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Spoke N Wheel Bicycle
6804 Platt Ave , Canoga Park
(818) 703-0155


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Good, fast and freindly service. I needed tubes, tires, grips and a new stem on my mountain bike... their staff was knowledgable, took the time to discuss options with me, and had my bike back together earlier than promised. In addition to good service they also have a big selection of bikes and accessories. They are a bit pricy but I am willing to pay a little extra for great service.
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Brian Keating a 39 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Diamondback Zetec,
Went to this shop since it's only 1 mile from my house. I was shopping for a nice road bike, but they didn't have anything I liked. I remember I needed a tube, so I picked one up and asked for the price. It was $8. I was like "that's a bit expensive for a tube." The guy says, well that's how much we sell them for. If you don't like it, go somewhere else." So I left and vowed never to step in that shop again. BTW, don't go to Bicycle Johns in Burbank either. You can read my review there.
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Art a 35 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Moots compact SL,
Arrived too early and shop was closed but a guy standing outside said he was the manager and let me in before store hours. Cool. I needed a few things and got just what I wanted but then on the way home I remembered something else. I was going in the opposite direction so I stopped in another bike shop and after looking around found out they had the same stuff I'd bought but much cheaper. The guy in the second shop said lots of people complain about Spoke n Wheel's prices.
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dweeb a 42 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Bianchi road.,
i went to this shop the first time becasue i had a flat tire and it was around the corner from my house. when i got there i asked how much it would be to swap the tube and he gave me the price of 12 dollars. i payed right there in the store and then took my bike around the back where it was supposed to be fixed. when i got there i had to wait for him to finish his pizza and after he was done eating, gary through an 8 dollar service charge at me just for changing the tube!!! thats when we started going at it. to put it nicely, i told him that i just spent all my money on that overpriced tube and that i would never pay that. he responded by telling me "take your bike and get the f*** out of my store." it might be beacuse he hates kids but thats not the way you treat a customer regardless of there age. the bottom line is i would rather walk 4 miles to the next closest bike shop then give my buisness to them.
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Joseph Rosen a 16 year old Downhiller, riding a Specialized fuse 4,
E-mail: - 6/14/09
I am looking for a nice bike shop to purchase a bike (2nd one) for my wife and I during our vacation to California(May 09). Few bike shops in Alaska. After reading a review from a customer who made an attempt to make a return, I won't be visiting this shop. Fine, if the store has a "sales are final" policy, then Gary should have made a greater attempt have the customer understand this. Not lost his cool, conduct himself in such a manner that would drive JB to post a bad review and possibly drive away a customer like myself.
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mario a 28 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a trek,
There all a bunch of friendly guys. I'm the type of person that
doesn't like to be stocked at first glance like I'm some kind of
dead beat. Gary was helping out someone else and it gave me a
chance to look around. After a few minutes Michael the shop
owner came up to me and asked if I had already been helped. I
was looking for the Diamond Back Response Sport and he went
out of his way to answer all my questions and check inventory
and sadly there out of stock until May and I already knew this
because Sport Chalet only had one left a few weeks back. He was
going to order one for me as soon as they became available.
Since I had a chance to looking around a Specialized bike caught
my attention. I asked Michael to see if he can bring it down from
the rack and he did. Then said if I wanted to take it for a ride
and I completely fell in love. It was a Specialized 07 Rockhooper
model. Since it was last years model I gave me an awesome deal
on the bike. I didn't have my credit card with me so I went to get
it from my home and he waited for me. I drive an 07 GTI
hatchback and I didn't know I was going to take the bike home
and Michael was kind enough to deliver it to my house. Gary
waved at me as he was leaving and said "enjoy the bike". There
both cool guys and got an awesome deal on the bike. He even
gave me a bike trail map free of charge =D. I'm gonna go back
to purchase a helmet before I ride the trails. I recommend this
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Alan a 27 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a 07' Specialized Rockhopper,
Let me start off by saying that I must give this place 1 link because that is the lowest I'm allowed to. I purchased a brake cable and a mini tool there early in the morning. I first noticed that things weren't right when no one in the shop greeted me, asked if I needed any help until well after I had been there for 5 minutes. Later I shopped around because the price for the two items came to 40 dollars. Kind of pricey in comparison to a prepacked kit that I got up north for 12 dollars. I came in to the store asking for a refund on the purchase that I had made. I had the receipt and the items were still in original condition. I had been told by an employee the day I bought it that a return if necessary would be no problem. I told the manager that I had found the product else where and I didn't have a need for it. He said he would not honor the refund, pointing to a very hidden "All sales final" sign and said I could take it up with the owner of the store on Sunday, when he returned from vacation. I said I would not be able to because I'll be out of town and live 800 miles away. At this point the manager of the store, Gary, began yelling and saying that none of his customers complain about prices and that its a very fair price, I responded saying "I'm not asking you to change your price, I just want to return it." After this, Gary began yelling at me, telling me that I had no right to be in there and offending him, which I replied "if I wanted to offend you then I'd be calling you names, I'm just looking for a refund." He got up out of his chair and aggressively came towards me, yelling "get the f*** out, good bye, good bye!" He then came outside of the store, still yelling, making faces, and mocking me in public. I did absolutely nothing to deserve this and this is very poor customer service. I warned him that this behavior would result in my diverting every possible customer. I hope that everyone here follows my lead and stays far away from Spoke N' Wheel.
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JB a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Gary Fisher Sugar 2+,
AWSOME!!! Bought an '07 Enduro Elite, and they were more than accomodating. Gary has a wealth of knowledge about bikes and Mike is extremely nice. Got a great deal and an overall great experience!
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a 36 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Enduro Elite,
E-mail: - 2/04/08
The Owner was very nice, I purchased a Battery for my Electric Bike. They installed the battery in a few minutes & when I needed info on a Bike Rack, he called the Mfg Rep and inquired about the info I needed. Nice Man, Fast work!
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Diana a 58 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Curry,
E-mail: - 8/14/07
there are awesome
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charles hubley a 11 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a haro TR2.1,
I went to this shop, the owner was cool, listened to everything I had to say, then pointed out a bike that had better value than the one I had in mind. A great deal. That was 8 moths ago. An upgrade to Crossmax's and a full X-O tranny, and there goes my free life tuneups.
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Susan Ramsey a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a 2005 Spec Stumpy Pro.,
I've gotta agree with Jason on this one, it's a friendly shop, but once you start replacing parts, out goes the free tune ups. Mr. Crew cut, go home, and bring back the big Teddy Bear who was so nice to me in the past.
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Ben Valladares a 26 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Stumpjumper 120,
Nice Shop, but Wheel World on Ventura is cheaper, and yes the tune ups are free, as long as you keep EVERY SINGLE part original. Plus the guy with the Crew Cut, what an A$$!!!! My last time going there, Wheel World here I come.
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JasonLee a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Trek Liquid 55,
Spoke'n'Wheele is definitely in the top 3 best shops on Los Angeles due to there customer service and price. Nor to mention they offer free tune-ups for life... & its not just tighten bolts and adding a little oil.. They perform a 110 % over haul.. If it wasn’t for them I'll probably be stuck in a cavern somewhere.. Thanks Guys
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Derek a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a GT,
E-mail: - 8/25/03
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