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Big Wheel Bicycles
17314 Pioneer Blvd , Cerritos
(310) 865-3011


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I grew up real close to this shop. He has been in business for a long time. I have purchased many many bikes and parts from Big Wheel bikes. You have to HAGGLE! This guy treats sales like a chess game. If you can arrange your pieces correctly you can get a good deal. Also, research the bike before hand and print out some web pages, with prices, so you can have some ammo to haggle with.

I don't live near there anymore and I can't say if much has changed, but 10+ years of experience tells me not much has changed. The last thing I bought from there was in 1999 and I just sold a month ago in June 2010, it was a great bike.
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L.A. is the armpit of america! a 55 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Jet powered 29'er,

Owner is very, very helpful. Only problem is he prices a bike based on how much he thinks he can get from you. He quoted me a price for a Schwinn cruiser that was $100 more than the suggested retail price. I bought the same bike two days later elsewhere for $20 under the retail price. If you go there make sure you drive up in a junky car and you might get a better price LOL.

They specialize in cutom cruiser bikes and have an abundance of genuine Schwinn factory parts. I will only go back if they have some part I can't get elsewhere.
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T.Borba a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Schwinn Deluxe Cruiser 7, Green Speed Trike,

Would not recommend. Went in for a tune up and next day called and told me my rear brake broke. It was fine when I brought it in.
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Me a Cross-Country Rider,
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