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Alhambra Schwinn
1024 E Main St , Alhambra ,
Los Angeles County

(818) 284-7475


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This shop was opened in the late 1940's and called Alhambra Wheel and Hobbie was located on 3rd street just south of main next to Alhambra high school. In the summer of 1960 It moved from there to East Main in Alhambra. The owner of the shop at that time was Bill Mason, and later sold to Dave Provines. Who had worked for Bill for years.
Back in the late 1940's and early 50's along with selling Schwinn and Indian Bicycles and Hobbie stuff. They also sold Motorcycles.
Over the years Wheel and Hobbie hired a lot of kids from Alhambra High School. I know that in the summer of 1964 I worked there.
Today I don't know who owns it but it's still there and the old light up sign Thats reads Alhambra Wheel and Hobbie is still out in front.
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Ron Lund a 60 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Classic Schwinns from the 1940's, 50's and 60's,
E-mail: - 11/30/09
I want information on this bicycle
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shane hickey a 13 year old Racer, riding a avanti monza, from melbourne
E-mail: robyn @ net - 3/08/99
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