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Cerritos Bicycles
12148 South St , Cerritos
(310) 865-9571


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Cerritos Bike Shop is out of business?!

So sad.

I know I have been out of the area for a while but I would have never guessed Cerritos Bike Shop would close down. What happened?
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Greg Brown a 47 year old
E-mail: - 9/12/06

In the past 4 months my fiance and I purchased 2 bikes from Cerritos. Since then we have been riding with our friends and family. So much so that they needed to purchase road bikes so they could keep up. We were treated so well that we personally took 5 people to the shop where they each purchased the bike that was right for them. One couple that we ride with went to a different store where they were overcharged at least $300 and treated not nearly as nicely. From now on, any family or friend of mine is buying their bikes from Cerritos and nowhere else.
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Rachel a 25 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a TREK,
Good local bike shop.
Good place to buy bikes for your kids.
I would pass on it for serious stuff though.
Their inventoryis mostly mountain and casual
bikes, stay away if you are a roadie.

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I had worked for Cerritos bike shop in the late 1980's, as it was then and is now Cerritos Bike Shop have gone out of there way to please everyones needs. No matter if your just looking for a water bottle or your first new bike.
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Greg Brown a 42 year old
E-mail: - 5/19/101
I was virtually new to the cycling world having been a runner in the past. As a result I new nothing about bikes other than I wanted to buy one. I went to several other bike shops and was treated like I was on a car lot.
However, my experience with this, Cerritos (Mulrooney's) bike shop, was absolutely fabulous to say the least. The manager, Ben, was very knowlegable and helped me pick out the bike that was best for me and my wallet. Although they have a good selection of low, mid and high end bikes they don't try to sell you what you don't need. Very rare. Their genuine, honest and reliable service was unmatched anywhere. I was sold on buying something here though I wasn't sure what.
Also, you are not just another sale when you leave. Their after sale support, service and care is commendable as well. Also rare.
I gurantee that as I evolve into bigger and better bikes I will definately purchase it here as well. Take it from a tough to please person and give Ben at Cerritos (Mulrooney's) bike shop a looksee before you buy. You will not be disappointed.
I believe they will match prices too.
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Mike B. a 36 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 820 Mountain/Road bike,
E-mail: - 1/27/100
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