sunday morning ride. The Bikes and Beer Ride RULES!!!
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Maxwell a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Iron Horse Hollowpoint,
These guys are great. They actually talked me out of spending more money on a new derailleur and did some troubleshooting for free. You can find lower internet prices on components, but the care and attention these guys offer makes up for the dollar or two more. Also, they'll special order stuff for you without taking your money. They let me put my bike up on the rack and work on it for a half an hour while I rebuilt my rear shock. There is no better bike shop in OC.
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El Jefe a 32 year old Racer, riding a Sugar,
Tani and Carl are the greatest. Not only was my part a problem to fix (thanks goes to Rolf Wheels) but they were honest, respectful and nice throughout. I have since been back to spend a lot more money and got discounted pricing on large orders on par or better than that of online retailers. Good service, knowledgable wrenches and honesty? Are you kidding?

Great shop. You are doing yourself a disservice by spending your dough anywhere else.

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After hopping from bike shop to bike shop looking for someone willing to help, Carl is the first person who not only knew how to fix the bike, but was willing to take the time to research some other parts for me and call me to let me know what was happening. And Im no regular. (Well, I will be now, but that was my first visit.)
Good attitude and he sure seemw willing to earn the business. Competitive pricing too.
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RangerJay a Die-hard Enthusiast,
Tanni and Carl are great, they helped me build a great bike as well as put my wife on a Jamis to start her out. They were honest and wanted to make sure the bike met my trials riding needs. I would recommend them to any one buying bike.
No rating
Josh a 27 year old riding a VooDoo Bakka,
E-mail: - 1/31/101
the best shop around town, hands down ??'s asked. i strongly recommend anyone interested in purchasing a bike or any accessories to either call or visit these guys. i promise you will recieve the most honest answers possible from expierenced riders who aren't looking to take you for every penny you have. but you will find good prices and good customer care, your bike will never want to go anywhere else.
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david luna a 23 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a voodoo ,
The path has the best, friendly, and helpful service around. If you are a member, They go on group rides all over the place every sunday around 8:00am. They showed me a whole ton of new trails to scare my wife on.
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Mario Lopes a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Cannondale,
About a month ago I had them build me a new wheel set. And the next week I crashed, it was way out of true. The brakes rubbed and you could feel it move. I took it back and asked them if I needed a new rim. They trued it up for free and it was good as new.
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Rachel Maine a 22 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Lite Speed,
The crew at the path was so helpful to me. I could not believe how great their prices were. To this day I have never seen any price on anything lower that the path
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Mike Jennings a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Rockey Mountain,
There is no question about it. this just the best bike shop any where. No matter what you need, Mountain, street, bmx, or anything else that you can think of they have it. try www.galaxymall/sports/thepath
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Jeff hale a 16 year old Downhiller, riding a foes weasel 2,
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