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Valley Bicycles Chatsworth
21112 Devonshire St , Chatsworth ,
Los Angeles County

(818) 886-5404


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R.I.P. Valley Bicycle Chatsworth. Bob is closing shop as of
December 31. A sad event for all of us who have been the
beneficiaries of shuch good service for so many years.
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old gringo a 58 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth Truth,
These guys are still the best. I recently had them replace my drive
train and they also went to bat for me when I needed help with my
wheels and computer. Friendly, efficient, and willing to go the
extra mile are all terms I freely use with Valley Bicylces.
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Old gringo a 57 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth Truth,
Valley Bicycles, Chatsworth is still the best. I recently had a new
drive train put on my Truth and they did a great job. They are
knowledgeable, helpful, and will do right for all their customers,
whether you are experienced or a newbie. Whether you are buying
a bike or getting service.
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old gringo a 56 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth Truth,
First off, I want to say that NONE of the people that work there are 'sexually or verbally' abusive and I'm a female, so the woman that claims this establishment is, is a total liar!!! I have been to literally 3 shops before this one (completely unimpressed with any of the 3), and when I went to this store, the people there were totally professional. I am a newbie rider starting to train for a triathalon, and they fully didn't try to take advantage of my lack of riding knowledge. They were so helpful and honest I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was with this store. I highly recommend this place to anyone who doesn't want to get ripped off, and wants knowledgeable, friendly, & very honest people to work with. I could not recommend a better place!!!!
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Jess a 26 year old Racer,
In my humble opinion, this is still the best shop around. Whether it
is bikes, accessories, clothing, or service, they are without peer.
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old gringo a 55 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth Isis,
This shop continues to improve with time. The selection of
products is great, the service is super, and the employees are nice
people (funny, too).
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old gringo a 54 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth Isis,
I have been going to this shop since 1988, they have done outstanding work on my projects and have gone the extra mile on a lot of stuff! My girlfriend just bought her first road bike from them and was extremely happy, I do not know why those two negative reviews were about. I have been in that shop hundreds of times and have never seen anything negative!!
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flying mex a 50 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a specialized, cannondale, schwinn,
It is very obvious when someone has an axe
to grind and tries to sabotage a store. This is
exactly what the person who wrote the
previous post is trying to do. I have been
shopping at this store for ten years, have
purchsed several bikes there, and have never
seen or heard anything other than courteous
customer service from any on the employees.
Don't base your judgement on the words of
some wacko (who can't spell) with ulterior
motives. See for yourself that these guys are
the best.
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Gringo a 51 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth Isis,
I would NEVER go to this shop again (I visited January 2004). My experience was similar to another woman who has reviewed this store (perhaps they just don’t like/respect women?). Both the gentleman in the store, and especially the one who “helped” me, were rude, condescending and did not listen to me. I wanted to purchase a bike for myself, gave a price range (which was ignored) and was promptly shown only one bike, which was significantly higher in cost than my maximum stated budget. All the bikes in my range where dismissed and the salesman would not even get them off the rack for me. The guy was pushy, unhelpful and only seemed interested in selling me something based on how much money he could make rather than the bike that would have suited me. He didn’t even try to properly fit me for the bike he was trying to sell me, just looked at me and “this frame will fit”. DREADFUL. Their loss will be another bike shops gain as we intend to spend about $2000 in new gear. Learn some manners gents!.
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Hurtlingdownhills a Weekend Warrior,
The ownership and staff has changed
recently, but for the better. This is becoming
one of the best shops around; good selection
of products, great service, great people.
Check it out.
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Gringo a 50 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Ellsworth Isis,
I don't know what Blondie was smoking but no
one in that shop has ever been anything less
than completely courteous to everyone in the
seven years I have been visiting the shop.
The owner, in particular, is a wonderful,
people-oriented human who could never be
abusive to anyone. Don't take a weirdo's
word. Go there and see for yourself.
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Zaskarguy a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a GT Zaskar LE,
When I wanted to upgrade my 1999 GT Slipstream by adding an RST700 Suspension Fork it was impossible to find the part anywhere. The owner of Valley Bicycles offered to CANNABALIZE ONE OF HIS BIKES to get the part for me, and he installed it. I don't know of any other place where I would have gotten this kind of service. I don't know what happened with the anonymous blonde who posted below but I believe she is full of bulls***, and wonder why she doesn't have the guts to post her name or e-mail.
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Bald Biker a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a GT Slipstream, Diamondback Response,
E-mail: - 2/15/02
Bought a nice diamondback from them, (james) service was knowledgeable and great. Came back a couple weeks later, James had quit. The owner was very sexually and verbally abusive to me..A real PIG!!! Ladies do not buy a bike from this shop unless you wish to be abused, he even went as far to say that they will not honor my tuneup service on the bike I purchased there. A blonde in So. Calif.
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a Cross-Country Rider,
I have been a mt. biker for over ten years now
and have dealt with many shops. These guys
are absolutely the best. They give you the
straight stuff when it comes to buying or
repairing your equipment. They are
knowledgeable, honest, and nice guys, to
boot. They are super with repairs. I
recommend them without reservation.
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Cliff a 49 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a GT Zaskar LE,
Bought a Trek 4500 there yesterday. I'm a former shop owner, but I haven't been on a bike in 5 years since I closed my shop.

The guys at this shop were very knowledgable, listened to what I wanted from a bike, and made suggestions based on my price range.

They let me test ride the bikes and I'm very happy with the one I selected so far.

They installed my accessories free and off I went for the 10 mile ride home!

Great shop and they can expect more business from me!
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PBDirt a 36 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 4500,

I am extremely happy with the good service provided by the staff of this shop. They listened to my needs, suggested several models that would meet them, let me test ride them, and installed accessories for free. They do adjustments for free and warranty repairs. When I wanted a special large bike rack they ordered it for me and it arrived in two days. They have always given me a good price.

I have purchased three bikes from this shop in the past six months. When I needed a bike to commute from work they had the GT Slipstream in 20" frame that I wanted. When my tiny Filipina wife Lourdes, who is only 4' 9", wanted a bike they were able to recommend a Diamondback Outlook in 12" frame that fits her perfectly. When I wanted to buy a mountain bike for weekend riding I initially thought to buy a used bike, and this shop gave me useful advice and offered to inspect it for free. I decided to purchase a new bike from them, and they made sure to suggest several bikes in my price range that fit and let me test drive them until I decided which one I wanted.

I am so happy that I bought my bikes here instead of from a department store, like my first bike, a Huffy that almost never worked well. I would recommend this shop to anyone in Southern California, even if you have to travel a little to get there.

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Bald Biker a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a GT Slipstream, Diamondback Response,
E-mail: - 4/10/101

They are simply thee best bike shop in all of Southern California. I know, I been to very many.
They have great people, prices, selection & knowledge on product & technical issues. That's why I been going there since 1985,& happy with it.
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Jay Sanders aka CycleJay a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT Timberline, GT RTS-3, Nishiki
E-mail: - 4/07/100
Bought my Y33 bike there, they screwed up my rear wheel and blamed it on me. The Bike Wrench rebuilt it for me and it hasn't been serviced since.
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Scott Robinson a 47 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Team Pro Y bike, from Woodland Hills, CA
E-mail: - 8/01/99
Great bike shop. Staffed by people who know their bikes and want to help. I've had several small problems with my bike and they are always willing to stop and fix me up and often will do so at no charge.

They give good, straightforward advice and don't sell you what you don't need.
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Kevin Barker a 42 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 920, from Chatsworth
E-mail: - 9/06/98

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