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Helen's Cycles
2501 Broadway , Santa Monica ,
Los Angeles County

(310) 829-1836


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Me: Hello, my bottom bracket has some play and my
headset is also a little loose.

Helenís guy #1: Well you could do a complete overhaul.

Me: How much is that?

Hg#1: $140

Me: So that will include the bottom bracket?

Hg#1: No, thatís extra.

Me: How much?

Hg#1: $25

Me: And how much to adjust the headset?

HG#1: $20

Me: So what do I get for $140?

HG#1: Everything.

Me: Except the Bottom bracket.

HG#1: Right. You need tires too.

Me: Are they included?

HG#1: No.

Helenís Guy #2: With the overhaul you get all the extras.

Me: Which includes what.

HG#2: Everything.

Me: Except the Bottom bracket.

HG#2: Right. Thatís extra.

Me: So, What then?

HG#2: The whole enchilada.

Me: Whatís that mean

HG#2: All the extras.

Me: except the bottom bracket.

HG#2: Right.
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John P. a 40 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Voodoo Wazoo, MB4,

I love Helen's in Santa Monica. Especially George and Tony. They are the best. I went to the one in MDR and they have the worst customer service. I been to all the bike store in LA. And this is the one that has the best Customer Service. Keep it up Guys.
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Tiffany a 23 year old Racer, riding a Trek,
E-mail: - 11/23/03
I didn't buy my bike from them but Monty came highly recommended from a buddy of mine. I took my bike to them for fitting and needless to say, my experience was nothing short of excellent. Thanks guys!
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Tino a 28 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Epic,
My cousin and I came into the Arcadia and got prompt and friendly service from Phil. The Arcadia store has a decent selection of bikes and accessories. I would recommend a visit to the store if you are in the San Gabriel Valley.

p.s. there are a bunch of great trails in the San Gabriel mountains!

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a Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 4500,

I too had a bad experience at Helens Santa Monica. I have had bad experiences with one of the sales man there who's behavior was very sexist towards me as a woman.
I have been riding for 10 years and know my bike gear very well. When I walk in there and ask for a part, I routinely get a belittling chatter from this particular salesman.
Example. I walk in and ask, "Do you have 03 XTR grou?" I then get the answer, "You do know that is for a mountain bike right?"
I now shop at the Westwood Helens and the management and staff there is a complete 180 degree departure from the Santa Monica. Dave and Greg are easy and fun to deal with.
I don't think Helen Cycles is a bad chain of stores, I think the mood and vibe of each store is different based on the management and the example they set. the Marina Del Rey Helens treats me very equally and I enjoy that location.
Bottom line: If you are female, DO NOT shop at the Santa Monica location. Pass them and do yourselves a favor and and shop at Westwood or Marina Del Rey.
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RacerGirl74 a 28 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Cannondale Gemini,
Helens is now in Arcadia, the staff there is so-so, depends on who you get. Overall, they have some blow out stuff I would spend $ on in Nov-Dec. Other than that I have run into elitist snobs there. I've been riding for 15 yrs now and can keep up on 5 yr old M2 as well as I could on the wonder brain of specialized. Maybe the reality that its the rider not the bike that pisses them off. I dont mind spending $, I buy my wife and friends bikes all the time, just not at helens.
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Hardtailer a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a m2 stump,
I would like to address a previous review of services rendered at Helen's Cycles SM. In a previous review a customer suggests ethical foul play was involved in his bike purchase. I would like to go on the record and state that I did not receive a comission on this customers sale. My sole intent was to provide this customer with prompt assisstance in order to avoid a lengthy wait for his previous sales person. On average helping a customer with sizing selection and a proper fitting will run upwards of a hour, in addition to paperwork and payment. His previous sales person was provided with credit for the sale. I apologize for any confusion caused and encourage this customer to come back and discuss the situation. The true question is, did this customer receive a proper bike fit and assisstance with sizing selection? For those who have not worked in the bicycle industry, we work in the industry out of pure love of the sport. The majority of us are very well educated and have the option to work in more lucrative careers. My hope is that this post will shed some more light on the situation.
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Monty (Helen's SM)
I had a bad experience with Monty. As a result,
I will no longer shop at the Helen in Santa
Monica and will now go to Wheel World in Culver

Here is the story...

I had come two days in a row to test ride a bike
because I wanted to make sure I road both sizes
carefully before buying a $2500 bike.
For two days, I test road this bike with a nice
knowledgeable sales person ( I will not mention
his name to protect him from Monty). I was
treated very well and told the sales person I
would be back the next day to buy the bike.

When I came back the next day, I bumped into
Monty and asked for this salesperson. Monty said
he was outside helping other customers and would
let him know that I was in.
Moments later Monty returned and told me that my
salesperson said it was OK for Monty to take care
of me.
So not knowing any better, I was helped by Monty.

I pretty much came in to buy the bike and decided
on a size already after two days testing.

So basically Monty wrote up the sale and told me
go up front to pay for my new bike.

Standing in line waiting to pay for the bike, I
then saw my origial sales person come in and he
greeted me with a smile. I told him I had gone
with the larger size and Monty took care of
writing the bill up.

This is when the truth revealed itself!

My salesperson said he didn't ask Monty to help
me. He said he never said such things. I then
asked him who got credit for the sale, and he
said Monty would get credit since he wrote up the

I was rather upset at Monty's behavior, but more
disappointed than upset. It's sad to see back
stabbing shit like that go down.

