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Reseda Bicycles
7056 Reseda Blvd , Reseda
(818) 345-8844


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this shop has no bikes i went and saw nothing
No rating
Alex a 17 year old Racer, riding a bmx,
Awesome shop. The prices are lower than in other stores and service is perfect. I chose this shop for my next purchase - it would be new model of DB sorrento.
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Anton a 19 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a '93 Diamond Back Sorrento,
E-mail: - 11/20/08
I just purchased 4 bikes from Reseda Bike Shop on April 13. 2005. I was a little nervous to go there by reading some reviews, but a family member recommended them. I had a great experience. Elliot (I think he's the owner) was very helpful and very patient (I brought the kids) while picking the bikes. He even gave me a discount since I was purchasing 4 bikes on one of the 2005 models. I like the fact they were not overly push obnoxious sales people. They were very laid back, which I feel other buyers may have misunderstood for a lack of help. If you ask when your ready, they are very willing to help you. I highly recommend anyone to this bike shop.
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Lea a 35 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a 3 Raleigh and 1 redline,
I think their service was pretty good. They set
me up with a good mountain bike for a really
good price.
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Ryan Tatum a 15 year old riding a Raleigh M50,
Reseda Bikes is not only a bike shop, it's a bike museum. They should charge an entry fee... just to look around and see what's for sale.

They have a mix of the old and the new, unlike any other shop I've been to. Hanging from the rafters are new frames from 1992 bikes.

The staff is helpful. I've dealt with the owner before and he was nice enough. It's not a supergo, so don't expect those kinds of prices. But they are fair as LBSs' go.

I'm giving this shop three links... for style!

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ZG a 32 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a A Sugar 2 and a Weasel (Gnat),

I've had several bad experiences at this shop
lately. The older gentleman who works the
counter during the week (the owner?) seems
to ignore my specific requests and always
tries to sell me something I don't want. I
always research products before I buy, and
when I go to a shop, I know what I want, and
that's it. Sometimes, without even checking,
he immediately tries to sell me an upgrade. I
resent this type of service because I find it
condescending and inconsiderate of my
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Michelle a 32 year old Racer, riding a Cannondale r2000si,
have always had the best service from here. Is 3 blocks from home and the guys there keep me and my bike on the road. Minor adjustments are usually free, sales is quick to consider pricing as well as comfort and safety
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Kelly Watkins a 39 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a just a plain old road bike, nothing fancy,
E-mail: - 8/29/01
Went in there with a friend who needed a bike. After 15 minutes of not the least interest from salepeople, we went down the street and bought it at Cycle World. At Cycle World, got a great deal on a Stump Jumper.
No rating

Service has improved greatly. Ask for Chris. He knows his stuff. Prices have been competitive to Supergo. Good selection of products.
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scott a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized FSR, from Reseda
E-mail: - 6/26/99
This used to be a very good shop but has slid downhill fast. The last few times I've been in there the service has been terrible. The owner acts like if you're not buying an expensive bike then you're not worth his time. I live an hour away from the store and called a couple of days prior to going down there to ensure that they had the bike that we wanted for my wife. They told me that they would have it built so that she could test it. When we got there it was not assembled. His attitude was oh well, too bad. I also went in there looking to buy a road bike. I left after not being asked by a single employee if I needed any assistance. Oh well, another store got my buy that day.
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Ken a 37 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a ProFlex 755, Cannondale R400, from Quartz Hill
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