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Incycle & Cycling Assocs Co
561 W Arrow Hwy , San Dimas ,
Los Angeles County

(909) 592-2181


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I would not recommend this shop. I brought in my bike for a minor tune, new cables, pads and bottom bracket (preventive) and it had to go back three times before they got it sort off right
They are all very nice but their work is lacking and they have no checks to make sure the bike is right before it goes out the door. For example when I picked up the bike the first time the front brakes were not adjusted and the lever went all the way to the bars a without the bike even stopping. Secondly the pads were not even on the all the way on the rim and the derailleur cable was pinched sideways and would hit your leg as you peddled. When I asked them to fix the cable they just loosed the bolt and tightened in the groove and did not notice they had frayed the new cable in the process. The chain was also dripping with oil.
Now I just have to have the hubs rebuilt since their carelessness with the degreaser has ruined them.

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B a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
Well I found out that Eric no longer works there and I agree with the first review the service was great and every one there seemed to be very informative This is my choice of bike shops.
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I have used this shop for repairs and service several times. Each time my bike was welled serviced and the price was right.Also, the staff was very informative as to places to ride and directions. I drive past several shops on my way to Incline.
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mike a 49 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a stumpjumper, from rancho cucamonga
If a tall guy name eric still works there, dont' talk to him.

Also the Monday club w/them is very clicky
newbies not very welcome
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Sorry this a small town a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Trek, from La Verne

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