I then second guessed the bike purchases that I
did buy from Monty in the past. Was he lying
then as he did now? Did I really need that
Niterider light for commuting? Would Shimano 105
been just fine instead of the Ulegtra? And this
my point. I have have no trust in his words and
for the management that has allowed someone of
his ethics to work there.
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Disappointed in Santa Monica Helens a 30 year old Weekend Warrior,

A good bike shop. A very good source of mid to high-end mountain and road bikes. I was looking for a high-end mountain bike. But most of all I was looking for a partner to help me get the right bike, the right components, and a proper fit all without getting soaked. I was going to buy elsewhere until I met Monty. Monty made the sale for me. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. He rides and knows what he is talking about. I will buy my next bike from Monty at Helens. Max is a good guy too. I would highly recommend Helenís.
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John Knop a 45 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Turner XCE,
For the most part, the staff is knowledgeble at Helens. Teresa, Adam and Sam are good apples.

A good place to go if you have alot of questions. The staff takes their time to help you.
They sell mostly C'dale and Trek and the adopted Trek children (Klein, Lemond, etc...)

Accessory selection is not as good as Supergo. Most of teh accessories are also Trek children (Icon, etc.).

They do have a good Tri section upstairs.

Their fitting service is first rate and worth buying a bike there just for it.

The service dept does excellent work and I have never had any mechanical complaints about their workmanship. My only complaint is that my bike always come back with a scratch or nick in the paint because they hang their bikes so densely.
Wilbur is the service king, so ask for him.

Overall, they have typical LBS prices, about 10-15% more expensive than mail order. You can get a discount if you join Team Helens for $80, get an ugly green jersey and 15% off on stuff.

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riding a Schwinn Sting Ray,

I went to Supego for the prices, not the service. Helens has worse selection but better service, I felt, but it is a case by case basis on which salesmen you get. I got a guy with a red goatee who was well versed in bikes.
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mtbjames a 33 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a schwinn homegrown comp,
E-mail: - 9/06/01
Over the course of my life ( 34 years) I have purchased about 10 bikes from Helen's. If I still lived in Santa Monica they would have my business. I have been very happy with the service and support from the staff. If you have a bad experience then you are probably the kind of person that has bad time everywhere they go.
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Moe a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized Enduro Sport,
I was at Helen's for the first time in my life a few days ago. Thank heaven I went to Supergo First. The Selection Sucks! All they have are the Highend Bikes I'll never purchas. I am in the market for my first bike, and I found the staff at Supergo, though somewhat arogant, much more helpfull. They did push some of the pricier bikes, but the prices were far more reasonable than at Helen's. I think if you have any commen sense you'll see right through the BS Helen's is trying to sell you.
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Martinique a 26 year old riding a nothing yet!,
These guys must work for Helen's. Knowledgable staff? The guy I talked to didn't know what a derrailluer hanger is! They sold my friend a c-dale with an 9 speed drivetrain, but it came with an 8 speed rear derrailluer. It turned out there was so much wrong with tha bike, they just gave him a new one and a bunch of bottles of lube to get him off their backs. But he got better service than I ever have. At least they approached him once, I've never been asked if I had been helped or not there. The prices are terrible considering the size of the Helen's chain. Inventory is horrible too, there's hardly a selection in anything, except high priced, good looking but non-working crack-'n-fails. Every bike I looked at had something wrong with it, many of them were just plain dangerous. Don't give Helen's business. The only people who belong there are posers in giant SUV's with M1-Sls set up with clips and straps style pedals.
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Helen's Hater for Life a 16 year old Racer, riding a two bikes he didn't buy from Helen's,
E-mail: - 3/19/100
As a novice cyclist, I needed a store with a staff
that would take the time to answer all of my basic
questions, and not try to sell me the most
expensive bike. I was in good hands at Helen's.
The salesman answered all of my questions, was
very knowledgeable, let me try out many different
bikes, and at the end of it, recommended the bike
that was most appropriate for me, not his
pocketbook. I highly recommend Helen's, even if
you're just a beginner
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Stuart Brawley a 28 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Cannondale F400, from Santa Monica
E-mail: - 4/15/99
I have to agree with Rusty. I've been in bike shops all over the country and Helens is one of the best. They have the most knowledgable, professional and friendly staffs I've seen.
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Ken Drucker a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Proflex, Cannondale road bike, from Quartz Hill
For the area HELENS CYCLE has with out question the most knowlegable and helpful staff of any shop in the area.If you are a diehard Rode racer they have what your looking for at Helens MDR or Santa Monica!You could give them a call at 310-829-1836 or310-306-7843.Either way it will be worth your DIME OR YOUR TIME and that is for sure.Even if your new to the sport or pastime.Thier helpful staff CAN AND WILL piont you in the direction that is comfortable for you.So go on down and see them!!I know you are probably thinking that this guy must work thier.But I asure you that I am just a customer. Like you I just want to go to a place where my Quetions can be answered and answered correctly.I have been all over the country and Helens is one of the best i have ever been in!!!
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Rusty Redican a 29 year old Racer, riding a Multipule=Bianchi,Cannondale,OCLV,Colnago c-40,Etc., from Santa Monica
E-mail: - 1/27/99
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