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Supergo Bike Shop SM
501 Broadway , Santa Monica , 90405
Los Angeles County

(310) 451-9977


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Service guys are the best (Jorge and the other guy,,, I think it's Sergio). They always take care of whatever problem I come in with. So far it's been 3-8 warranty issues.
As for sales, a sales man who is not interested in what he sells usually isn't going to know a whole lot about it. Same goes here. If you have specific questions about a product, research it yourself first or bring someone who knows in case you don't get one of the few salesmen who do know their stuff. Rating based on help I got from a salesman named Sam Verraforza (really knows his stuff) and the service dept.
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a 27 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Epic S-works,
I bought all of my BLUR parts from Supergo, I was stupid enough to think that going to the shop would be easier than doing it all online. At least no one bothered me when I shopped. I connected the front chainring to the rear cassette with a chain, and the guy rang up the front rings only. He also rang up the stem and HBar as one piece (I connected those together too)
I'm not complaining, but what a moron!!

Jokes on him I guess.
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Mike a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a SC Blur,

couldn't believe this one salesman..right in
front of me I have all my stuff to be rung up..
he's talking on the phone with a friend
(personal phone call!) talking about renting a
boat. This blabbering went ON AND ON.. I
was with another salesguy while getting rung
up..and he starts with another customer.
Finally, another salesguy tells him to finish me
up. Yeah, these dudes need some training in
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a Weekend Warrior, riding a giant,
Got my Intense frame from these guys. I normally shop there only for the deals, and not the service, but, Marc was great! Thanks Marc!
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VpointVick a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a 5point5 and an old Roast,
Bought a bike here, good sales guy, knew everything he was supposed to, i had a knowledgeable friend with me to validate everything. I think in any company poor service starts from the top... and get this, i got a bad attitude from the manager at first contact. Sales dude is trying to show us bikes, and manager is buggin our guy like "are they really gonna buy cause i got someone else you need to help" type attitude. There is a reason this guy only manages a bike shop. What a moron. The guy that helped us -- Willie B Fresh (HA HA HA) was really up on his stuff. His Girlfriend, apparel girl wasn't to interested in helping us with anything.
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LB_CRITIC a 26 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Allez Comp Cromo 27,
Supergo has a great business model. If your going to buy your second or third bike, you're going to want something high end for a low price. For this, no one can beat Supergo's madness sales. WHO CARES ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Service the bike at your local shop and use supergo for their great price. I paid 1100 for the specialized fsr comp. 1100! Same bike at local shop was 1800. It is worth the drive, put up with their serviceand save the cash. You're only going to deal with them at time of purchase. Big deal. Learn how to tune your bike yourself and need no one.
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MBA a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized FSR Comp,
Performance owns Supergo. I would like to inform all of you that if you felt the service was bad before, you should see it now. I can say from experience that if your salesman could care less before, just wait until the Performance treatment. Performance treats their employees like garbage. And they pay even worse. Good luck getting anything from someone who hates their job and hates the company they work for. Performance does not allow it's employees to go to Interbike. Which is the annual bike trade show. Product knowledge? Good luck. All performance cares about is the dollar. They don't care what they sell, as long as the the higher ups make money. Mind you the performance upper management knows nothing about bikes. Neither do their general managers. At least Allan cared about cycling, and providing a service to the cyclist.
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Dennis Johnston a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Homegrown Factory,
E-mail: - 9/14/03
prices are pretty decent, but like everyone
else, service is terrible. They don't know
what's in the store. You have a better chance
finding it yourself.

the mechanic I talked to was less then
adequate. I brought in a defective chris king
headset that I bought there and the mechanic
told me that from his "expert" 20 years of
experience that it was improperly installed.
And get this, $50 to install a king headset
because of the "special tool" you need for it! A
$15 adapter and a $120 press that every shop
has is a special tool? And then he tells me
there was a 2 week waiting period for this
crappy service. So I went to wheel world and
bought a non-defective headset and had it
installed for $10 with no problems at all. Don't
ever bring your bike there unless you like
giving away money.
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Jino Ok a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a custom 24

Supergo SM can be described in one brief
statement: Great Prices, Dumb Staff.

Mail order prices with the LBS convenience.

Staff there needs to learn some manners.

Funny note, there is a sign in the rear parking
lot that says, "NO ACTOR PARKING". Only in
L.A. as they say.

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Ted c. a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Gemini for dirt, Old Ciocc for road,

Supergo has some of the best prices around but their sales staff is pretty lacking in, well everything.

There are some good sales folks there: Jerry K, Jerry G and Marcelo. But the rest are useless.

They sit around and talk about hot chicks, make fun of each other's hair cuts, and upselling customers and who's better at it.

The best time to shop there is during their Markdown Madness sales. Prices are unbeatable makes it worth while tolerating the juvenile behavior of their sales staff.

One funny note, the sales manager's office has an opened window into the showroom floor and sometimes you can hear the manager lecturing a sales person for not pushing accessories with bike purchases, saying that money is not in bikes but in the accessories. I know they need to make money, but don't yell at a salesperson in front of customers.

It's also annoying how the sales staff walks around with two way radios. Come on folks, you're selling bikes for god's sake, not protecting the president.

They get 4 links for great prices, but only 1 link for customer service.
No rating


Updated review from my '01 comments:

The repair shop is great. I take issue with the comment below, about the repair staff not communicating well. (If the poster really believed the staff could "barely" speak English, why did he leave his bike there? Didn't he get a receipt?)

Repairs to my bike have always been prompt, the price fair, and the repair people courteous. The repair shop is, in fact, a mini-bike shop, with lots of accessories, many often on sale.
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Dave a 54 year old riding a Stumpjumper Comp Hardtail (2001),
E-mail: - 3/11/02

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