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Belmont Heights Cyclery
3350 E Broadway , Long Beach
(310) 434-4991


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This shop of the same name is now located at 1906 E 4th street. Don't know if it is the same owner as the old location.

Young owner appears to operate the shop by himself and has little to no time to help customers and fix things at the same time. I bought a new $500 cruiser bike and told him I would pick it up in three days. He said he would go through the bike and clean and adjust everything.

I called ahead three days later a couple of hours before picking up the bike to let him know I was comming. I arrived at the shop to find my new cruiser right where it had been for the last four months collecting dust.

He hadn't even touched the bike at all. He grabbed the bike and just did a little dusting off. No equipment check, no safety check, not even any instuctions on it's use and care. If the bike in question was not a disscontinued rare color that I could not find anywhere else, I would have asked for money back and walked.

This bike shop has some neat parts and classic bikes, just don't expect a professional experience from the one and only staff. I won't be going back.
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T. Borba a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Schwinn Deluxe Cruiser, Greenspeed, Cannondale MTB,

This shop no longer exists. It's now a deli.
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riding a dimenbackvaper, from IL.
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