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Wheel World Cyclery
4051 Sepulveda Blvd , Culver City , 90230
Los Angeles County

(310) 391-5251


M-R 10am-7pm
F 10am-6:40pm
Sa 10am-6pm
Su 11am-5pm
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Specialized, Kona, Giant, Diamondback, Electra
Full Professional Service Shop, Huge showroom floor
Place is nice, lots of bikes and prices are MSRP if they arent year-end sale priced. Lots of parts and prices arent bad. Tires there are EXPENSIVE, dont buy 'em there unless you like paying more. Mechanics do their thing well. Parking sucks. Big Kona dealer if you like Kona.
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Total jokes. Went in there because they were the closet Ellsworth dealer to my home. Inquired about ordering an Ellsworth frame and was refered to buy a Kona or Specialized becasuse they didn't stock the Ellsworth (as if many shops do). In n out in less than 3 mins. I wasted enough, don't waste your time either...
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Kenny G a 24 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Dekerf phenomenon,
Good alternative westside bike shop to Supergo and Helens Cycles. They sell mostly mountain stuff, so skip it if you are roadie.

Decent prices and there are a couple of sales folks that know their sh!t.

Good selection of Giant and Kona bikes.

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I took my bike in to get tuned up. My front derailleur is really hard to adjust because
it's hard to get to the screws. They adjusted them but they are not perfect shifts. Plus I told them my chain was a little short, but they didn't replace it. So everytime i shift to the largest rings on both front and back the rear deraileur is
way to extended and makes a clicking sound. So I am unhappy. They only charged me 12 bucks so I'm not to sad.

I'll take my bike somewhere else. I'll give them 2
links because they are cheap and I didn't have to make an appointment to have my bike worked on.
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Rogelio Yanez a 26 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Mountain Cycle,
E-mail: - 9/04/100

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