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Cycle World
8627 Reseda Blvd , Northridge
(818) 349-6900


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i talked to a guy named Giermo he was short. he didn't know what he was talking about. he was trying to sell me a bike i didn't need and on top of that he wouldn't let me talk he was always talking over me. . . the only reason i would go from now on is to fix my bike they have a guy in the back that knows what he is talking about.
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John Sims a 35 year old
Although Cycle World was 20 miles from my house, I always felt like it was worth the drive since I used to get great service/advice for my S-Works MTB, and they are an authorized Specialized dealer. I don't know if the owners have changed, but the customer service has seriously been deteriorating the last several times I have shopped here in the past year. I was willing to ignore the bad customer service because their prices were reasonable (not great), but they had alot of the items in stock.

My experience earlier this week was the last straw. I went into this shop to get my rear shock looked at because I was getting alot of bounce on my AFR shock. I waited for 30 minutes, the shop workers let two other customers cut in front of me, and then proceed to tell me that their "lead" guy will have to look at my bike. I don't know how they can determine this since they didn't even look at my bike, but I'll be patient and will wait for their "lead" guy. When I finally got to talk to their "lead" shop guy, he didn't even look at my bike and yet tells me that he can't help me! What is that all about?!?! The first guy who directed me to the "lead" looked at me and knew that I was not happy with that response and all he can say was "sorry". I would think they would know exactly what to do since they are an authorized Specialized dealer.

After putting my bike back in my car, I went back into the shop and spoke to the owner to let him know what happened. He was apologetic, and asked me to bring my bike back in and he will have his guys look at it now. But at that point, I DEFINITELY did not want those hacks working on my S-Works. They obviously did not, or could not, know what was wrong with my bike.

All of my riding buddies have always discouraged me from bringing my bike here, but I always got decent service from Cycle World in the past and I always defended Cycle World, until now. The next ride with with my buddies will involve me telling them that they were right about Cycle World and I, too, will never go back to Cycle World. Save yourself some grief and DO NOT waste your time here. BTW, I ended up going to Wheel World in Woodland Hills immediately after leaving Cycle World. The guys at Wheel World world were great. They looked at my rear shock, determined that it was just an air valve problem and fixed it on the spot. Wheel World just found a new long-term customer, and Cycle World just lost a loyal customer. While I may not go to Wheel World for all my biking needs, I know for sure that I WILL NEVER GO TO BACK CYCLE WORLD in Northridge for anything! I will also tell everyone in my riding group the same message.
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Juan a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a 07 S-Works Epic,

Just got my first MTB from them. People are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Highly recommended!
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Francis riding a '08 Sepcialized Rockhopper Disc,

