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King's Bicycle Store
1209 S Pacific Ave , San Pedro
(310) 833-2835


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A high end road bike store that specializes in wheel building, custom set-ups, fitting, excellent maintenance and sevice. They will always talk to you and ensure you are getting the best possible components to match your fit and type of riding. They have customers that come from over 100 miles away because no one is able to work on a bike like they can. They specialize in Campagnolo components and maintenance. They do Shimano also, but they are one of the few who can really work on Campagnolo and get it right.

They will build you a set of custom wheels or an individual wheel to your specifications, using just about any kind of quality hubs, rims, and spokes. They base the constuctionon on your weight, type of riding, wheel weight, etc.

I highly recommend you go for their expert service, products and prices.
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Ken S. Hultgren a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Time frame, Campognolo Chorus, Mavic Ksyrium ,

Hi, My name is Reggie and I've been a customer of King's for many a year. I to work in a customer service oriented type of business wiith varied demands. So I do appreciate when someone takes time to ensure that any and all questions I may have are answered. That's what I have come to find at King's, Jose the originator, Derrick visionary and Randall who makes it happen. They all have always shown a great deal professionalism and knowledge. You'll never be lead the wrong way by these fellas there really good and stand behind their work.
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Reggie a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a 1984 Schwinn Paramount/Dura-Ace & Haro Extream/XT,
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