Go to other shops, but don't buy anything until you visit Cycle World. Great customer service and support. I dealt with Steven, and he set me and my son up with a nice set of Felt bicycles. Highly recommend them. Huge store and tons of selection on bicycles, helmets, shoes, and other essentials.
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Armen a 41 year old Racer, riding a '06 Felt F65, '05 Felt F65,
Best bike shop ever! No need to go anywhere else. Don't think twice. Just go! Everyone there is great and helpful. They will take care of you and make sure you are set up properly! Just!
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Paolo a Weekend Warrior, riding a '05 Stumpy, '06 Stumpy, '05 Allez, '06 Roubaix,
Cycle World does not manufacture any parts nor bicycles, thus anybody may have problems with parts is due to the manufacture's error and they all have real good warranty services and replacing parts. When Eric had a problem, Cycle World stood on Eric's side and replaced his derailleur hanger right away. And also, he had minor scratches on his chain stay's decal; he was demanding a brand new frame. The manufacturer would not have warranted his frame but Cycle World went extra miles to get him a brand new upgraded frame, Cycle World have replaced the frame by replacing all the parts from the bike to the new frame. He was very happy with it. Eric was happy when he bought the bicycle from us, he got one hell of a deal and he was very happy with our services after problems. But he was quick about putting negative remarks even before he called Cycle World about the problem. This is very, very frustrating for our part where we have done everything we could and did more try to help him. Cycle World can assure all customers that they have and they will get the best possible services. Million thanks to all of those customers who have done business with Cycle World.
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E-mail: - 5/19/06
Avoid this shop like the plague! I recently bought a new Specialized Roubaix and after only 60 miles of riding the rear Derailleur hanger broke, literally snapped in two, during a shift. This caused my chain stay to get pretty scratched up as the chain dragged the now loose derailleur across it. Cycle World says they think this happened because I “shifted under load” and, since it must be from a misuse of product, shouldn’t be covered under the warrantee. The degree of absurdity of a claim that a bad shift should cause a derailleur hanger with only 60 miles on it to fail is hard to overestimate. Let this be a warning to you. If you buy a bicycle from Cycle World it may be damaged, maybe they dropped it on the ground or who knows what. Cycle World will claim that you broke it, and will come up with the most ridiculous arguments about how this might have happened. If you buy a bike from Cycle World and this happens to you at least you will know you were warned.
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Eric a Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized Roubaix,
Steven Shin IS THE MAN! Don't waste your time going to any other shops because all I can say is that: I HAVE PURCHASED 2 BIKES for myself('04 Felt F70 & '03 Rockhopper Comp) & 9 other friends of mine! Plain and simple, go visit Steven Shin and tell him Mark Reynado sent you. Email me if you have any reservations. My friends drive all the way from South Orange Country to see him. He takes care of everyone and is guaranteed to beat prices!
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Mark Reynado a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a '03 Specialized Rockhopper Comp,
E-mail: - 6/07/05
A die-hard cyclist friend referred me to this place. Josh at Cycle World was very friendly and patient, helping me with simple things as teaching me to remove the front tire, and getting the bike in the trunk. He never tried to "sell" me anything. Not even accessories. Too bad, because I figured out later that I need some so I guess I'll be going back!
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Leslie a 25 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a specialized crossroads sport '05,
E-mail: - 9/17/04
Back in 1978, I bought my fist "real" bike from Cycle World. Back then, the shop had just a few ten speeds, a couple beach crusiers and some parts. Today, it's a beyond full service shop. I was in the market for a Fisher Cake 2 Deluxe MTB. Cycle World was the only LBS to carry Fisher. Went in, spoke to Steven and ordered the bike. He gave me an outstanding deal. Friendly, knowledgable and honest. Highly recommended!
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Paul a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Fisher Cake 2 Deluxe,
These are the friendliest guys that I have met in a bike shop. They are honest, never condesending, and very helpful. Prices are always fair. I prefer them to internet shopping...It feels good to help a LBS that appreciates your business.
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Jays55 a 43 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a '03 Specialized Epic Comp,
OUTSTANDING bike shop!!!!! its good to know that there are still good honest people out there. Steven hooked me up with my bike for over a hundred dollars cheaper than the cheapest price i had found!! i am sending everyone i know to CYCLE WORLD.
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Drew360 a 26 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Rockhopper,
They do all the work for the local LAPD divisions bicycles so I happened by. Steven sold me my Specialized Enduro which I'm really happy with. The first three tune ups are free... I brought in my 1996 GT Avalanche LE in for a minor overhaul. Steven again helped me out. The guys in the back were friendly and helpful. Got the GT back with a new headset, chain, cassette, wheels trued, plus cleaned.. looks good as new.
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James L a 29 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Specialized Enduro,
E-mail: - 9/18/03
These guys have a great line of products, match all competitor prices and are extremely nice. Steven took care of me (and is still doing so) from A to Z. I'm a beginner and didn't know anything about what I needed but after I bought all the stuff and checked with my buddy who's been riding for a long time, he confirmed they didn't oversell me or take advantage of me. Highly recommend them.
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Tino a 28 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Epic 03',
Not the best bike shop I've been to, but pretty good. Cal State Northridge students get a discount, and it's close to campus. That's what sold me.
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Matt a 29 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Diamondback Response,
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